Tell me about the most boring job you have ever had.

HR Interview
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Abdulfaruq Choudhari said:   6 months ago
I took the job as I dreamt of since schooling. So there is no job that I got bored doing.

Vineeth said:   1 year ago
I never felt a job as boring thing when I do some sort of work or job every time there will be a different type of questions rising why it's like this why not like that.

So when I start doing a certain job I'll start thinking and try to master it so no job is boring but when I master it I feel like joy in it.

Amol said:   2 years ago
I think no job in this world is boring unless you don't have an interest in the job. I would apply for the job in only those organizations where I feel that I will be interested in the job and will get the opportunity to prove myself. That is the reason I am sitting in front of you and I really take it as an achievement to present myself to you. Thank you sir/mam for giving me this opportunity.

GAURAV KR said:   3 years ago
In my point of view, Working in any company and in any position will definitely give me a chance to learn something and upgrade myself to be a better person for the organization and to society.

Suman Saha said:   3 years ago
Job is never boring because if you think job is boring, then you have nothing to else to do. But it's true that I am little bit lazy that type of work which I don't like.

Maniyar said:   3 years ago
I never encountered one! its only the amount of interest and involvement of an individual to a particular job makes his job more and more interesting day by day.

Saleh said:   3 years ago
No job is boring. It's depending on our personality, needs to love our job in order to perform it in the correct way with improving skills in terms of training, reading and getting a positive outcome.

Bhanusri. said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, the most boring job you can ever do is sitting idle. Working in any company and in any position will definitely give me a chance to learn something and upgrade myself to be a better person for the organisation and to society.

Jitendra kumar said:   4 years ago
Good Morning Sir.

This is my pleasure to get an opportunity to introduce myself in front of you.

Well, This is Jitendra Kumar in front of your lovely eyes.

I am from Ara Bihar.

So far as my educational qualification is the concern that I completed my post graduation in 2016 from H.D.Jain College, Ara.

I Have approx 15-month work experience in HCI, As a back office representative.

Coming to my family background I have 3 Brother and 1 sister and my mummy in my family, unfortunately, my father was dead in 2007 that was a very sorrowful moment in my life.

My hobby is playing cricket and listening to music.

My strength is I am adaptable and I adjust myself in any circumstances and also interested to learn new skills.

And my weakness is I am serious for my work.

It's about my sort intro, if you are interested then ask me more.

Thank you.

Anusha said:   4 years ago
I think no job could be boring whenever we do love and enjoy our work even if it is tough.

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