How could you have improved your career progress?

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Sia said:   8 years ago
I don't have any inspiration in my life. I have self-inspiration of myself only because why we get inspiration from other persons only improve us for a while and disappears.

Prithebha said:   8 years ago
By updating the current afire.

Mohd azeem said:   8 years ago
Sir, I have already set my future career and I have to go step by step and get a good career.

Raja said:   8 years ago
Yes, I am already planned to improve my self along with our organization. And firstly, I want to improve my technical skills in a short period in the organization.

Sham Singh said:   8 years ago
We could improve our career with self-analysis do better than last and prepare for new challenges and opportunity in the life.

PRABAKARAN K said:   8 years ago
First of all, you readily prepare to face the failure, then you to start the work.

You never ever fail, to finish the work successfully.

Abhishek raj said:   8 years ago
I think for improvement, I have to do better + day by day.

Because making tomorrow better than yesterday, I'll have to do better every day then from yesterday.

Saranya said:   8 years ago
I already set the goal I will work hard to reach that goal with the help of my superior and also I learned many things from my mistakes I think I'm a good teacher of mine.
(17) said:   8 years ago
I want to gain more experience and always give my best effort to give my best performance for you organization in addition I want to learn new things from my senior colleague.

Shrinivas said:   8 years ago
I would improve my carrier to my work experience and hard working.

I learn my mistake. The mistake is verify you trying and learn with mistake.

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