What motivates you to do good job?

HR Interview
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Vairage Aboli said:   7 years ago
The mistakes which I have done in past that motivates me to do better in my future.

Nisha said:   7 years ago
My first interview experience, which was failure for me motivated to do a good job! And My mind said that A Good opportunity will come in the way of an interview with me in order to grow further.

Kasia said:   7 years ago
I am motivated by opportunities where I can develop myself, meet new people and do interesting thing. I am also motivated if someone appreciates my job and when I know the job I do is important.

Vamshi said:   7 years ago
My family motivates me specially my father in law. Whenever I am down he encourages me a lot.

Neha said:   7 years ago
Freedom, sense of recognition, self-satisfaction.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
Because of my financial position & needs I motivated to do a good job & to support my family members and to make them happy.

Ashu said:   7 years ago
My parents and my family is the only inspiration which keeps me motivated.

I know that if I will do something good then they will be happier than me and anyone else. So it's my duty to keep them happy and do good work continuously.

Jordi said:   7 years ago
The effort and trust that my parents give is enough for me to do that.

And the pain and threat that I got when thinking about not eating any edible food in the future is scary sir.

Richa said:   7 years ago
Money and good work culture.

Muhammad Bilal Tahir said:   7 years ago
I am always motivated by the challenge of sale. The successful landing of new clients builds up the motivation inside me. The successful landing of new clients shows that the customers are satisfied by product of the company.

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