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Directions to Solve
The words in the bottom row are related in the same way as the words in the top row. For each item, find the word that completes the bottom row of words.

walk skip run
toss pitch ?
Answer: Option
Walk, skip, and run represent a continuum of movement: Skipping is faster than walking; running is faster than skipping. Below the line, the continuum is about throwing: Pitch is faster than toss; hurl is faster than pitch.
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Shweta said:   1 decade ago
What does hurl mean?

Preethika said:   1 decade ago
Hurl means throw something with a lot of force.

Zulqar said:   6 years ago
What does swerve means?

Arnav said:   6 years ago

It means a change or cause to change direction abruptly or an abrupt change of direction.

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