What motivates you to do good job?

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Shruthi swarup said:   7 years ago
Learning new things has always been a great motivator for me. In every job I've had, I believe I've always been able to learn something new, or a new way to look at a problem.

I'm very deadline-driven and enjoy having the opportunity to figure out a new organizational system that will help keep me on track to meet the deadline.

I was responsible for several projects where I directed development teams and implemented repeatable processes. The teams achieved 100 percent on-time delivery of software products. I was motivated both by the challenge of finishing the projects ahead of schedule and by managing the teams that achieved our goals.

I have always been motivated by the desire to meet a deadline. Setting and reaching deadlines gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I love creating an organized schedule for completing a task and achieving my deadlines. For example, when I ran a fundraising event last year, I set multiple deadlines for a variety of tasks leading up to the event. Achieving each deadline motivated me to keep working, and made the event run smoothly.

I really like providing mentoring and coaching to my colleagues. I'm everyone's go-to person when they have a question or need a second opinion, and I am always happy to help.

I have always wanted to ensure that my company's clients get the best customer service I can provide. I've always felt that it's important, both to me personally, and for the company and the clients, to provide a positive customer experience. My drive to constantly develop my customer service skills is the reason I earned top sales at my company two quarters in a row.

Bunny said:   7 years ago
I feel I am self-motivated because there were many situations I have faced in my life eg:1 when I was in school I use to get very less marks like 10/100 but suddenly I felt this not me I can do more then that I have started to motivate my self I can do better and after that with in few days I started getting like 24/25 when we think we can do it then we can achieve anything.

2. As we know while studying engg everyone has to do mini projects etc there was time in my clg there were people who use to buy projects for money, but I don't want to be one like that, I wanted to do a project our self while doing it by own we have faced allot of problems like output was not clear my team people said lets give and buy any other project but at that time I don't want to give up then I felt we can do it and we have done it successfully.

Giamelle Orevillo said:   6 years ago
What motivates me to do a good job are the people who've been sacrificed a lot for me to help me to finish my studies. And those people who told me that I will never be a successful person because there's no one will help me after my parents died. But when the opportunity came and God bless me with the scholarship I motivate my self with all the negative comments I received before and study well in college.

Now, that I am here today looking for a job I would say that These are the reason why am I doing a good job. Because I want to prove to them that, "If it's not your time just wait for the right time and prove to everyone that you're not that kind of person who is letting them to pull you down. Stand and be proud of who you are and what you are and where you came from".

Rohit singh said:   6 years ago
Sir, now I'm completed my MBA so during my MBA I'm very punctual and hard-working, and positive attitude so that's the reason my teacher give me that opportunity to organize the fresher party and anchoring in this party. I'm also a captain of my mgmt team and we also won the cup, and I participate all activities organized in my college, and my father also plays the important role to motivate me he taught me how to achieve the success because they are a farmer and plough the another person's fields. They done work hard and taught me so he gives me great motivation to do a good job.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
The first reason is when I see my parents working hard throughout life which also motivates me to help them in economic affairs. Moreover, my goals and hard work that I have been doing from childhood to achieve something to become something in life and learning at various stages. Learning new things in the job makes you self-confident and wholesome personality. And the most common and obvious is fame respect in society and a good job means good salary as well.

Radhika said:   6 years ago
My parents who taught me everything in my life motivates me to do anything. My father from whom I got to know how to overcome from difficult situations and support everyone. And my mother who taught me how to unite a family together. I think in a job there are many situations where I need my father's lesson in my mind and being in a good company I have to make my colleagues in a group and there I need my mother's values.

Thank you.

Teoraiti said:   6 years ago
From my previous job, I start from utility staff in my second contract I got a promotion to a crew stewardess. As part of my strength that I'm a team player, according to what I 've been through the team that we together can make or complete our task or the project within deadlines, those things are motivated me to have those skills to perform well or to work in your company especially the position I applied for.

Deepika umlani said:   7 years ago
I had seen my family killing their wishes because of money. I also did so. Money is the thing that motivates me. I just need it to fulfil each and every wish of my parents. I struggled throughout my college life for study, for money, for happiness, for friends, because everything comes as a gift pack with money. 90% of people has the same aim to earn more by a good job to be happy and to have all the comforts.

Viji vijayan said:   7 years ago
The primary reason is the point at which I see my parents hardworking all through life which likewise spurs me to help them in monetary undertakings. Additionally, my objectives and diligent work that I have been doing from adolescence to accomplish a comment something throughout everyday life and learning at different stages. Adapting new things in the activity makes you self-assured and healthy identity.

Shashikiran said:   3 years ago
Two things motivate me to do a job.

1. I want to be in the best position in my career if I'm to greater heights absolutely I'll become financially independent.

2. For everyone there will be back support to push or encourage financially, but for me, my father passed away so I feel responsible to take care of my mom, If I do a job then I can take care of her that responsibility motivates me to do a job.

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