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Directions to Solve
Choose the statement that is best supported by the information given in the question passage.

During the last six years, the number of practicing physicians has increased by about 20%. During the same time period, the number of healthcare managers has increased by more than 600%. These percentages mean that many doctors have lost the authority to make their own schedules, determine the fees that they charge, and decide on prescribed treatments.
This paragraph best supports the statement that doctors
resent the interference of healthcare managers.
no longer have adequate training.
care a great deal about their patients.
are less independent than they used to be.
are making a lot less money than they used to make.
Answer: Option
The author of this statement suggests that doctors are less independent. The author stresses that many doctors have lost authority. There is no support for the opinion that doctors resent the healthcare managers, however which rules out choice a. The doctors training is never mentioned (choice b). Doctors may care about their patients (choice c), but this information is not part of the paragraph. Choice e is not mentioned.
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I am not getting it. Can anyone help me to understand it?

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