Logical Reasoning - Analogies

The words in the bottom row are related in the same way as the words in the top row. For each item, find the word that completes the bottom row of words.

candle lamp floodlight
hut cottage ?

A. tent
B. city
C. dwelling
D. house

Answer: Option D


Above the line, the relationship shows a progression of sources of light. The relationship below the line shows a progression of types of housing, from smallest to largest. (Choice a) is incorrect because a tent is smaller than a house. Choices b and c are wrong because they are not part of the progression.


daisy flower plant
bungalow house ?

A. building
B. cottage
C. apartment
D. city

Answer: Option A


Above the line, the relationship is as follows: A daisy is a type of flower, and a flower is a type of plant. Below the line, the relationship is as follows: A bungalow is a type of house, and a house is a type of building.


palette easel brush
textbook lesson plan ?

A. artist
B. teacher
C. report card
D. paint

Answer: Option C


The objects above the line are all things used by an artist. The objects below the line are all things used by a teacher.


rule command dictate
doze sleep ?

A. snore
B. govern
C. awaken
D. hibernate

Answer: Option D


The words above the line show a continuum: Command is more extreme than rule, and dictate is more extreme than command. Below the line, the continuum is as follows: Sleep is more than doze, and hibernate is more than sleep. The other choices are not related in the same way.


apples fruit supermarket
novel book ?

A. bookstore
B. magazine
C. vegetable
D. shopping

Answer: Option A


The relationship above the line is as follows; apples are a kind of fruit; fruit is sold in a supermarket. Below the line, the relationship is: a novel is a kind of book; books are sold in a bookstore.