Will Mumbai's Film Industry ever evolve into a Truly Modern Corporative One?

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NIKHIL DOOHAAN said:   6 years ago
It is already a truly modern cooperative one.

Look at established film studios such as Yash Raj studios.

They do all of their dealings professionally, they host perfect auditions, they use mpdern softwares to edit movies and use highly paid vfx and animation artists to make Bollywood movies at par hollywood movies.

Infact your understanding of truly modern cooperaive one is not reasonable, you should get a better insight of FILM industry.

Pinky said:   8 years ago
Yeah of course.

Clearly, we see that youngsters prefer Bollywood more than Kollywood which tells us that Mumbai film has put effort to be popular. So it seems Mumbai film industry trying to evolve as corporative.

Sridhi said:   9 years ago
Yes, Mumbai's film industry is a truly corporate one. The purpose of corporate society is to earn profit, for that they advertise, they give people what they really want and try to emerge as a brand which is whole heatedly accepted by the mass.

As we can observe, there is branding in movies too (e.g) people prefer to watch those movies which cast their favorite actor, or is being directed by someone who has a record in making hit movies, and sometimes because they find the trailer good etc. The purpose of movies is to attract more and more audience so that the film makers have a great turnover.

Jelfread said:   1 decade ago
I would say definitely it is true that film industry is already on the verge of transformation into a corporate one.

1. Promotional campaigns are run my media, outdoor advertising, word of mouth, and other sources.

2. Production houses where many big personalities hold their stake. It works as a company endorsing and publicizing its projects.

3. Business strategies that it adopts to gain in competitive advantage. As in the release of movies on major festive seasons.

4. Products that do come out like G1, krish toys for kids and goodies.

And many other things that are visible to us has clearly shown how it evolved to a corporate one.

Saket said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

Its very interesting topic to discuss.

Answer of the topic is Yes but we need to see certain things.

Mumbai industry focuses mostly on Indian movie watchers so we lag in bagging money compare to other industry like Hollywood because comparely less cost of ticked. We do keep less cost because our currency lag so profit lag.

But if see theme wise we have proven that Mumbai industry nevertheless less than any industry.

Film like Lagan, Tare jamin pe has proved their worth.

Tmk4292 said:   1 decade ago
THE total mumbai film unit has became commercialized, the story with which they were aquainted as they are not realizing the effect of the cinema on person`s behaviour might could lead to probe of the unbrutal activities. Even the film industry unit is also evolving in the making of the illegal assets which is creating a negative role of the film star in his real life hence the evolving of the mumbai film industry in corporate world has the greater negative outcome than compared to the positve one.

Bat said:   1 decade ago
Yes, the mumbai film industry will evolve as a corporate one, as we are seeing now, the production cost of one big hero movie crosses 50 crores and one successful movie getting 100 crores above returns, more film institutions are establishing and more no. Of people who are having passion about films, they are join in this film institutions by paying more fee, and Mumbai industry wants to touch the Hollywood level. So all these indirectly depicting that Mumbai industry will be as modern corporate one.

Abhi said:   1 decade ago
Bollywood cannot evolve into a modern corporative one in the near future,because every Indian has the passion for movies and try their luck one time or the other depending on their financial status.Apart from this the corporate sectors can make the film to reach for multiplex audience itself where as the print and electronic media plays key role in the promotion to the other people.So obviously many producers try to make the film for general public as they make the film hit or flop.

Manish said:   1 decade ago
Yes, as we know the today bollywood is having the more competition in order to make the movie hit and thats why we are getting more promotion of the movie through print media, TVC as well as on different public places like mall, theater, disco-the etc. Apart from these different promotional offers, other promotional activities like free movie tickets, free audio cassette and promotional t-shirts are also being used. On the other hand whenever a movie is made by it's team, it is obvious to manage the team keeping the view of all relevant requirements and management.

Vineet said:   1 decade ago
If we look in present many big production houses of Hollywood are investing in Indian Bollywood market. The question is why are they investing? its simple because in India we have audience which loves all kind of movies so it present a big market for them, invest less and earn more. So its in the path of evolving into a truly modern corporate world.

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