How could you have improved your career progress?

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Shrey mathuria said:   10 years ago
If you have checked my resume, I am pursuing coaching for struts 2.0 and hibernate. This is because to upgrade myself. I have worked on jsp, servlet, enough on javascript and now I should have some extra knowledge other than I am working on.

This could be helpful in my present company or in the next. I have also prepared for OCJP 2-3 months before but I haven't appeared for exam as I have my friends who had appeared it, scored 96 marks and knows nothing in java. As they had predefined dumps with them which are easily available. So, I thought spending around Rs 9000 is of no worth if it proves nothing.

Harshika said:   10 years ago
I have improved my career progress by working with perfection always since I used to do a large amount of work with perfection and dedication. I am always ready to keep myself acquainted with good knowledge and values.

Jyoti deshwal said:   10 years ago
With full determination to ready always to learn new things without any excuses and also being an initiative to leave the extra confidence and always judge yourself in a day that what did you learn today?

Praneeth.M said:   1 decade ago
Sir, I plan to improve my career progress each and every day. Even during this interview I am learning things which will be useful for my career. I learn from my mistakes and try to correct my self each and every day.

Karuvarasan said:   1 decade ago
Sir, The question asks me how could I have improved my career progress. But the thing is each and every day I feel it is a new learning for me. There is lot of challenges that we face everyday and learn from them. Thus I am always improving my career in a steady way. Looking back I feel satisfied when I explore myself I can say I have changed most of my -ve into +ve and still working toward some other way to improve it.

Thank you.

Rekha said:   1 decade ago
Career progression can be improved with great dedication to the work & willingness to learn new things. Success will always depends on hard working & dedication to the work.

Ashish jalit said:   1 decade ago
To improve carrier, self confidence, +ve attitude, smart working, hardworking, dedication, punctuation, honesty and wish to learn new thing are required. And I have those points so because of that I could have improved myself.

Kinsa said:   1 decade ago
I am basically a self starter and learnt a lot of things with my past experiences. I try not to repeat mistake in my life again which I have done once and get quite positive result in that.

KAMAL SHARMA said:   1 decade ago

No body is perfect in this world in all area, and I am also among them. I had done the analysis of myself and explored some weaknesses in me, and I am working continuously to improve those weak areas. By doing this exercise I am seeing positive results in my career growth. I think according to me everybody should do their SWOT analysis for better improvement of their skills and hence enhancement in the career.

Nalini said:   1 decade ago
Sir, Self analysis is the 1st requisite for improving career progress. So Every end of the day I will spend some time to explore myself. If I found something wrong what I did in that day I will never repeat it for next day and I will think about new ways to do any work. By this everyone will reach excellence one day.

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