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Directions to Solve
Choose the statement that is best supported by the information given in the question passage.

Walk into any supermarket or pharmacy and you will find several shelves of products designed to protect adults and children from the sun. Additionally, a host of public health campaigns have been created, including National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, that warn us about the sun's damaging UV rays and provide guidelines about protecting ourselves. While warnings about the sun's dangers are frequent, a recent survey found that fewer than half of all adults adequately protect themselves from the sun.
This paragraph best supports the statement that
children are better protected from the sun's dangerous rays than adults
sales of sun protection products are at an all-time high.
adults are not heeding the warnings about the dangers of sun exposure seriously enough.
more adults have skin cancer now than ever before
there is not enough information disseminated about the dangers of sun exposure.
Answer: Option
The last sentence gives direct support for this response. Although children might be better protected from the sun than adults, the paragraph does not specifically cite statistics about children, so we can't know for sure, ruling out choice a. There is no evidence provided in the paragraph to support choices b and d. Choice e is incorrect since the last sentence tells us that warnings about the sun's dangers are frequent.
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Jacques said:   8 years ago
"The paragraph does not specifically cite statistics about children", but in another".

Which contradicts the answer in another question "Clearly, A wishes to study the degree of effect of pay revision on job satisfaction of employees. This means that job satisfaction can be measured".

Where was the facts/statistics stated that studying something means you can measure it?

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