Are you willing to relocate or travel?

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Shruthi swarup said:   6 years ago

If you absolutely can't relocate, you have to be honest about that, but try not to just say "No". You don't know what the future holds, and your life might look very different in a year for a thousand reasons. First, find out where you may have to relocate and how much travel may be involved. Then respond to the question.

The first way to handle this question is to keep your options open and your reservations to yourself in the early going, by saying, "no problem". Your strategy here is to get the best offer you can, then make a judgment whether it's worth it to you to relocate or travel.

In a second-way - voice a reservation, but assert that you'd be open to relocating (or traveling) for the right opportunity. The answering strategy you choose depends on how eager you are for the job. If you want to take no chances, choose the first approach.

If you want to play a little harder-to-get in hopes of generating a more enticing offer, choose the second.

In all of these cases, these answers make you look more sincere than if you had given the standard answer about the "right opportunity". They keep you from making a strong commitment while still making you appear flexible which is always going to be a plus with your future employer.

Shruthi swarup said:   6 years ago
To me, where I live is really a secondary concern. My career path is important to me, and I've been very impressed with what I've learned about this company and believe that this position, in particular, is a great fit for my skills in Creative thinking.

Yes, sir, I am ready to relocate. Why because still I'm single so this is time to improve my carrier so that distance, relocate is not mattered for me. I strongly believe in reaching the by the goal before my marriage until I am ready to move anywhere at any time.

Yes, I have no issues with the relocation. I am staying away from home from last five years, therefore I am not home sick. And I like to come across different cultures and well-experienced people, and it will help me to groom my skills and knowledge.

Ya. Sure. I'll because I'm young, energetic, enthusiastic, flexible and get adapt to any new situations & environment easily. Hope it's a good process of Socialization too.

I am very interested in advancing my career, and if relocating is a part of that, I would certainly consider it.

Desalegn Abebe Azengie said:   2 months ago
Hello dear.
Good morning.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Desalegn.
I’m from Gondar but currently live in Shala.
I have completed my graduation BA in Accounting and finance at Gondar university in 2018.
I have more than 3 years of experience in a Finance officer and 1-year experience in a logistics, admin and finance officer. here I’m administering logistics, human resources, and finance.
I am a good team player and a very hard-working person. I am very punctual, reliable, and responsible at my work.
I have archived my target 100% every month and helped another person in my team to improve them.
My strength is I am a self-motivated and honest person.
I'm good at presentation skills.
I'm a solution-oriented person.
Apart from this, I'm a quick learner.
My goal is to get a job in a well-reputed company.
That's all about me.
Thank you.

Mohit said:   6 years ago
Relocation is difficult for everyone, though everyone should relocate because your first priority should be work place if you wanted to achieve something, wherever it is. If you get a job in the field you love to work. Then don't give second thought to it. On the other hand, everyone wants to travel throughout the world without investment and job is the only opportunity to do so. But at certain point you must think to stop. Because you never travel alone too far. Both are good but in controlled manner.

Divya Rajan said:   12 months ago
Yes, of course! Being a person who loves travelling I am heartfully willing to relocate or travel anywhere in the world, as it opens the wide door of new opportunities, and exposure to new experiences, and cultures. And I am sure that it will definitely contribute many positive essences to my personal and professional life. Relocating is a way of recreating life and travelling adds to it. So yeah here's a big yes.

Preeti said:   5 years ago
Yes, Sir, I don't have any issue in relocation as I think MNCs are located in different parts of our nation and if you are willing to join you must be flexible to relocate to any place according to the requirement. Also, I believe that interacting with new people from different traditions and cultural background will enhance my knowledge and sharing our ideas will definitely generate a more productive outcome.

Devansh Popli said:   3 years ago
I would like to relocate for my company and my job. It's a great opportunity to work with different people and the environment. Am sure it will boost my knowledge too. I would definitely consider about it. If the opportunity given to me is appropriate, rewarding and feasible, I don't think I will have any issues with it. And, I think that relocate teaches how to adjust or co-operate with new people.

Johny said:   4 years ago
Yes sir, depending upon the needs and requirements of the company, I will not have any issue with the relocation. It would be my pleasure to relocate myself because I will be able to get a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience from different cultures and different kinds of people, which will be beneficial for me as well as for my company and changes are always for good.

Vallabha Sayar said:   5 years ago
No sir, I would not want to be relocated.

It's not that I have a problem in adjusting to new environments. My parents are getting old and weak and it is MY duty to look after them just like they did to me when I was small, weak and fragile. They're well being and my presence is a source of strength to them and I don't want that taken away from them, I apologise.

Kamlesh Kumar Saini said:   5 years ago
Yes, of course mam.

I really like travelling or relocating. Because it's give me more opportunity to interact with people from different social & culture backgrounds. And really love to interact with people BcoZ when I interact with new people we share our ideas & views and gain news ideas. So this way my knowledge & understanding level increases.

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