Would you lie for the company?

HR Interview
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Aravindhaa said:   7 years ago
No, I will not lie.

Shubham zade said:   7 years ago
I would never do anything to hurt the company.

Akash said:   7 years ago
Sir, actually it depends upon the condition and works. If work is something special and with this work we can solve problem of humanity. If millions common man can get benefit from it. Then I can do it.

Jeff said:   7 years ago
I bet everyone lies for their company. When someone asks you how long it will take to complete a project for them, you lie and tell them it will take longer. This is because the nature of projects can change and so you lie to give yourself some leeway.

It depends on the nature of the lie and the consequences. Obviously, you shouldn't lie which will incriminate the company or be fraudulent, but there are lots of small and insignificant lies which are worth telling because they ultimately can make you more professional. If you promise you can get something done by X, but something comes up, surely it's better to say you can get it done by Y, thus giving yourself a bit more time?

Naushaba Khatoon said:   7 years ago
No. I'm a Muslim and Islam prohibits lies. If I speak lie, then people will badmouth on our religion that Muslims are liars and won't believe us. So, I can't put my religion on stake for my company.

But I won't let any situation arise where I need to say lie for my company if at all it becomes mandatory then I will find any right solution to cope up with the problem rather than speaking lies.

Sujan said:   7 years ago
Sorry, sir. But my answer is no. We know that honesty is the best policy. Sir, I believe in wealth maximization, not in profit maximization. If I told a lie for my organization with the stakeholders of our organization, it may well for sometimes, but not forever.

Ali said:   7 years ago
Sir, probably I am not for a lie. But if condition persists then that my lie will help of thousands of persons without any impact. Then I agree with my lie.

Shinu said:   7 years ago
Obviously, we are Human beings. So we must act according to the situation but it should not effect our colleagues or company and should be worth to our organization Think positive if one door is closed others will open.

Rahul J Rao said:   7 years ago
No. I won't lie. Because one lie leads us to say to say another one. But instead, it will be better to find another solution.

Mahendra.B said:   7 years ago
Good Morning sir/madam.

It depends on the situation because behind every problem there must be a solution & first of all, I will try to figure out the other solution.

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