Women are not fit for Defense Services

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R.R.Parashar said: (Nov 28, 2021)  
Most of women are emotionally connect to their family and give it priority. You need to sacrifice your emotion to serve the country better with priority or believe that's whole your country is your family and you will strongly never comparison between them.

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Ked Brt said: (Jul 22, 2021)  
On a candor note, one may think that women are not fit the military but we cannot simply assume it without looking at some facts, to begin with men or boys are actually are stronger than women ie the upper body strength in a male is 55% more than a female and 27% more strength in the male low body (which is a SCIENTIFIC fact that's been proven over and over, however, there may be some exceptions).

Furthermore, the military has standards which everyone needs to meet (men and women both) in order to enlist or to make it to field combat duty, which begins at the basic training boot camp, with a series of obstacles and a bare minimum required to pass, over the years almost all of the men were able to pass the minimum while the majority of the women were not able to, this escalated into blaming the military that the basic training obstacles are difficult for women and are keeping them from perusing their military carriers, that the bare minimum was lowered for them so that they could pass, which still wasn\'t a bright idea since even then a good number of women still failed.

Adding to that United States Marine Corps study experiment conducted proved that compared to female units, the all-male units had a noticeable difference in their performance they were faster in each tactical movement, had better accuracy, were quicker to register more hits on target, and were able to overcome obstacles and evacuate casualties without any difficulty, with women who are the above-average performing females were only equal to the average performing males (However this can vary from individual to Individual) That being said, Yes! women have to be allowed in military positions. HR, telecommunication officers, radar operators, technical services etc are great for women (also same for some men). However, almost all men in basic training were good at essential jobs which require peak physical strength, endurance, speed, agility in order not to jeopardize other unit members with subpar performance, because life literally hangs in the balance so be it a man or a woman if they can carry a 6 foot 200 pound wounded grunt with an additional 80-pound gear while taking enemy fire, and being able to fight off in a hand to hand combat against a trained enemy killer who won't discriminate against gender then whoever, man or women that can meet this standard are most welcomed to the front lines.

But otherwise having women in the military with lowered standards is a hyper hazard and the delusional feministic indoctrination will end up putting soldiers in body bags.

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Manoj Pradhan said: (May 27, 2021)  
Hello, we are here to discuss that whether women fit for defence service or not.

Let's start;

* All we know for defence technical services there have no single doubt that women are equal to men mentally.

*Next in field duty, some think that women have loose body they can't bear the pain.

But we also figure the fact that even not all men are fit for defence. Whereas women like Rani Lakhsmibai, for now Mary Com and also there have other examples, who are strong enough to fight with men. So, if girls do everything like playing outdoor games with boys, practice with them then they surely will be able got that fitness what men have.

* So it depends on them if they want to do they can do.

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Anjali said: (May 15, 2021)  
Hey there, while reading the views of different personalities of our nation I find some positive thinkers towards the topic and some agreed with the point that women should not fit for defense as '' their participation makes war ugly, and only men have given the right to protect their nation ''. This statement is really very annoying for us. We all know about rani Lakshmi Bayi and her determination towards her kingdom, right? Does the participation of her in the war against Britishers for freedom of our country make war ugly ? when some men were promoting them of destruction of our country then women like her were standing making eye to eye contact with their enemies, and you people are saying it make war ugly. And also a wrong rumour inside us that women are physically weaker than men. Then I would like to tell them they are not fit by birth but this potential is developed inside them later on, if we talk about women's they are taught to participate more in house chores and if they were given training like you guys then definitely they will able to manage their physical strength.

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Krishna Das said: (Dec 3, 2020)  
Hi friends.

This is Krishna, so today's topic is women are not fit for defence purposes. I would like to share my views in front of you all.

1) on whole men and women are strong in their own way. They can choose anything they like.

2) Usually there is a popular belief that men are both physically and mentally stronger than women but in view, it's a big no because how can compare a woman who keeps a child inside her for nine months and also take care of a family.

3) If a woman can do such works, why can't she take part in the defence sector?

4) The problem is within our minds and in our way of thinking because if a woman can take care of a family why can't she take care of a country.

5) Don't encourage them that they can't do this or that, let them do what they wish to. If they wanna be a soldier or a wrestler just support them.

Thank you.

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Pardeep said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Hello friends.

Woman are fit for defence services because all defence jobs are not like in fight some defence work like a jet pilot, army kernel, airforce officer, etc. T. And a woman is fit for defence services because a man defence e-services job joining not suddenly fit for defence services a man completed our training and he fit for defence services and a woman completed training she clerly fit for defence services.

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Harshit Pandey said: (Sep 23, 2020)  
In my opinion, women are fit for every service a man can do, But involving her really in defence sector is not good in my opinion.

There are various fields in which women are doing great but in defence when there is peace women are good but in war there are casualties and being a man I cannot see a women die for her country for our country, Its man's responsibility to protect his nation, although its up to her that she wants to fight for her country but still I don't like it.

A famous quote-.

"Battle get ugly when women are involved".

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Ajay Kumar said: (May 18, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar today my topic is women are not fit for defense services, I think in my point of view, it is absolutely wrong because as we all know that women has also ability to fight with the enemy and they also have a much strength as compared to the boys and they are also fearless in nature, by giving power this is also called as women empowerment.

Thank you.

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Abhishek said: (Mar 7, 2020)  
As it is rightly said that when a man is educated and empowered he is educated for himself but when a woman is educated and empowered there education can bring changes in the whole family and society. People used to think earlier that girls cannot do physical activities but you can see the most tiring physical activities are done by the women in our families. So they are never less than any male. As far as strength and endurance are concerned the pain they can endure can't be endured by a male as during pregnancy they endure pain which is equivalent to breaking of 36 bones at the same time.

