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Vijaykumar Murkibhanvi said:   1 month ago

I am going with politics needs youths. Because in India has more per cent of youths in the population.

So Knowing and understanding those youth's mindsets by only can the other youth very easily.
That another youth is entry is required to politics.

Thank you.

Venkatesh said:   1 month ago
Yes, youth should be in politics, but they should upgrade their position from president to prime minister then they can get experience in politics then they can control the nation. So, by growing up like this he can get good experience and he can rule the people and he can take a good decisions.

Aryan said:   4 months ago
My name is Aryan Kannaujiya.

My point is India is democracy country so you can become anything by occupation.

But mostly you become a leader reason behind it. Our youth are jobless, the government doesn't give a jobs. So our youth are thinking to change the country when students become a leader. Minister. They are always thinking to change the policy of Indian rules and regulations.

Madhu said:   4 months ago
The young generation of students should be encouraged to study great visionary leaders of our history and simultaneously be encouraged to see and understand the ongoing challenge faced by the myriad sectors of the country (for example education and health sector).
So that they can come up with a Better solutions and creative ideas to improve the stagnant or snail-paced development of individuals and the country as a whole.

Amit Lohar said:   10 months ago
In my opinion, youth should join in th politics. I have two points to support my statement.

India's population now have crossed over 140 crores. We aren't meeting our financial needs, as well as we don't feel ourselves progressed. Even though we are graduated we still suffer for a good job. Youth with their congnitive minds, if learnt politics and decide to enter in it then it will be starting of new era of our country. They can apply all the strategies they have studied in developing the country.

Secondly, they will create a platform here in our very country for all those who want to go abroad either for study or job.

Dheeraj Raj Gurung said:   11 months ago
Read many posts regarding youth should be in politics and not.

But, I feel yes youth should come in politics but before coming in politics, it is very important that youth should understand the voting rights given to us by the constitution of INDIA, As we see very less no of youths who participate in active voting, First, youth should learn to exercise the right to vote, before youths actively take part in nation-building. It is very important to follow the process first.

As we see today when the entire country is demanding youth leadership. Yes, I am sure the youth will have a lot of potential to build the nation in better ways tomorrow. Youths are the future. So, I feel youth should be given an opportunity to lead along with the senior and experienced politicians.

Roshan sharma said:   1 year ago
According to my point of view, youth should not join election because youth are not mature in the field of politics because in the phase of youth don't have much knowledge about politics if without understanding politics youth enter in politics by chance if a youth wins an election then He/she can't do better for the public.

Sauvik said:   1 year ago
Today l am going to tell against the youth in politics :

As we know that the ages of youth people are mainly from 15 years old to 35 or 40 years old and there are many chances of inexperience if they participate in politics for the first time. In India, there are many youths who are uneducated as many parents do not send their youth to school.

Now, if they are inexperienced and uneducated there is a fair chance that they can do dictatorship in India as they did not know how to rule India.

Now, if they did not know how to rule India it will be a very difficult task for them to rule the entire country. This lead to low development in India they can also be weak for that.

If the youth politics are weak, then entering the country will face many problems we should not face today due to our present strong political leader Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

MR. RAO said:   1 year ago
Friend's, India is a country of youths. It is a nice step to involve youths in politics. Youth have creative mind and they can use better technology to solve our problems. Youth have fresh and innovative ideas for our nation. At present time any country progress depends on youths. So according to me we should give a chance to youths for politics.

Khushi said:   1 year ago
Youth should enter in politics because they have a sharp mind and young blood and new thinking also and it is good for our country.

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