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Read the paragraph carefully and determine the main point the author is trying to make. What conclusion can be drawn from the argument? Each paragraph is followed by five statements.One statement supports the author's argument better than the others do.


One of the warmest winters on record has put consumers in the mood to spend money. Spending is likely to be the strongest in thirteen years. During the month of February, sales of existing single-family homes hit an annual record rate of 4.75 million.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

[A]. consumer spending will be higher thirteen years from now than it is today.
[B]. more people buy houses in the month of February than in any other month.
[C]. during the winter months, the prices of single-family homes are the lowest.
[D]. there were about 4 million homes for sale during the month of February.
[E]. warm winter weather is likely to affect the rate of home sales.

Answer: Option E


This is clearly the best answer because the paragraph directly states that warm weather affects consumers inclination to spend. It furthers states that the sales of single-family homes was at an all-time high. There is no support for choice a or c. Choice b is wrong because even though there were high sales for a particular February, this does not mean that sales are not higher in other months. Choice d presents a misleading figure of 4 million. The paragraph states that the record of 4.75 million was at an annual, not a monthly, rate.

Jagadeesh said: (Feb 1, 2011)  
How to slove this type question?

Shaddu said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Spending is likely to be the strongest in thirteen years. According to this line, option B is right.

Piyush Mishra said: (Sep 19, 2018)  
It should be 'B' since it's mentioned in para- hit an annual record rate (for the month of February).

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