What are your career options right now?

HR Interview
Points to remember before you answer this interview question:
  • Imagine that you are right now seated in front of the HR manager.
  • Kindly answer this question as best you can.
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Sameul said:   8 years ago
Right now my career option is to fit in a good job, where I can use my knowledge enhance my skills and be a value-added resource to the organization.

Rohan said:   8 years ago
My career option is to seek to a firm where I can enhance my skills and work at reputed position to help company as well as my family.

Raja said:   8 years ago
I want to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge in a core.

VijayP said:   8 years ago
As I software engineer student, learning and creativity are only my career. I think it will never stop.

Moin said:   8 years ago
As a student, I have made many projects related to programming, and as an intern, I have worked as a web developer and I enjoyed my work there so I want to make a career in programming.

Hakim Singh said:   8 years ago
Right now I have one year experience in java programing. In this time my post is software developer in current company. But I want switch current company because I want learn more in your company in java programming. I have all skills for your company. I am fulfilling all requirements of your company.

Mannat said:   8 years ago
I was working with a medium size firm with very less number of people, my chances of growth and learning got very limited so currently I am looking for an option where I can work on more diverse areas of my field and get exposure to other domains of my field.

Shruthika said:   8 years ago

Now, I become a good position in our company.

Nazeer basha said:   8 years ago
As of now, my career goal is to become a good employee in a reputed company.

Jasbir singh said:   8 years ago
My career option is hotel line.

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