Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

HR Interview
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Devraj Choudhary said:   7 years ago
I don't believe in talking and showing off.

I just believe in to do the things and work.

But at this place, a criteria is going on that is to show himself or herself. And it's also a correct away when we see from one side.

So should start to speak.

Just do hard work and there are no shortcuts for doing hard works.

DEEKSHA PARASHAR said:   7 years ago
A learned man once said 'dead people receive more flowers than a living one', giving importance to what is done and can't be changed is a futile aspect of life, instead we should learn from it and try not to repeat it.

Asad said:   4 years ago
To be honest I will do the specific task in the same way that I already have done. Because my principal is to analyze a task with my own judgement before starting it and in my case it worked surprisingly though sometimes it took time but got the expected result ultimately.

Viktatoria Nakaora said:   6 years ago
I would have tried harder in school and graduated in as many courses as possible to archive my goals early.

Indira said:   6 years ago
I can't look back at my past due to it won't come back ill ways see my present and future according to that I'll plan my life. Maybe best future is waiting for me.

Sunil Gupta said:   6 years ago
I have made many mistakes in past. But everyone learns from the mistake. Our present and future is relevant for us for growth by ignoring past mistake.

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