So we cannot say that women are any less than men. We should neither sympathize nor should we discriminate to women. Everyone should be given equal chance in the recruitment process and if he or she is capable then that person without any doubt be given the responsibility of the job either it is any sector.

Earlier girls were not allowed to go out of their homes and play and if this would have been the case today we would not have got the medals in the last Olympics. We all know that the last Olympics were dominated by Indian women athletes. I want to ask those who are against women's participation in defense, doesn't sports require physical strength. Yes, it does.

Our society is shaped by our economy. We required women in IT sector we opened doors for them, whenever we needed them in any particular field we welcomed them and talked about women empowerment but why don't we talk about their empowerment in defense. Don't we need them there?

As an engineer, I want to say that when we develop some product we also want to have women engineers in our team so that while designing we don't miss the advice and creativity of half of our population. We can only prosper when half of our population is given equal opportunity and they have their representation in every field. We respect both one who stays at home and take care of us and one who goes out and fight and stay strong in this make dominant society.

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KuldeepSingh said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
In my opinion, I disagree to this statement because there are so many women are intelligent compared to men and they can handle if they do work in defense but if we are talking about for lower post in defense so I think they can't suitable for that because men have physical strength compare to women.

Conclusion: Women can be good for higher posts.

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MANSI DM said: (Feb 20, 2020)  
According to me, there should not be any gender partiality in any sector whether it is an army or any other service sector. Whether the person fits for a post of an army will totally depend on the person itself and not on the gender. If a person is physically and mentally fit for the position, there should not be any room for doubt in his/her capabilities. Inequalities arises when a eligible women haven't been given that opportunity.

I totally respect the recent decision made by the supreme court of India in respect of women in army. I hope It will be proved as a great step and will able to break all gender-stereotypes.

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Manish said: (Dec 5, 2019)  
Yeah, women are fit for defense. But I think they should prove themselves amongst men as well. I mean there should not be any different types of recruitment for women. There should be only one type of recruitment process in which both of them and will participate regardless of their gender they prove their capabilities and get selected so at the end when they get selected they shouldn't say women have easy recruitment process so they get selected easy and aren't fit as men are. Likewise in defense service, no one should be discriminated against on the base of caste, gender. Only the capable humans should stand then and then only that particular defense force will have perfection.

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Paramjeet Kaur said: (Oct 14, 2019)  
Women these days proves her in every field such as doctors, surgeons, pilot, entrepreneur, civil services etc they work not only for the money but also to walk with the men and face drastic society which against women.

Coming to the topic I personally believe that any woman can be done anything for their loved ones if she is dedicated and courageous towards the country then she's definitely a good army member but if she's not then it is worthless to join.

And somehow there are proper criteria, and eligibility which is required for this particular field one handicapped person can't be a part of army.

I am giving you certain example of a woman IAS office namely IRA Singhal she is physically handicapped and she's is an IAS officer from this example I am trying to tell all a few you are that criteria of every field play an important role while choosing it.

And lastly, I am giving you an example of Hima Das, Mithali Raj, P.T. Usha, Sania Mirza, Indra Nooyi, Sindhu all are work for the country welfare so if anyone can serve for the country it can be any form.

Women has to be mentally and medically fit as per the criteria.

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Pooja said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
Being woman in itself is a great achievement. There is hardly any field which is entirely for women or entirely for men. It's the society's views regarding women which makes us discuss such very questions about "if women are fit for army or not". My question to such a society is that what makes a girl any less than a boy? Surely the two genders have a different construct altogether, but combination of both is required to make any field excel in itself. There exists a very less percentage of girls in the Indian armed forces, this is mainly because our society is setting bogus standards and illogical rules for the women to abide by and teaching our girls "learned helplessness". I use this term because our society thinks that protecting the so-called "second gender" (women) unnecessarily is a very crucial thing to do in order to prove the masculinity of the so-called "first gender" (men) and their first place on this very land. By doing so we are spoiling our female generation by letting them accept the dependency upon the society for their very existence. Being a girl I accept that I need to lift heavy stuff, do the repairing of petty items and also be ready to help my parents and my country financially and emotionally whenever they need me. Answering this question, I also want to pose the same answer to other questions of inequality on the basis of gender as well. It is this difference because of which we celebrate women's day. The day when there would be absolute equality, we would not need such a day. We females are distinct from males in our qualities and what I know is, where one quality of male might not fit suitably, the quality of the female would do wonders at the same place and vice versa. Girls have the equal right to serve their nation as any boy might wish. After all, we all were given the same body of a human being, the difference was created by the mere choice of this society.

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Anjali said: (May 26, 2019)  
Women are fit for Defense Services because there is no field where women aren't working whether it's hospital, school, college or space. We are living in 21st century so we don't have any question in our mind. And the main thing is that we should always motivate others.

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Ishita said: (Feb 27, 2019)  
Women can do whatever she wants.

In women, there is a power of men, there is no difference between boys n girls nowadays women doing all those things which men can't do in there whole life, one mother can fulfil the requirements of the father but father can't Same as a mother.

In every field, women are doing a very great role (ie. Cricket, astronaut, pilot, politics etc).

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AKSHITI PRASAD said: (Feb 21, 2019)  
Hi friends,

We are living in the 21st century and nowadays women are shining in all the fields. They are in no way inferior to men. Starting from doctors, engineers, pilots etc, we have our women in each and every field. In the earlier days, women used be treated like street dogs by their husbands. They did not have their own identity in the society and were never allowed to express their views. But today there is a respect for the Indian women in the eyes of each and everyone. As an Indian girl, I feel that women should be given the chance to serve their motherland. I totally succumb that women are physically weaker than men but proper training will surely enable them to join defence services. They also possess the capacity to defend Mother India from the brutal terrorists just as men do.


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Mithi said: (Feb 2, 2019)  
Hey guys.

