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Directions to Solve
Choose the statement that is best supported by the information given in the question passage.

Critical reading is a demanding process. To read critically, you must slow down your reading and, with pencil in hand, perform specific operations on the text. Mark up the text with your reactions, conclusions, and questions. When you read, become an active participant.
This paragraph best supports the statement that
critical reading is a slow, dull, but essential process
the best critical reading happens at critical times in a person's life.
readers should get in the habit of questioning the truth of what they read.
critical reading requires thoughtful and careful attention.
critical reading should take place at the same time each day.
Answer: Option
This answer is implied by the whole paragraph. The author stresses the need to read critically by performing thoughtful and careful operations on the text. Choice a is incorrect because the author never says that reading is dull. Choices b, c, and e are not supported by the paragraph.
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Adam kalyan said:   3 years ago
Give more details about the critical reading.

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