What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?

HR Interview
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Md Ehsaan Alam said:   2 years ago
As my strength, I am a good observer. And I have also critical thinking skills so I analyze the things that is in future it will be good for our company or not.

Then, I was concerned about the idea of our boss.

James Kintu said:   2 years ago
I would first acknowledge his suggestion as one way of doing things, then share mine as another alternative citing its strengths and advantages but leave my boss an opportunity to either take my option or incorporate ideas as a blend.

Subhan Ali said:   2 years ago
Before approaching the Boss, I will analyse the problem related to that idea and try to solve the problem. If don't then I'm going to share the drawback problem related to that idea with the Boss. So, that Boss can rethink and try to solve the problem.

NITIN DADARWAL said:   2 years ago
I will give my opinion and if he agrees then it's good and if doesn't we go by his decision. Because experience has its say.

Bhagya Gupta said:   3 years ago
I think I don't have much knowledge and experience at this stage of the job so I would like to give the best advice if I can but if I won't have then I'll leave it to him because he/she must be more experienced than me.

Sasidhar said:   4 years ago
I would express my opinion after decisions with team. It best express, politely if your turns.

GAURAV KUMAR said:   4 years ago
As the rule says the boss is always right I will follow that rule because he or she is having lots of knowledge and experience and if they ask my viewpoint that I will suggest my viewpoint and leave the decision on his hand.

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   4 years ago
No idea is bad. If boss thinks it's crazy and wants to do it then so be it however I'll give him my perception of stinker thought ina very polite manner and probably make him to rethink his idea.

Maniyar said:   4 years ago
I would fully support him, as my boss is greater to me in experience and knowledge I would respect his views and support him in reaching his goals.

Well if I think his idea stinks then I would provide constructive feedback to him about improving his idea.

Sachiv said:   5 years ago
Honesty is the best policy. I shall give the correct advice and leave the decision to him.

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