I think women are totally fit for defence services. There are thousands of women who are already part of defence services. Also, in most of the jobs nowadays women and men burn their nights oil so it will be sexist if we think women are not fit for defence.

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Mayank Sengar said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
As India, a secular country all men and women have given an equal position. In my opinion, women are totally fit on not only in the defence services but in all of the position of a country also.

We can go through to some examples of our brave women like Pt Usha, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza who has qualified in the field of sports and brought medals for our country.

The great freedom fighter like Rani Laxmi Bai a lot for our country and led our freedom fighter and brought independence.

Mother Teresa got a noble prize for the activity of social work women's reach in the pic point of the Mount Everest and arrived in the surface of the moon.

Women are nowadays struggling in the field of politics and many more aspects in the field of national growth and improvement.

As we experienced that women are now in all of the good and reputed posts like IAS doctor engineers and many more. So how can we think that they unfit in the defence? They have social value and always have the right to fight for our country as a soldier and punish the enemies and terrorist of their nation.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
Women are fit for defence services. In every field, they are giving their Best and no doubt better than man Like sports, education, civil services. Etc.

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Satakshi Sharma said: (Oct 5, 2018)  

Women are fit for defense services. In the 21st century, women are in each and every field and especially men cannot state this bullshit reasons that women have to look after the family. What will happen if women gets employed in defense service? someone has rightly said that one educated women teaches the generation, where we can't see women - in hospitals, civil services, police line, school, and many more, the fields are uncountable. Today it really hurts to listen that men's mind are still obsolete. We cannot change someone's perception or mentality but I have one question to ask from the male gender of our nation that -how they are sure that children will learn good things if there mother will be with them, if mothers are with them even after that they will be spoiled, if someone has to go in a wrong path they will go even they are with their parents or not, so I request the male genders to please eradicate such kind of bullshits from your respective minds that women can't do anything or they can only be showcased at homes and also women do work much-much better than men although earlier man used to be the sole earner but now women are taking up their place. I also want to include the very famous statements of the boys in our country that women are gossip queens, they like to have parties, they think men are their slaves but don't forget gentlemen advance up your mind or thinking because if you do think like this it showcases your background and your ethics an respect women because FUTURE IS WOMEN AND WOMEN IS FUTURE.

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Mayank said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, women are fit for defence services. Firstly, defence services is not only about Army, air force or navy, there are other services in defence as well (non combat jobs) Women in defence services can work in defence research department, account department, medical department, technical department etc. Women have proved themselves by being a fighter jet pilot, Naval officer and more.

By proper training, practice and technique women have shown their ability in army as well.

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Miku said: (Jul 27, 2018)  
Yeah, every guy says women are not fit but that's not true, our government should give a chance for women & after training, they can also carry Heavy weapons, & other things.

We all know practice makes a man perfect so as we all know men also Take 10 months training then they go in Real Army field on Border so we should give the chance for women.

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Priyanshu said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
According to me, women can join the army, because the girl is not less than a boy. Women can do every work. They look after their family. They do a lot of work compare to the boy. You know very well Rani Lakshmi Bai. She was the first women in our country. She did not fear anyone.

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Yashwin Singh said: (Jun 19, 2018)  
Everyone is equal weather there is boy or girl but some people think that girls are not made for doing job they only for house holder work we do sent force them and today it is a crime if a girl forced by her family she can report FIR but in my opinion we must have to gave them freedom that what would they want to do.

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Vicky said: (May 19, 2018)  
When it comes to about women our country becomes so soft and became emotional for the women. Women are not fit for the army. NOT AT ALL. Many of you take this wrong.

But I am in the army I know what women do here firstly army duty is to provide security to the nation whereas in Indian army women officer need security For herself if she can't walk alone without buddy Then How would they defend the country.

Secondly, in the army, military training is compulsory for everyone for his own safety at least And these women don't how to fire they can't hold Weapon the because of the Heaviness. But they are expert in one thing how to do a party in officer mess, drink alcohol, smoking, sex with colleagues.

Military nurses don't have any relation to military drill and military operations and they are getting more MSP from soldiers why?

Have you Ever seen any para commando lady officer in India? Who comes out in republic day parade? NO.

Because they don't have guts.

They care about their beauty and skin maintenance. I am in army medical corps I have saw behaviour of nurses and doctors toward the patient. The patient is crying from pain but madam are busy in her gossips. No one shows sympathy for patients.

And lady doctors don't know anything. Bloody third class doctors.

And some people are here justifying the women.

You know compared to male officers women officer do more discrimination in the army. They treat soldiers as a servant and obviously this is India everyone listens to women so the helpless soldiers are not able to do anything.

I want to make many of you clear that in today's world no one joined armed forces for his country they are Used to be unemployed that why they Found defence last option. Because it is easy to enrol compared to other city services whoever it is male, or female and they are serving for the nation and giving their life because army rules are very strict. You have to do it or otherwise ready for punishment so obviously they do their duty and during duty, they got killed and media make them a hero. Government have Army so many powers. So army has authority to punish the defaulters and army person can't seek help from police or court. So army person uses to keep in fear because they are not educated enough to fight for their right.

So take this out of your minds the era has changed So the women have changed.

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Vasu said: (Apr 24, 2018)  
Well, I totally don't agree with this statement. I'll not go through the emotional point of view, i'll tell you some facts. No doubt, the males are physically stronger than the females but joining the defence system is about your courage. If you are hulk and you don't have the courage to fight in the war, then it's worthless. Either it is male or female if they have the courage to fight and if they are medically fit then they can join the defence services.

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Nihal said: (Mar 27, 2018)  
I don't agree that women are not fit for defence services, women's play a major role in the armed forces by serving as doctors (more polite than male counterpart), nurses (who very well take care of the patient), educational branch, logistic branch, etc. Our armed forces limited the women's freedom, women can play an equivalent role as men are playing in the armed forces.

