Would you lie for the company?

HR Interview
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Maanasa katte said:   7 months ago
Personally, I won't lie if the situation comes, first of all, I would try to resolve that problem lying is not the solution to the problem. It is harming the company in future.

Apparao said:   7 months ago
It depends on the situation, if the purpose is good and can create a positive impact on my company's growth then I can lie, otherwise, I won't.

Twinkle said:   7 months ago
Any person doesn't a perfect person time lie is also needed according to the situation. I can lie. When the customer, as well as the company get benefits and doesn't have any negative impact on another person.

Jayanta(JD) said:   7 months ago
Sorry, I can't work. Where lie becomes in working time. Because if I talk one lie then it's for covered again I say another lie. So, I can't.

Shakthi shetty said:   7 months ago
It's completely depending upon the situation. At that time, I will consider the company reputation and the disadvantages. But lying is not a good option. Because you have face consequences in the future. And the trust is most expensive thing in life. Once it broken we can't correct it.

Amol said:   8 months ago
Yes, It depends on situation.

If my lie makes positive impact then I'll lie.

Amol said:   8 months ago
Yes, It depends on situation.

If my lie makes positive impact then I'll lie.

E. Abinaya said:   8 months ago
Yes, If it is for the benefit of the company, I will lie. But, I will get things done according to that lie. So, The customer won't take it as a lie.

Pooja Bhutada said:   9 months ago
Well, It's purely based on the situation. But personally, I don't like to lie and make excuses instead of making excuses and wasting my energy thinking about how I can cover up the situation I would prefer to find another way to resolve the problem talk to my team lead and find another way to resolve the issue.

Ravi Thakor said:   10 months ago
Based on the situation I will lie for the company's reputation or goodwill.

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