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Uday Bhaskar said:   4 weeks ago
Youth in politics:

The term youth in politics means the participation of youth or younger generation of this country or contribution in politics. Today's youth are getting very well educated about politics and are enthusiastic towards participating in political events, and they are even aware of the social conditions and circumstances. If given a chance or allowed them to participate I believe they will rule the country.

The younger generation has the energy and enthusiasm to take part in politics. And also with the advancement of technology youth can reach to millions of the population of the country with their policies and agenda.

There are some flaws in the younger generation too like lack of experience, not being able to collaborate with the experienced ones, and a practical approach to addressing people's problems.

I believe if youth focuses on developing himself/herself in knowing political scenarios, and social problems and addressing practical problems by taking the guidance of seniors or experienced politicians. In this way, youth can take part in politics.

Kpas said:   2 months ago
In my point of view, youth are more innovative and enthusiastic. If they get the opportunity they take a better part in politics as compared to old-aged leaders. Old-aged leaders indeed have more patience maturity, and experience as compared to youths. However, although they lack new-generation ideas and social media knowledge.

Vaibhav Tiwari said:   3 months ago
Jay Hind to All.

The entry of youth into Indian politics has always been an important phenomenon. In a country where 65% of the population is below 35 years of age, the voice of the youth is not only important but also decisive. In today's digital age, the young generation is more aware and active and they are also playing a strong role in the political scenario.

Rise of youth and their challenges:

Young leaders have not only held important positions in political parties but have also introduced many innovative ideas and transformative policies. However, they face many challenges, such as lack of experience, co-existence with older generation leaders and incorporating innovation into the traditional political structure.

Technological progress and the young generation:

The biggest strength of the young generation is their technical understanding. By using social media, young leaders have been successful in conveying their message to millions of people. This platform provides them with the ability to widely disseminate their policies and ideas among young voters.

Youth and political representation:

At present the number of young MPs in the Indian Parliament is still low, but this is changing. Young MLAs and MPs are setting new dimensions in politics with their dynamism and modern approach. The increasing number of these youth leaders is not only influencing the political discourse but also giving rise to the youth's demand for greater representation.

Electoral politics and youth:

Youth participation in electoral politics has given rise to new types of election campaigns. Young candidates address voters in a more informative and innovative manner, bringing innovations to the election process.

Thank you.

Pavan Rameshwar said:   4 months ago
Hello everyone, in my opinion,

It is crucial to involve young people in politics as they bring new ideas and decision-making skills. In a democracy, youth have the right to participate in politics, and we can see that they are actively participating in world politics. Without the involvement of young people, politics would be incomplete.

For example, in China, the one-child policy has resulted in a lower youth population compared to other nations.

Thank you to all.

Manjit Kumar said:   5 months ago
Hello everyone,

Youths are the most energetic, and creative and have exposure of newer technology.

Around 70% of India's population is youth we have to utilize it so that youth can help in our economic development as they know of new technologies. This is the golden age of India to become a superpower and we cannot miss that chance. To better represent the youth of our country we have to give chances to youth to participate in politics so that they can raise their concerns in parliament like unemployment and the education system in India. But now around only 7% of MPs in parliament are youth which is very dangerous and also in that most of them are from political backgrounds.

Laxmi singh said:   6 months ago
Jai hind everyone,

I am Laxmi Singh.

My point of view on the given topic is youth in politics we know that very well youth are the future of our country. They have not a lack of experience but they have lack of talent they know the modern technology and also know how can we develop our country we modern things and ideas.

It is a very common thing every decision have positive and negative aspects youth have less patience comparison to old age persons but we also know that practice can make a man perfect so in my point of view youth in politics is such a good decision.

Shrinidhi said:   6 months ago
Greetings to all.

So the given topic is youths in politics, which is a very good topic that youths have to think and to discuss.

Yes, politics needs youths in that case we being youths need to understand in and out of politics as Indian we can say our politics is transparent so e should learn how it works and we have plan how it should and have to think what it will be if certain actions will done.

So all the above mentioned thoughts will only happens if youths enters the field. Youths has more enthusiasm compare to other.

As Swami Vivekananda said youths are the future so only youths will know what the future will be or how the future should be.

Moreover we youths has warm blood and we won't compromise for anything. So, with the support and some guidance from experience we can create history.

S,o I conclude that youths in politics is phenomenal idea.

Thank you.

Vaishnavi said:   7 months ago
According to me, youth should not be in politics because they lack the maturity and patience required for it. They don't have enough knowledge about politics. They should first explore the world and understand the problems that we are facing before joining politics.

Ankit saini said:   7 months ago
In my point of view.

Youth are more energetic and anthusiastic so they can better lead our country in comparison of oldgers.

Youth have the potential to change the traditional method of politics,

As we all know India has the largest population in the world but if we see youth in politics then we found that there are only 13% youngsters in our politics that's not good for our country,

Corruption, scams and bribry is the black spot on our politics and youth has the power to abolish it from our country.

Student union election is the foundation of youth in politics.

Youth has the potential to face more stress and can work a lot more than older.

If youth take part in politics then it will set a great example of better governance on international platforms.

That's why I promote skilled and educated youth in our politics.

Thanks to all.

Sanu Kumar Prusty said:   7 months ago
Hello, Good night everyone,

In my opinion, Youth join in politics is better for us. Youth are a problem any problem with his generation then help for new generation couldn't face this problem. Youth change the all of conditions with graduated students in our country jobless or unemployed. The Youth can change the country with successive mindsets with developing any situation. The most such problem is India is 140 Crore population & 2nd highest population in the world. So we face many financial problems, Our education is no longer helpful so the Youth can take it hard and give a solution. When our education system is developing then our mindset is different from others we don't face many problems because we have to differ in thinking & businessmen, Industry makers with we helpful for unemployment giving work him develop our economy.

Thanks for giving opportunity to participate in this topic.

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