Women are not fit for Defense Services

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Neetu said:   7 months ago
Good evening. Friends.

Today we are juncture here to discuss a serious topic women in the armed forces so now I am telling you about my views on it.

All we know for defence technical services there has no single doubt that women are equal to men mentally.

According to me, who are strong enough to fight with men so if girls do everything like playing outdoor games with boys and practice with them they surely will be able to get that fitness that men have so it depends on them if they want to do what they can do.

If they were given training like you guys then definitely they will able to manage their physical strength.

The problem is within our minds and in our way of thinking because if a woman can take care of a family why can't she take care of a country?

If they wanna be a soldier or a wrestler just support them.

That's all.


R.R.Parashar said:   2 years ago
Most of women are emotionally connect to their family and give it priority. You need to sacrifice your emotion to serve the country better with priority or believe that's whole your country is your family and you will strongly never comparison between them.

Ked brt said:   3 years ago
On a candor note, one may think that women are not fit the military but we cannot simply assume it without looking at some facts, to begin with men or boys are actually are stronger than women ie the upper body strength in a male is 55% more than a female and 27% more strength in the male low body (which is a SCIENTIFIC fact that's been proven over and over, however, there may be some exceptions).

Furthermore, the military has standards which everyone needs to meet (men and women both) in order to enlist or to make it to field combat duty, which begins at the basic training boot camp, with a series of obstacles and a bare minimum required to pass, over the years almost all of the men were able to pass the minimum while the majority of the women were not able to, this escalated into blaming the military that the basic training obstacles are difficult for women and are keeping them from perusing their military carriers, that the bare minimum was lowered for them so that they could pass, which still wasn\'t a bright idea since even then a good number of women still failed.

Adding to that United States Marine Corps study experiment conducted proved that compared to female units, the all-male units had a noticeable difference in their performance they were faster in each tactical movement, had better accuracy, were quicker to register more hits on target, and were able to overcome obstacles and evacuate casualties without any difficulty, with women who are the above-average performing females were only equal to the average performing males (However this can vary from individual to Individual) That being said, Yes! women have to be allowed in military positions. HR, telecommunication officers, radar operators, technical services etc are great for women (also same for some men). However, almost all men in basic training were good at essential jobs which require peak physical strength, endurance, speed, agility in order not to jeopardize other unit members with subpar performance, because life literally hangs in the balance so be it a man or a woman if they can carry a 6 foot 200 pound wounded grunt with an additional 80-pound gear while taking enemy fire, and being able to fight off in a hand to hand combat against a trained enemy killer who won't discriminate against gender then whoever, man or women that can meet this standard are most welcomed to the front lines.

But otherwise having women in the military with lowered standards is a hyper hazard and the delusional feministic indoctrination will end up putting soldiers in body bags.

Manoj Pradhan said:   3 years ago
Hello, we are here to discuss that whether women fit for defence service or not.

Let's start;

* All we know for defence technical services there have no single doubt that women are equal to men mentally.

*Next in field duty, some think that women have loose body they can't bear the pain.

But we also figure the fact that even not all men are fit for defence. Whereas women like Rani Lakhsmibai, for now Mary Com and also there have other examples, who are strong enough to fight with men. So, if girls do everything like playing outdoor games with boys, practice with them then they surely will be able got that fitness what men have.

* So it depends on them if they want to do they can do.

Anjali said:   3 years ago
Hey there, while reading the views of different personalities of our nation I find some positive thinkers towards the topic and some agreed with the point that women should not fit for defense as '' their participation makes war ugly, and only men have given the right to protect their nation ''. This statement is really very annoying for us. We all know about rani Lakshmi Bayi and her determination towards her kingdom, right? Does the participation of her in the war against Britishers for freedom of our country make war ugly ? when some men were promoting them of destruction of our country then women like her were standing making eye to eye contact with their enemies, and you people are saying it make war ugly. And also a wrong rumour inside us that women are physically weaker than men. Then I would like to tell them they are not fit by birth but this potential is developed inside them later on, if we talk about women's they are taught to participate more in house chores and if they were given training like you guys then definitely they will able to manage their physical strength.

Krishna Das said:   3 years ago
Hi friends.

This is Krishna, so today's topic is women are not fit for defence purposes. I would like to share my views in front of you all.

1) on whole men and women are strong in their own way. They can choose anything they like.

2) Usually there is a popular belief that men are both physically and mentally stronger than women but in view, it's a big no because how can compare a woman who keeps a child inside her for nine months and also take care of a family.

3) If a woman can do such works, why can't she take part in the defence sector?

4) The problem is within our minds and in our way of thinking because if a woman can take care of a family why can't she take care of a country.

5) Don't encourage them that they can't do this or that, let them do what they wish to. If they wanna be a soldier or a wrestler just support them.

Thank you.

Pardeep said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

Woman are fit for defence services because all defence jobs are not like in fight some defence work like a jet pilot, army kernel, airforce officer, etc. T. And a woman is fit for defence services because a man defence e-services job joining not suddenly fit for defence services a man completed our training and he fit for defence services and a woman completed training she clerly fit for defence services.

Harshit Pandey said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, women are fit for every service a man can do, But involving her really in defence sector is not good in my opinion.

There are various fields in which women are doing great but in defence when there is peace women are good but in war there are casualties and being a man I cannot see a women die for her country for our country, Its man's responsibility to protect his nation, although its up to her that she wants to fight for her country but still I don't like it.

A famous quote-.

"Battle get ugly when women are involved".

Ajay kumar said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar today my topic is women are not fit for defense services, I think in my point of view, it is absolutely wrong because as we all know that women has also ability to fight with the enemy and they also have a much strength as compared to the boys and they are also fearless in nature, by giving power this is also called as women empowerment.

Thank you.

Abhishek said:   4 years ago
As it is rightly said that when a man is educated and empowered he is educated for himself but when a woman is educated and empowered there education can bring changes in the whole family and society. People used to think earlier that girls cannot do physical activities but you can see the most tiring physical activities are done by the women in our families. So they are never less than any male. As far as strength and endurance are concerned the pain they can endure can't be endured by a male as during pregnancy they endure pain which is equivalent to breaking of 36 bones at the same time.

So we cannot say that women are any less than men. We should neither sympathize nor should we discriminate to women. Everyone should be given equal chance in the recruitment process and if he or she is capable then that person without any doubt be given the responsibility of the job either it is any sector.

Earlier girls were not allowed to go out of their homes and play and if this would have been the case today we would not have got the medals in the last Olympics. We all know that the last Olympics were dominated by Indian women athletes. I want to ask those who are against women's participation in defense, doesn't sports require physical strength. Yes, it does.

Our society is shaped by our economy. We required women in IT sector we opened doors for them, whenever we needed them in any particular field we welcomed them and talked about women empowerment but why don't we talk about their empowerment in defense. Don't we need them there?

As an engineer, I want to say that when we develop some product we also want to have women engineers in our team so that while designing we don't miss the advice and creativity of half of our population. We can only prosper when half of our population is given equal opportunity and they have their representation in every field. We respect both one who stays at home and take care of us and one who goes out and fight and stay strong in this make dominant society.

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