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Directions to Solve
First, you will be given a list of three "nonsense" words and their English word meanings. The question(s) that follow will ask you to reverse the process and translate an English word into the artificial language.

Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
dionot means oak tree
blyonot means oak leaf
blycrin means maple leaf
Which word could mean "maple syrup"?
Answer: Option
In this language, the adjective follows the noun. From dionot and blyonot, you can determine that 'onot' means oak. From blyonot and blycrin, you can determine that bly means leaf. Therefore, crin means maple. Because the adjective maple comes after the noun, patricrin is the only possible choice.
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Ridhanya said:   4 months ago
Crinweel is not correct because for example, BLYONOT bly is leaf and onot is oak in English oak tree but in the artificial language, the word is given in reverse version.

Hope, all understood the concept.

Saanvi said:   4 years ago
The answer should be crinweel because crin means maple. What is the answer for syrup?

SHUBHAM said:   6 years ago
dionot means oak tree
blyonot means oak leaf
blycrin means maple leaf.

Which word could mean "maple syrup?
Though we can find out their meaning, but see all follows a pattern. For example
BLYONOT=BLYO is leaf and ONOT is oak, BLYO comes first in the word but in its given meaning oak comes first then leaf comes last.

Hope you got the point.

Adarsh said:   6 years ago
I think D can be the right answer.

Allen said:   7 years ago
If maple= crin. So, "maple syrup" = crinweel.

Allen said:   7 years ago
Blycrin means maple leaf. , so "crin " means "maple" so I think the correct answer for "mapple syrup" should be "crinweel". Please clarify my doubt.

Allen said:   7 years ago
Why not Crinweel be the right answer?

Faiz asim said:   7 years ago
Dionot means oak tree.
Blyonot means oak leaf.
Blycrin means maple leaf.

Maple tree means?

1) Blynot.
2) Hupponot.
3) Patricrin.
4) Crinweel.

Please tell me.

Jemma said:   7 years ago
How could it be that patricrin is the final answer? When it happens that crin is maple and it should be the first. Why not crinweel? please explain further.

Sanjeev said:   8 years ago
How we can determine adjective and noun in this type of artificial language? I agree to your point @Anu.

Forget the adjective and noun. I think its reverse word formation.

Dionot means oak tree.
Onot is oak and its written after dio.
Blyonot means oak leaf.
Onot is oak and its written after bly.
Blycrin means maple leaf.

Bly is leaf, written before crin which is maple.

So, if we consider the reverse arrangement of words and its meaning, then patricrin is the right answer.

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