Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

HR Interview
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Kailash Chandra padhiali said:   7 years ago
With due respect,

If I go to the past then I would like to correct my wrong decision. Which hurt me & friends teacher, parents.

Ram said:   5 years ago
Whatever goes on our life maybe it is good or bad we accept it good things will encourage and mistakes helped to improve yourself.

Manaswika said:   6 years ago
When I look back in my life, I felt that, IAM very angsity about things so I want to control my angsity for my exellent Carrier.

Srini said:   6 years ago
Looking back, I cannot achieve any sort of things, rather go on with new challenges that inspires me and my work environment.

Imran Abbasi said:   9 years ago
Past is History, Future is Mystery and Present is gift of God that why we call it PRESENT. So be focus on your Present.

Ritu said:   9 years ago
Sir, I would heal what has been hurt, change fates design, save what has been lost and bring back what once was mine.

Viktatoria Nakaora said:   7 years ago
I would have tried harder in school and graduated in as many courses as possible to archive my goals early.

Sumathi said:   8 years ago
Life is very precious sometimes we don't know what will be happened but we have to satisfy with our wisdom.

Udayshankar said:   7 years ago
Wasting time in thinking of past and future, presence of mind in present make future automatically best.

Monika said:   6 years ago
According to me, Looking back to past doesn't gives a good result if we will not correct in presently.

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