How many hours a week do you normally work?

HR Interview
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GAURAV KR said:   4 years ago
Sir, Time doesn't matter for me task or work that is assigned is to done.

Simran said:   4 years ago
I always try to complete task assign to me within my working hours. However sometimes due to heavy volume of work and business requirements I've stretched my working hours too.

Maniyar said:   4 years ago
Firstly, I will work for the time stipulated by the organisation, secondly, I will be readily available to complete additional tasks allotted to me by investing additional hours to the stipulated time and lastly, hours wouldn't bother me if I have to complete an assigned project/work.

Rajan Ravi said:   5 years ago
Actually hour is not a matter in doing work, it depends on how you took interest in the work you had to complete. If anyone is taking interest at doing their work hours become less in count and if anyone is not taking interest hours count is more.

Gangi M said:   5 years ago
Sir, within my duty hours I will try to complete my tasks. If the task is not complete, I will work extra hours based on the priority levels.

Vishalk said:   5 years ago
Hi sir,

You know time management is very important to assign work, we always try to complete work on time.

Less time + assign work complete = called smart employee.

Pooja AS said:   5 years ago
Actually, I don't count the hours, but yes whatever task I have assign I take it on priority and complete within a TAT so that it could not impact our client relationships. Customer satisfaction is the only key through which you can unlock success.

Vaishali said:   6 years ago

Time is important for me, but when my work comes I look more towards finishing my work efficiently and completely rather looking to how many hours I worked and then it's okay even if it takes more time than usual, but there'll be the true satisfaction of completing the whole work successfully.

Deepak Malik said:   6 years ago
I am like water as it takes the shape of container I adjust my time hours according to work and try to complete in less time as possible.

Loveleen said:   6 years ago
I think it depends on work and when I was worked I never remember the time.

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