Tell me about the most boring job you have ever had.

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Radhika said:   1 decade ago
Work is worship. No job could be boring its totally depends upon the person to person how is taking its work. Well if your work has same kind of nature then you can find out the various method of doing the same task or you can say that do your work differently. It makes your job more exciting.

Unknown said:   1 decade ago
Some jobs can be awfully boring, whether one believes it or not! Most people are in it for the money, but very little number of them realise that it's their job, the real devil. For some, taking the paycheck at the end of the month is all. And then, there are some who are just stuck with no option. For them, their job is the most boring thing in the whole wide world.

I belong in the last category, I personally believe, call centers jobs are the most boring, after awhile there's neither nothing for you to offer nor nothing for you to take. It's as dead as a sea.

Keerthi said:   10 years ago
According to my thought, think all works valuable one. It is not now value mean it will be for some other day. While doing any work or each and every thing first like it and do. All become success and memorable one. Always think positive be positive. Then only your result also positive. +*+=+.

Prabhas said:   10 years ago
Any job that can be automated. Point and click jobs- jobs which are meant to be done by automation scripts and a little bit of if conditions.

I see these situations 12 times a day and I immediately automate them and the boredom is gone and you've learnt something new. End of story.

Yamuna said:   10 years ago
In my view no job is boring because its totally depends on us if we like the job and do it sincerely it will keep us more comfortable and we can go forward in our life.

Shrey Mathuria said:   10 years ago
Actually, I think there are some job which seems to be boring but if done with interest and with an intention to prove yourself I think even that job would also be a challenge for you. I had it once when I have to accomplish CLO automation part with two other resources. I had made it done within a predefined time accurately as possible. For a month work and it worked correctly in PA. That was a more mechanical kind of job then some logical type. After my first release of that task and it successfully implementation, looking to my accuracy & performance from that day I was totally kept on core development side till now and that was a best achievement of mine.

Shailesh said:   10 years ago
The most boring job done by me is sitting ideal at home and searching for job after my education got completed :P.

Raj said:   10 years ago
It varies from man to man. According to me the most boring job is that when one has to remain inside the house at the time of diseases, you can not go outside &it is really very boring.

Sravani said:   9 years ago
When we kept in a role, we need to accomplish our tasks and responsibilities in challenging manner. Challenges will never makes one feeling bore.

Khushi said:   9 years ago
According to me, no job is boring because when we have zeal of learning new things then you will never feel bore. And moreover every organisation teach us something new.

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