Why have you been out of work so long?

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Nitika said:   8 years ago
As I m married so I had some personal issue which did not allow me to do job and then after out from the issues I started searching for a job but then I found my skills have to improve more so I was practice at home and giving interview too.

Rupesh said:   8 years ago
Now days technology evolves rapidly, and when I attempt some interviews I realized that I need to improve my skill set. So I take a break and start learning MVC and adapt new technology and improve my skill set it took 4 months but now I can work skillfully in MVC, which is major technology requirement now days. While studding MVC I also work on couple of web design project as freelance.

Zaid said:   8 years ago
Good question, I can honestly say there are many reasons, but most important is the lack of access to opportunity that correspond with my ambition and a specialist for the development and experience better.

Panky said:   8 years ago
Actually I am graduated from electronics, so after passed out trying move into IT for better opportunity as I could see everywhere all major placements are happening into IT field. So I joined classes for enhancing and brushing up my skills which would play revolutionary role into my career. This training took around 6 months.

Jayasri said:   8 years ago
Sir job work and family depends on each. In that situation I choose my family. But in mean while I have done projects to college students like document preparation, examine the code etc. in break I have improved my confidence and communication levels. So now am trying to better opportunity now.

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