What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

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Harshit said:   2 weeks ago
The toughest decision of my life is to select a stream in 11th standard. My parents wants me to be a doctor and the fact that they were willing to even send me for coaching and all, they insisted a lot. Considering the fact that, I was not sure of what I wanted to be, I finally decided to opt for Commerce, that was a tough decision for me given the circumstances then.

Anam said:   3 weeks ago
I think my biggest failure till now was not knowing how to manage my time between many things that were going on simultaneously back when I was preparing for JEE. I had to manage my preparation for JEE Test as well as mark efficiency. So back then I couldn't do it. But after that, I observed myself and focused on how can I stop myself from overthinking which consumed a lot of my time. I was worrying about the results than focusing on the efforts to help me achieve that results. By changing my habits as well as my perspective to see things I have now been able to find a balance. Now, I know that we can give our best efforts and just expect the best instead of thinking about the worst outcomes. Thinking positively has helped me a lot.

Anu said:   2 months ago
After my degree I don't like to go computer course in ITI, my decision is to go to the aviation course but my family& financial problems I joined the computer course. That is my most challenging situation.

Shakthi shetty said:   3 months ago
After completing my PUC, I am confused by what to take. Whether I will do only BBA or along with bba I have to take other course. So I finally done BBA with AHM.

Manohar said:   5 months ago
Making decisions will not be tough as long as you have clear thought process. But on our path of fulfillment of that decision we should not look back and rethink about taking this decision. One must believe in his path no matter what.

Anusha said:   7 months ago
By Leaving my family, I came to Bangalore to search a job in this pandemic is the toughest decision in my life.

Vamsi said:   8 months ago
In recent times, the toughest situation I had faced during this pandemic time after my degree completion in this covid lockdown.

I was in my home passing every day some mental pressure and the financial problem was the hardest thing at that time, I have seen my parent's hard work for us I have to pay them off as soon as possible.

Uday said:   8 months ago
Yeah, the most toughest situation I faced during COVID, I was affected by corona then, I qurrented for 2 months that's very hard for me.

Mamunur Rashid said:   10 months ago
Decisions are not tough until we don't have a clear idea about our options.

I don't face such difficulty because I am always working on my options to choose my best.

P.usharani said:   11 months ago
I have made the toughest decision in my life when I had completed my graduation I am taking the wrong step in which that getting a job in the government sector.

I taught that is simple and earn a job in a very few months. But the competition is very tough and critical outside of the world later I realized that why don't I have give a chance to the software side.

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