What are your career options right now?

HR Interview
Points to remember before you answer this interview question:
  • Imagine that you are right now seated in front of the HR manager.
  • Kindly answer this question as best you can.
  • Post your answer now.
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KANADARU MUNI SEKHAR said:   3 months ago
As a fresh candidate, my career option is to get a job in a reputed company and to gain skills, knowledge and experience & I want to become a successful independent man.

Bandi Nandini said:   4 months ago
Without any experience, I can't build my career. I am looking for a platform to gain more experience and explore my skills. After that, I can easily achieve a good position.

Dappella kalyani said:   4 months ago
As I am a fresher I would like to start my career with your company I want to improve my skills and knowledge.

Devendra Badaik said:   5 months ago
My career option right now is to gain knowledge earn experience from new challenges and upgrade myself according.

Uma said:   7 months ago
First, I heir a reputed organization. Then, I will improve my skills and knowledge, after that I will grow along with the company.

Amiya Ranjan Sahoo said:   10 months ago
Sir, I have 1 year of experience in job postings and I would like to get an opportunity to join your company and improve my skills.

Shariya Siddiqui said:   10 months ago
Without any experience, I can't see to build my career. I am looking for a platform to learn more experience and explore my skills.

Then I easily achieve a higher position.

Akash Deshmukh said:   11 months ago
As a fresher, I need a reputed and established company to start my career and I believe.

Your company will help me to enhance my skills and practices and will help to gain more knowledge in this sector.

Harshitha said:   1 year ago
As a fresher, I want to be placed in a good software company and improve my skills and practical knowledge to reach a high position in the same company.

Someshwar Shivkumar Bhaikatti said:   1 year ago
There are many career opportunities available. But I want to make a career in the core domain as a fresher. Is there any chance to work with you as a fresher? I just want to gain knowledge and experience with earning money.

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