Are you willing to relocate or travel?

HR Interview
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Desalegn Abebe Azengie said:   19 hours ago
Hello dear.
Good morning.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Desalegn.
Iā€™m from Gondar but currently live in Shala.
I have completed my graduation BA in Accounting and finance at Gondar university in 2018.
I have more than 3 years of experience in a Finance officer and 1-year experience in a logistics, admin and finance officer. here Iā€™m administering logistics, human resources, and finance.
I am a good team player and a very hard-working person. I am very punctual, reliable, and responsible at my work.
I have archived my target 100% every month and helped another person in my team to improve them.
My strength is I am a self-motivated and honest person.
I'm good at presentation skills.
I'm a solution-oriented person.
Apart from this, I'm a quick learner.
My goal is to get a job in a well-reputed company.
That's all about me.
Thank you.

Venkat said:   2 months ago
I would be definitely open to relocating. By relocating we can communicate with more people and gain more knowledge and gain more different ideas.

Shiva said:   2 months ago
I would be definitely open to relocation and look forward to learning more.

Dinesh sidh said:   3 months ago
Yes, sir/Madam.

I'm interested in travel to look around nature.

Dinesh sidh said:   3 months ago
Yes, sir/Madame.

It gives more experience in different places and also gives a fresh mind.

Bhoopendra singh said:   4 months ago
I would definitely consider it, if the apportunity given to me is appropriate, rewarding and feasible.

I don't think I will have any issue with relocation or traveling involved.

Hahiaa said:   5 months ago
Yes, sir/mam. I am quite a flexible person and I am willing to relocate.

Sanjivani Nirpase said:   5 months ago
For working with this company I will definitely relocate.

Rakesh said:   5 months ago
Yes, I am a quietly flexible person.

I am okay with relocation you can send me anywhere. I will adapt to the place.

Shantaras said:   6 months ago
It gives more experience in different places and also gives a fresh mind.

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