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Prnk Komth said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
Dear friends.

Women and men should give equal weightage when one talking. Our constitution says about equality more. Over equality is a right of a human. Something will be paper and something will come TRUE. This is really happening. The backbone of the family not a rib.

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Chinmaya said: (Feb 6, 2018)  
A lot of people have debated this from the emotional point of view and I'll try to avoid that, but biologically women and men have same or at least similar lower body strength so running, jumping walls, etc are usually not a problem but when upper body strength is concerned men are stronger than women (as can be observed by the fact than men have broader shoulders and denser muscles), so carrying heavy rucksacks or weapons like LMG (though it is called light machine gun the only thing light about it is the name) and mortars, they also have been known on an average to be able to do less push ups and pull ups than men and are not able to perform as good as men in rope climbing, etc. Now, I have not stated any of these facts arbitrarily, the US Marines conducted a study on women and male Marines and found these facts, anyone who wants to cross check the fact can go read the report it is available to the public.

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Praveen said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
In my opinion, every human is fit to serve the nation. Talking about women, in defence services they have proved themselves all over the world. In real life, they face more difficulties than men do but despite that, they are no less. On our republic day of 2018 women, soldiers performed really very very amazing bike stunt which was better than what male soldiers did. So if they can do such daring act then they can do anything be it facing the war or any other occasion. In our country, there is very less awareness for women in the army also there are very less opportunities for them. There is only one way to prove that whether they are fit or not and that is giving them equal chances as males.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, few number of women are completely fit for defence services. But remaining women are not fit for defence services.

Because of there many number issues available in our society. So women are fearful to face the issues.

However the women empowerment, the rural side women are fearful to face the situation. So the government must increase the defence for women.

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Atal said: (Jan 8, 2018)  
I think womens of 21 century are completely fit for defense services but number of such womens are very less. So, first of all we have to train womens of our nation that helps whole nation. As we all know women have all those qualities which are necessary for defense services. The only thing is to change our mentality that women are not fit for defense services.

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Jithin said: (Nov 26, 2017)  
I feel the women in 21st century is completely fit for defense services. Paramilitary forces like ITBP, BSF, CRPF has moved women to forward post along the border, now I think we should feel proud that our Indian women is guarding the borders. Now army is also recruiting more women forces, so that means women has proven that they are fit for defense services.

We should also not forgot women took part in freedom fight of India against british, so both mentally and physically women's are fit for defense.

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Akhil M said: (Oct 30, 2017)  
In my opinion women are not completely fit for defense forces, till today's date there are no women who is commissioned in infantry because infantry holds physical and operational move higher than other supporting arms so mentally and physically women can't continue a service in actual defense, in my opinion they are fit for supporting corps like medical side education side in all supporting arms side etc.

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Raj said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
I would say womens are not fit for Defence. Eventhough Womens have equal rights with men but while consider defence they fail to have such qualities to move into defence. I won't say she can't. She has to workhard more and sacrifice a lot. She got abilitiy to override this obstacles but chance of possibility is less.

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Darksoul said: (Sep 27, 2017)  
Women are born record breakers. Women are the ultimate house of power. A woman is an angel for her family and her loved ones. She can go to any extent to protect them. She can be disastrous to the ones who think of harming her loved ones. India is a country where we worship goddesses. Remember the way goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasura. That's it. Women can do anything. If women can do anything for her loved ones that she could do anything to protect and defend her country. Women have excelled in every field. You name a field, and there we definitely have women leading. Everyone needs to be given a chance to prove themselves. You can't judge one's capacity just like that. Women should be also given a chance.


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Venkateshan said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Women have a great mental strength but not physical strength compared to men. As men have the ability to face problem in a physical manner. Women can't involve in defence because they are the backbone of a family and she leads her family in peaceful way.

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Jinu said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
Women are fit for defence services. Well trained women can overcome the difficulties related to physical strength. And no one can challenge her mind power, it can be seen from the sacrifices that she makes for the loved ones, from small to big. So I say, the contributions from patriotic women will always be an asset to the nation. All genders are not equal if so there won't be this classification. But the wonderful thing is that everyone is best in there ways, and any qualities can be grown with dedication and hard work.

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Rahul said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
I want to say you that women are fit for defence but at a time of pregnancy, they got minimum 6 to 7 month holiday. Govt have to pay the salary at time. And after delivery than again 2to 3 month. If you compare the female is equals to men then god make only one gender. All job are best for femal except defence. We men cannot do what a women does and women also can not do what a men does never compares water with oil.

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Priya said: (Jul 2, 2017)  
Nobody has seen Goddess Durga but we worship her for the strength she showed in destroying the demons. The energy and vigour possessed by each and every woman are no less than the Goddess Durga. It's just we already have a mindset since birth that if it's a girl child she'll love the dolls, kitchen doctor etc toys and not the bat ball or football. When she grows up we are pretty sure she'll go in the doctor eng or banking services but not in defence. It is the surrounding and the mentality that keeps her aback otherwise she is equipped with the mental stability, physical stamina, even after so many physical issues she deals with. She has proved her worth as a wonderful manager both at home and works place, scientist doctor teacher sportsperson etc. I am pretty sure she will prove her true self in the defence sector as well provided she is acknowledged competent for such a role and she herself wants to. Girls are no less than any men in the world they just need have the desire to go on the battle front. I m sure that she is going to perform much better than what is expected of her.

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Tamaghna Bose said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
Not true at all. If women can control the house take care of the child and her husband displaying great management skills so why the same thing is not applicable in defence?Another question that one might arise is Physical power of women? for them, I have a very simple answer. Who was the one who won the silver prize in wrestling this Olympics? I hope you guys got my point.

