Logical Reasoning - Artificial Language

Exercise :: Artificial Language - Type 1

First, you will be given a list of three "nonsense" words and their English word meanings. The question(s) that follow will ask you to reverse the process and translate an English word into the artificial language.

Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
dionot means oak tree
blyonot means oak leaf
blycrin means maple leaf
Which word could mean "maple syrup"?

A. blymuth
B. hupponot
C. patricrin
D. crinweel

Answer: Option C


In this language, the adjective follows the noun. From dionot and blyonot, you can determine that 'onot' means oak. From blyonot and blycrin, you can determine that bly means leaf. Therefore, crin means maple. Because the adjective maple comes after the noun, patricrin is the only possible choice.


Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
tamceno means sky blue
cenorax means blue cheese
aplmitl means star bright
Which word could mean "bright sky"?

A. cenotam
B. mitltam
C. raxmitl
D. aplceno

Answer: Option B


Tam means sky; ceno means blue; rax means cheese; apl means star; and mitl means bright. So, mitltam means bright sky.

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