What motivates you to do good job?

HR Interview
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Meenakshi said:   7 years ago
Other's success motivated me.

Shekhar said:   7 years ago
My past motivated me. Because when we look back with no growth in past. We straggle for dream future.

Merline said:   7 years ago
My motivation factor, I had good team, my parent sacrifices and also I like to support other when they need but not with huge money, what ever I had.

Pankaj Arora said:   7 years ago
There are a couple of reasons that motivates me to work everyday :-.

1). My passion.

2). My dreams & desires.

3). The awesome team I am working with.

4). My daily needs.

5). I love challenges & never give up on any task.

Animesh Mittal said:   7 years ago
My self-confidence and my self belief that I can do better motivates me.

Chilla Solomon said:   7 years ago
Myself is interested hence it makes me do so. My aim is to be a successful person which will give me a social reputation as well as good life. It was only my dream which motivates me.

Vicky said:   7 years ago
My love towards what I do motivates me to do good job.

Shubham Raina said:   7 years ago
My parents hard work motivates me a lot.

Poornima said:   7 years ago
Work is to be taken as a pleasure so when we have interest and love doing that work then we itself will get motivated.

Gokulraj said:   7 years ago
Self-interest makes me do so.

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