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KAILASH said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
I think women can do very well in combat roles with proper training as it improves their physical and mental toughness. Many soldiers say battle is not just a matter of strength, but also requires tough will power and mental stability.

Frankly to say battlefield is not just a matter of enemy, but if enemy captures women, they treat them in a horrific nature, there are also some medical problems ladies face every month, there will be no proper sanitation facilities on battlefield, and no one knows if something went wrong the conditions will be worse. It turns the condition more challenging.

So govt is ready to employ them in combat it is upto women will power that "she can do it".

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Sumit said: (Jun 17, 2017)  
Hi friend,

I think women are totally perfect for doing such a tough work only training need to be special for them. They are capable to work in all field of defence and they must have right to serve for their country. Women can also perform better in some fields.

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Monisha said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Am not agree with this topic. You can't dominate women in any ways. Nowadays she's proving herself best in all the fields. And why can't they achieve in this? Not only men, womens also have the dream do serve for their nation and to be proud to say that I sacrificed best part of my life on serving nation. If this really happens that will be the honourable moments for each women who wanna join in defence.

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Raj said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Yes, of course, women are capable of it. If any women want to do something for her country then she should have to give a chance.

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Heera Singh Gusain said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
As per my opinion, if a person wants to serve his/her country then he/she should be given fair chance to do so. What is bad in it?

I accept that women are not as physically fit as men, but some women are, and army is not only about physical work, it is also about mental toughness, and if a woman thinks that she has that capability, then what is wrong?

Isn't she a citizen of this country, isn't she has a right to join defence and serve their country.

In defence forces, there is a huge demand or lack of officers due to the lack of perfect officer like material in mostly men, but if women also encouraged to join defence then there would be more applicants or candidates for the job, and obviously, more officers will be given commission. And our forces would be much more capable and powerful.

And also there so other branches too in an army in which that much physical strength is not required, so women, if they want can serve in these branches.

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Vijaidimpi said: (Apr 11, 2017)  

Friends women's are doing better than men's in the field of sports, Olympic recently only women brought a medal for the country. Women rae very respectable in our society. We should respect them.

While we discuss women should be a part of Army or not then my answer is like this.

Friends as we know that in Army there is a Corps like Army education Corps, Army Medical, Corps, Signals Corps, Army Supply Corps etc where women's are proving herself best.

In combat roll like operation and fighting Corps like infantry, Armoured, ordinance where there is need of more physical and mentally tuff during war and operation women's are not fit and also not allowed.


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Khen Zomi said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
Yes, in this generation women are look and given equal status in the society, it right. Women are given reserved seats in govt employment, very right. But women for arm in as a combat role would not be a very good idea, as been mentioned above there are certain things sorry many things which a women herself would have to ignore eg. TBP & LRP will she be able to lead his troops or the troops be engaged in carrying her loads.

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Shubhangi said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
I know that every girl is not suitable for defence but if 93% of girls are not suitable for defence 7% of the girls are perfect for it. You can't compare every girl to one other. Some boys are also weak than why you don't say boys are also weaker sex. You all know how to point out on girls but why not on boys.


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Shubhangi said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
Women are also fit for defense as it's our right. You can not say this as you don't know the power of women. You only see women doing household works but it doesn't mean they can't go in defense. As much power, the boy is having girls are also having the same power.

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Saumya said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
Captain Radhika Menon in Indian Merchant Navy, is the first lady in the world who got the IMO award for her bravery. And when I talk about Israel where the radio of man and woman in armed forces is almost equal and you people are talking that women are not fit for defence? There is no field in this world where women didn't prove themselves, tell me, is there any field? Women reached on the moon and in space and on mount Everest and now in India women are flying the combat fighters.

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Saumya said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
If a woman become the president of India and as you know that the president of the India is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, then how can even people imagine that women are not fit for defence services.

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Kiran said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
It is totally wrong. You can see that in today's world women are ahead of men in every respect like sports, education, space then why women are not considered fit for defense services? I have seen that in defence several posts are only meant for men, why not for women ?also there should be 50 %reservation in defense services for women then you see women are fit or unfit for defence.

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Nikita Rathod said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
I am a girl and I am doing B.Sc physics+ Ncc cadet. I am doing my best to join in Army and Air Force and I give the answer to those person and especially for men and narrow-minded people if they think that women are in defense is wrong to think. So first change your mentality that women are not fit for army police etc. Ok if I agree with your opinion then which field is best for women where they go men create problems.

First, I want clear that men know that what they think of women in every field about their physical appearance.

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Kritika Sharma said: (Jan 18, 2017)  
It is our society who make them physically weak. If girls bring up as boys at home then she will do well in every field.

Mentally our society prepares them for banks, teaching line, companies etc. Give chance to them after giving equally education to them.

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Janani said: (Jan 1, 2017)  
Who said women are not fit for defense services? my opinion is women have the power to do anything her physical & services ?mental power is high compared to male. If you are saying that men & women are equal in a society then why you are not allowing her to protect her country & saying she is not fit for services? as a girl I want to say that this should be discussed by the government of INDIA & should give girls their chance to protect their country as a soldier.

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Sujeet Kumar said: (Dec 26, 2016)  
Hai, My friends what I think that women should be taken in the army but when it comes to fighting arms women and men both should go a common selection process if women is strong enough she should be respectfully invited.

Friends we cannot ignore those women who are more or equally capable as men.

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Mimansa Thakur said: (Dec 24, 2016)  
Well, according to me, women are fit for Defense Services. It's just a matter of our belief. In the past, women were considered unfit for doing any job except house chores but when she stepped out of the four walls, she did face oppositions but she did wonders, managing her profession and her house chores. Without trying we can't say that she is unfit for the Defence Services. And then every time the society posed a question on her capability she's zipped up everyone's mouths. And talking of her physical weakness, well the armed forces make you physically strong during their training years. And yes history has shown us that women are stronger than we expect.

