Why have you had so many jobs?

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Aanoor Pradeep said:   5 years ago
I don't like to put my skills on a horizon so I extend my vision and learnt alot in various domains. Now, I'm capable of doing any sort of work which is a comfort and easy to understand for me to do.

Megha said:   5 years ago
I learnt so many things working in different domains, and my skills & Knowledge has improved.

Sree said:   5 years ago
I had worked with 3 companies. First, I got the job through my college placement and I was really happy about the job but very dissatified with the salary offered by the company. Soon after I got a better career in abroad with high salary stake. After a long period, I had some family issues at home and eventually I need to come back to home for solving that problem but unfortunately I couldnt go back to work. Then I search a job in the hometown itself. In a short of time, I got a job at hometown which wasnt a full time job but on a contract base for a period of one year. Now the contract has been finished and looking for a full time job in the same field of work that I was in the last company.

ACS Prem Munjal said:   5 years ago
Since the career so far has been worked enabled me to gain various skills to serve you better.

Manish said:   6 years ago
I had lots of jobs because I had been searching for a better platform to work for my brighter future.

Priyanka said:   6 years ago
When you walk through a ladder you have to climb one stair and leave the previous one to go through your target just like I have changed so many jobs to achieve my reach at your company.

Bisu said:   6 years ago
Coming to my education life when I was in college, every semester my needs would change. Coming to my working professional life when I was in XYZ company, each and every job taught me a different lesson and increased my knowledge as well as skill of working in different work culture.

Harpreeth said:   6 years ago
Sir it I'll be my second job if you give me an opportunity and hire me for your organization as well as I assure you that I never let you down and I give my 100% to full fill your expectations.

Jennifer McNulty said:   6 years ago
All of my positions have a common theme. This is where I want to grow.

Meera said:   6 years ago
I have a 3 experience retail job good communication skill and talent knowledge in excel in my career everybody good helping nature.

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