Women are better at Multi-Tasking

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Zulifqar ahmed said:   2 years ago
Hi all!

Good Afternoon. I agree with Manu's opinion.

Yes, women are better at multitasking. As women have the god-given ability to do multitask. Nowadays from every home women are stand up parallel with men in earning as well as they can handle their household work very efficiently and with patience. Recently some companies are preferring female candidates as they are honest to their work n time. The best example has been already discussed by my few friends above is ICICI CEO, Chanda Kochhar. Women have to go in different roles in their lives as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law. All these roles they can manage with their works with proper manner. And the very best ability of women is they can adjust their selves in any situation with a more stable mind. The best example is Kunti Madha in Mahabharata.

Farzeena P A said:   3 years ago
Hi, Myself Farzeena.

I think there's no meaning in deciding which gender is better. There's no point in having such a competition. And I have a personal belief that multitasking is a complete myth. If someone has to produce something of appreciable quality, he/ she has to focus and concentrate on one at a time. If someone multi-tasks in the kitchen, it's due to constant experience in repetitive activities. If we just change the recipe or even kitchen we will fail in multitasking for sure.

Thank you.

Abhishek kr said:   3 years ago
Warm regards to everyone.

I agree that women is good at multitasking.

Because they do work from morning to evening without taking a rest. They have to take responsibility for the child, house and spouse. Nowadays women are doing the job also. It is very difficult to do to take care of children and doing the job. Women have more patience than men so they can do multiple tasks at a time. For example, our mother takes care of all our need from food to clothes and she is who makes us bind together in a family and it is also said that if we educate a girl or women then we are educating a family.


Md Sarfaraj said:   3 years ago
A warm greetings from my side.

I agree women are good at "Multi tasking".

I also agree that 'Men' are good at this quality. Let me show you, what happen, when.

A man lost his spouse, who has small children and he doesn't want to be re-married.

As he thinks his children will not be treated well by their "step-mother", so in this case he takes all responsibilities to provide a better life to his children. Actually maintaining a 'work & personal life' balance is not too easy but this man does everything to maintain it.

Parents have a great role in educating the good values to their children but being single, he takes this responsibility to give quality time and nurture values in them. So, in short, I would say Both Men and Women are Good at this quality but we generally see 'this' in women because they face more tough situations, but when it comes to men when they face this kind of situations they too become better at "Multi-tasking". Thank you.

Vikash kumawat said:   4 years ago
Good evening friends,

Yes, women are better at multiple tasking. Because they do work from morning to evening without taking a rest. They have to take responsibility for child, house and spouse. Nowadays women are doing the job also. It is very difficult to do to take care of children and doing the job. Women have more patience than men so she can do multiple tasks at a time. For example, my mother, she takes care of all our need, food, etc. And also she is a farmer. She works from morning to night till 8 pm at the farm.

So salute to all women.

Pravallika Pothineni said:   4 years ago
Yes, sure. Women are multitasking at all situations. Every women want freedom in her life. But, she was sacrificing for their children's and family. We have to know that why don't they have any rules for their work system. Every day every second they will think about us but they never think about themselves. We should have to solve their problems and their achievements from doing nd keeping happy and grateful to them by doing as good work at society. By the way we have to do this. " WOMEN IS NOT ONLY A HOUSE MAKER. BUT, SHE IS THE CEO OF OUR NATION".

Sneha Singh said:   4 years ago
I do completely agree that Women are better at multitasking.

WOMEN for me is;

W- wisdom.
O- omnipresent.
M- multitasking.
E- electrifying.
N- nurturing.

A women is a born mutitasker ! you might hear many slogans on equality between men and women at work but what about equality at home? men think that cooking and cleaning is women's job. So working women needs to be multitasker. Women having a lot of patience and well organized help her to be a multitasked. In olden days they managed all of their work single handedly as now country is developing by getting educated and getting jobs she needs to be a multitasker. From raising a children managed finance at home maintaining family and social relations etc she does it effortlessly. If a women is a mother at home at the same time she can also be a C.E.O of a company.

For example Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi bai took her son on her back in the battle fighting with her enemies here she played two roles like a role of mother and responsibility of being queen this is the great example of multitasking.

Tinku paul said:   4 years ago
Hi friends, I am Tinku.

According to me, women are better multitasking - they play a various role in their personal life as well as professional life. In their personal life, women have to take care of their family as a loving mother, caring daughter in law a d ideal wife. They have to do their household chores and prepare their children to go to school etc. In their professional field they have to reach office in time, they have to perform and woman candidate they are very punctual and sincere I e employer also happy to recruit the women candidate. Women they have to always balance. But sometimes their health cannot permit because they don't get time to take care of themselves as a result sometimes they get depressed otherwise women are the multi-tasker and better manager. Thank you.

Yashish Kumar said:   4 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Yashish.

I completely agreed with the statement, " women are better at multi tasking". Women are probed to be multi-taskers if we look for the examples like Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai who was a warrior carried her child in the battle; Kiran Bedi, an IPS officer; Prathiba Patil, our former president lead our nation and finally our mothers. Women has to go in different roles through their entire lives. Nowadays, women can handle their professional life similar to that of men carrying all the household work very efficiently. They can adjust themselves in all roles to fulfil their responsibilities with patience and a stable mindset. Without women, the world will be a living hell.

Thank you.

Harshit Gupta said:   4 years ago

Greeting to all,

Yes, this is absolutely correct women are multitasking from birth to the end, they work in an office and maintain the home too. Men have one holiday on Sunday but women can't take holidays this thing make her industrious, competent among all. Women are working in all the sectors from the Indian army smt.Taniya Shergill to smt Kalpana Chawla, they give tremendous support to our GDP growth of the country. Hence it is easily concluded that women are multitasking.

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