Thank you.

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SUSHMA said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Women should be obviously given chance in defence services. We should not forget personalities like kiran bedi, is not she a women. You all men do anything or everything, we girls will be in defence services.

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Arun Gautam said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
Women and army. Only 1 woman in 1 lack can compare and compete with just a simple man when comes to instant decision making, fight, protection of own and others, and handling of weapons. That one woman will never join the army as she has already hope in every field better than army as army is total waste as career for women because she can not mingle up with counterparts. She can not talk everything, no masti with male, no bath, no beer, no sleep with male, no ideas sharing, no nude videos watching, no sad moment sharing, she can not even change her cloth.

Thus women who are joining army are total waste, they are given concessions in everything like running, jumping, sit ups, push ups, and almost everything.

Guys in army had to watch their tongue as they can not talk shit when a woman is around because who knows when she raises an alarm off in the name of women safety, forget about pinching and pushing her in fun.

What I have shared is only non-combat activity and when it comes to combat activity and you are in no man's land, foreign land, full blood shading, just forget about women there. The army then won't be fighting a war. Just forget about war women can not even street fight with guys. Women are best for school, banks, factories, computers. But please spare army. Army girls are not Olympics winners you must figure that out and even they are they are not competing with male.

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Arnav Goel said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
In my view,

Women are fit for defense services.

Today we see women progressing in all fields. i.e. from sports to academics. Recently in the last few decades, the ideas of gender discrimination which were against women have been removed from the minds of people and both men and women are given equal wages for the same work they do. I think if women are treated equally in almost all spheres of life, then why not defense.

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Anupam Rao said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
I agree that women are fit for defense services but in every success of women, their is a hand of men. For example, in the success of P V Sindhu and Sakshi Malik in Olympic, they won gold medal but their coach were men so every success of women is men and every success of men is women.


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Aadarsh Jaiswal said: (Nov 14, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

I think that women are fit for defence service because nowadays women are taking participate in all field or sector so that don't underestimate the power of women as we know that women handle the family very well in the same way nowadays women can handle the office, defence and many other sectors we know that our battle queen was Jhansi ki Rani she was also a women but she take participate in freedom of India and fight with Englishman just like a nowadays soldiers so we can say that women can also achieve all things if she have courage and patience.

If someone has courage and desire whether she or him they can do any things.

Thank you for reading my opinion.

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Yuvraj Singh said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
In my point of you, women can help defense, by her great skill.

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Sandeep said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
I don't think women are fit for defense, in my opinion, there are some area where I never want to send my daughter, sister, wife like defense. I normally prefer job like teacher, doctor, banker, etc where women are fit for the job. I am not saying there is difference in men and women but it's our society, family, especially there children face difficulty if their moms are in defense. These type of children not getting a good life.

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Akshit Sharma said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Women are totally and 100% fit for defence services it is totally wrong to underestimate the women for there physical even they are more responsible and are more mature in comparison to men.

Rate this: +18 -5

Ankita said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
I totally disagree with that women can do everything. Who told that women are physically weak they does hard work more than men. In Haryana and Rajasthan, women do lot of work more than men. Women are physically and mentally great! women are the great creativity of God they can do anything and does anything.

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Lavanya Desula said: (Sep 10, 2016)  

I totally disagree this why because nowadays women are in all sectors. At a time they can balance both their family responsibilities and duties. They are physically weak but they have good power and much patience, hard working. So women are perfectly fit for defense services.

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Roshan Sharma said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Women are fit for defense because of they able to manage all activities areas. So that don't underestimate women power, women can handle the family, office and other areas. Some women physically challenging the army. But they don't know our battle quine is Jhansi ki rani. Women can possible to achieve all things. Thank you for reading my opinion.

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Raagavi said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
According to me, women can participate in defense services. In a democratic country, we can enjoy all opportunities. So why shall people say women should not participate in civil defenses!

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Maneesha said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

Who think that women's are not fit for defense services. Nowadays we are seeing many women's in the police department as constables, DIGs, SIs etc. And some women's are in the army also. Take the recent issue which has been published in a hindu newspaper that 3 women's are selected as pilots. This shows that women's are at everywhere. They can manage anything.

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Sarah said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
Women are fit to join the army. Don't get me wrong, a lot of women are not but there are also a lot of men who are not. I've worked in the trades for the last 8 years. I am a harder worker than most men, I can lift a ladder easier than most men, I can lift 80 pounds over my shoulders and climb 6 flights of stairs. You would be surprised how many men complain, drag their feet and half ass their job. I will climb a 40-foot ladder without hesitation, none of the men I work with will do this without becoming a wobbly little girl. When I joined the trades a lot of people discouraged me saying it wasn't a "women's job" and that "women were not strong enough". Let me tell you I am stronger than most men. I am joining the Canadian army because I want a more challenging job that will continue to teach me and push me to my limits. It's going to be hard but it's for anyone else enlisting. I already run, I workout, I wake up early. There are several women who serve in the army and I will be one too very soon. Don't you dare say women cannot serve in the army because it's a load of horse crap? With hard work and training, anyone can be anything. All men can need a wake-up call, come see how women do things in America :).

Rate this: +75 -19

Kajol said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Women who are very dedicated and ready to do hard work are definitely fit for our defense system. The real power lies in our determination and inner strength irrespective of the gender.

Rate this: +36 -13

Naveen Prasath said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
In my point of you, what is the main reason for dominating women in defense?

1. Men can able to rescue if an animal (lion) attacks because we have arms, body building. But women not so we thought they are not fit.

This is the common thought to everyone. So we are comparing in defense field side, women's are not fit for army field work.

Yes, they are not fit for army field job.

