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Directions to Solve

Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

Quinn: Our state is considering raising the age at which a person can get a driver's license to eighteen. This is unfair because the age has been sixteen for many years and sixteen-year-olds today are no less responsible than their parents and grandparents were at sixteen.Many young people today who are fourteen and fifteen years old are preparing to receive their licenses by driving with a learner's permit and a licensed driver, usually one of their parents. It would not be fair to suddenly say they have to wait two more years.

Dakota: It is true that people have been allowed to receive a drivers license at sixteen for generations. However, in recent years, the increase in traffic means drivers face more dangers than ever and must be ready to respond to a variety of situations. The fact that schools can no longer afford to teach drivers education results in too many young drivers who are not prepared to face the traffic conditions of today.

On what does Quinn rely in making her argument?
Answer: Option
Quinn discusses the fairness of changing the law and raising the age at which one can receive a driver's license. Emotion (choice b) may be involved, but the argument relies on the fairness issue.
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Sen said:   8 years ago
Actuality: It would be actuality had Quinn quoted "actual" incidences. Although its partially correct since he does mention "Many instances" but option C, Fairness sounds more accurate since Quinn concludes by saying "It would not be *FAIR* to suddenly say they have to wait two more years".

Mehar said:   8 years ago
Can anybody explain so as to why it can't be actuality?

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