Rate this: +18 -114

Ganesh said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Hello, friend's.

Now today time is developed. So there is no difference between boys and girls. It is proved when three of girls has selected for the fighter pilot. The difference depends on our mentality. If somebody has a courage and desire whether she or him. They can do everything.

Rate this: +23 -5

Subham said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Hi, This is Subham Subedar, Major in Army. I submitted some real facts about enrolled girls real activities and their behaviours/problems being faced by their immediate commands which is not added in above mentioned comments. That's why there something wrong. In the integrity of all the staff giving approval for any comment. They are not intended to show the facts on the subject matter.

Rate this: +11 -14

Subham said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
I agree with the concept of girls enrolment in army but practical concept is something different, actually nowadays, most of the girls enrolled in the forces are creating problems in commands, sometimes they create an unnecessary burden to their commanders of low level, even, it also observed that sometimes most of them as and when it is possible they fraudulently blame / threatens the low-level commands that she will complain to high command and as per our psychology we always believe a girl especially when there is a flow of tears, another thing is that no single girl can be assigned a field duty there should be at least two girls for a single man task. If she is so strong, why and from whom we are protecting her by sending two instead of single. So in the above discussion, so many people quoted examples of maharani Laxmi bai and other brave / ladies, all are felloceous. However, we have to give an opportunity to the girls to serve the nation. Don't waste the time on this malloceous disscussion.

Rate this: +13 -27

Sidis Magnanta said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
If the war occurs sometimes soldiers not able to get food and even water to overcame those they have to be strong enough as physically and mentally. They have to leave pity (Violence does not need pity). They have to overcome weather around them. If they didn't overcome through their knowledge they got in defence in the technical side. The main reason is the parents not interested in sending their daughters the to army.

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Zahid Ali said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
According to my point of view that women should join the army but not in field work women can join army only and only in army medical center.

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Abhishek Mishra said: (Apr 23, 2016)  
Hello, everyone! Before categorizing man and woman let me clear that we are human beings and human beings are made to perform the same task for their survival. The more effort you put the stronger you become and more efficiently you can perform. So anyone can go for defense, in defense you only need the courage and motivation to serve for your motherland.

Rate this: +81 -6

Nitin said: (Apr 22, 2016)  
Let's be practical here.

1. The criteria laid down for recruitment must be same for both of men and women. (Which is not same).

2. Whoever fulfills the criteria, open the doors for them.

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Nitesh said: (Apr 6, 2016)  
Friends we are living in a democratic country, where everyone has equal rights. The No matter arises whether it is a male or female. From a past decade, we have listened to the bravery of so many powerful women. Women are considered as a vulnerable person in this world. They can do the same things as men can do. So by concluding this I agree that women can be prepared for defense purposes also.

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Savitha said: (Mar 8, 2016)  
From a very early period considering the history of our nation we could see fighter women like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Razia Sultana. They all have set examples by breaking the odds out and fighting for their nation, so why there is now a question being put upon the profession she should choose. Just because being a fragile personality doesn't imply a women need to search professions other than defense. They are equivalently strong as men. If a women is restricted from serving nation by protecting it we may loose assets like Kiran Bedi in future.

Rate this: +51 -4

Yeswanth said: (Feb 22, 2016)  
Hi friends I agree with your opinions but in my opinion women themselves are strong enough in defense but they are not fit for some military events in which women should not take parts.

We all know women are no less than men. Actually Women are mentally strong enough than men but physically not. History tells us women are very powerful in thinking like rudramadevi. She rules kakatiya kingdom on her own. Dont underestimate the power of common man/woman.

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Shristi Singh said: (Feb 2, 2016)  
It is not women who are weak, it is the mindset of the people, which looks women as weak. I think women must be given a chance to prove themselves. If in both men and women are living, then must get an equal chance to give their life for the country.

Rate this: +28 -11

JDV said: (Jan 21, 2016)  
Why women need permission of male to serve the nation? If women get training like male from day one. She also can become good solder and directly active combat. Women should get education like man, should get training like man, should provide food like man and most important trust on ability of women. Parents can play big role in it. If I give birth to daughter I definitely train her and make her empower even if military service not support she can create her own army and support empowerment of women.

Rate this: +39 -5

Pred said: (Jan 12, 2016)  
For defense services a person should be very strong physically and mentally. Woman may not be as much strong as man but they are strong enough for defense services both physically and mentally. I admit the fact that something like pregnancy make them weak. So instead of saying "women are not fit for defense service" if we say "women are fit for defense services but not always" will be more appropriate.

For this some provisions can be added in the law like she can not give birth to child up to the age of 30 years. Till then she can serve in the active defense services after that there are many sections in the defense services which require less strength can be given to her. And I will be happy to share the fact that currently they are working in defense services and at border areas they are proving their importance in frisking the females who move across borders.

Rate this: +17 -20

Swati said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
In old time our perception was that women could not become anything except house wife. But now we are living in modern era so we have to change our perception about women. Because now a days women can do anything in each and every field so women also can fit for defense services.

How can we forget a very good and popular example of Rani Lakshmi Bai who fought for our freedom? If we will treat every girl as a then of course she will fit for their jobs.

Rate this: +32 -4

Brunda said: (Dec 12, 2015)  
I am not against women. But the following are to be considered:

1. In combat duties and field areas officer to be go night for checking and patrolling and searching with teams.

2. In combat fields, men advances with full strong, rude, aggressive and they can live with challenges of weather, staying with other men soldiers, long standing with observation and weapon can handles.

3. For peace localities, its recommended for women. But field and combat its can't a good deal by them.

Rate this: +18 -22

Mohit Yadav said: (Dec 7, 2015)  
Today men and women have equal rights everyone knows but village and rural persons do not want to accept so great need to educate poor and rural persons to change the thinking. Women can do anything today.

Rate this: +26 -8

John said: (Dec 2, 2015)  
Men are the mighty ones. They invented guns, bombs, missiles, aircraft, warships and numerous important things. Women too invented many things but just not as same as men. As a citizen of India everyone has the right to do what they want. So women can apply for defense services and its their will if they want to take up the job. That is alright.

But as science and nature has proved men are much more physically stronger than women (early men used to hunt humongous woolly mammoths and ancient large animals) they should be the first choice for serving at the front zone of battlefield. Its in their DNA. There they will be useful for moving and operating heavy battle machines.

Besides their hunting instinct is far superior because they were great hunters during ancient days so they can be more tactful and merciless towards enemies than a woman who is generally caring and soft. Boys grow up playing guns and robots while girls grow up playing dolls. So if it is not at the front line of the battlefield women are fit for defense service.

Rate this: +18 -37

Lakshita said: (Nov 8, 2015)  
One should give a chance to women because she can do much more better than men. We always ignore women's ability may be this is because we are living in a man dominated society but let me clear that no one has right to stop women for what she want to do. No constitution have given the right to suppress any woman, to any person of the country not even prime minister.

Rate this: +25 -8

SREELAKSHMI SOBHAKUMAR said: (Oct 27, 2015)  
I'm totally against the statement that women should not join defense services. Why the doors are closed before a girl if she wants to join defense? women are equally powerful as men. They too wants to serve nation through defense.

Actually it gives a girl more self confidence and a different kind of power. She would be given more respect in the society. It is a matter of pride for a nation to show that our country is not behind in women power. Actually I'm also a girl who wants to join defense services. My parents are also supporting me.

Rate this: +53 -8

Jyoti Sharma said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Women are actually fit for everything. On the grounds of learning or participating every individual posses equal opportunity. If a women can endure the pain of giving birth to a child then being a part of defense service for her shouldn't be thought as unfit-able for her. According to a survey it is experimentally proved that women are more powerful then men. Hence, we should not challenge the ability of one's on the footing of gender.

Rate this: +32 -10

Abhishek Kumar said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
Hi everybody.

I am also in the favour that women are must be treated equally. It is in our constitution. So any women who wants to join in Indian army must be supported. It is the rumour that women is weaker than men but it is not correct in all stuffs. You can also imagine that when a pregnant lady give birth to his children she have to face pain which is 2.5 times greater than a pain that any human can tolerate.

So you can say that women can tolerate more pain than men. So women must have the right to join Indian defence service. But in India our women also do not want to join defense service but if she wants to join you must not stop her. And I think a law is also made for women who wants to join Indian defense service.

Thanking you.

Rate this: +102 -10

Sudhanshu said: (Sep 2, 2015)  

Women always depend on man, so they are weak. Now a day man &women are same in world. They can do defense service.

Rate this: +13 -93

Fxvinay said: (Aug 8, 2015)  
Women are really capable for join defense services. No doubt about it. They have ability to work day and night and any situation, We really proud to our Indian brave women's actually Indian defense overhaul not just enemies but weather extremities as well they fight two battles, one against the enemies of the state and one which is fought adverse world most extreme unconditional inclement weather which is one of the most dangerous critical place Siachen Glacier is located in 5.7 km above sea level.

The average winter snowfall 1000 cm and temperature can dip into 59 degree and other side extremely hot weather temperature shoot upto 60 degree with dust storm in Rajasthan border. Our country covered by terrorist and enemies And Indian defense force has played a major role in executing several rescue operation in mega disaster like tsunami, Kedarnath, Mumbai 26/11, earthquake till now our brave army sacrificing their life without exception.

So now women also showing interested in joining defense. My conclusion is man or women everyone would be treated equally and also give them equal chance to develop individually.

Rate this: +20 -7

Akshay said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
Women's are not fit for defense services this is wrong because they have also capacity to do very well. In present generation some non educated parents kill women at their birth because they think women are not good for their family. But some people or parents accept women because they said at birth Lakshmi is come in their house they celebrated everywhere. So we say all people to accept women. If they do any work in company, in defense, etc they do their work very properly as compare to men.

Women's are definitely fit for defense they secured our country by giving our life. Eg: In the TV serial like serial Diya Aur Bati Ham. In that TV serial the common women Sandhaiya Rathi with their practices they become the big IPS officer. So in last we say women's are definitely fit for defense services.

Rate this: +23 -9

Mohit said: (Jul 26, 2015)  
Hi friends,

After reading the discussion thread, I can see the following main points.

1. Women should be provided equal rights.

I agree but Constitutionally and manipulatively they possess more than that today.

2. Women are physically weak.

Not true, women are naturally stronger in weight lifting capacity. That's another story that majority is not interested in physical fitness.

3. Mental sharpness.

They are at par if not lower, can be seen in day to day life.

4. Quality of Armed Forces might get lowered.

Only if Skill measurement criteria are relaxed like it is now in case of Reservation Quotas, Or in non defense fields where being a girl has an advantage of extra points in competitive examinations.

5. Men might get pushed to war fields with women using their gender in getting office postings away from war zones.

This is indeed one big possibility, like Quota units and personnel with links to high posts, although Army personnel can shed better light on this. In Civilian Industries, it is pretty visible how easy it is for a female (exceptions are always there).

Trends of neglect towards males is becoming more evident with all the perks being diverted for fairer gender, may it be scholarships or jobs. Yes, jealousy towards females is also rising because of their rise out of ditches but it is also true that males get much more manipulated by females in work places or any Co-ed institution.

A coin has two sides, generalizing an individual incident is not rational but so is the case with neglecting general incidents occurring all around. Male fraternity is not mature enough to see through the deceit played by opposite gender because of the long absence of females from open playing turfs and that coupled with jealousy creates a hostile environment.

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Women are not fit for Defense Services

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