Whether Hard-Working or Smart-Working is Desirable?

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Jhuma Mondal said: (Sep 15, 2022)  
Thank, you for allowing me to share my opinion.

Before that, I would like to tell you what hard work and smart work are.

Hard work means working consistently on a task without worrying about the results, it needs diligence and commitment. Hard work indicates honesty and readiness to take up an entire responsibility.

On the other hand, smart work includes working on a particular task using a smart strategy based on someone's knowledge and experience to make it less time-consuming. But in my opinion, hard work and smart work play a crucial role. One needs to work hard to achieve a goal or to become perfect on that, but only after the hard work he or she be able to apply smart strategies to make it less time-consuming. For example, if somebody is preparing for an aptitude test, one needs to work hard to clear all his or her concepts or to become an expert. But during the examination, he or she needs to apply smart tricks so that he or she can save time during the examination.

As we know, Clapping involves both hands, we can not clap using only one hand.

In conclusion, I would say, hard work and smart work both are equally important to become successful. After working hard, one can become a smart person.

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Abhishek Chauhan said: (Dec 31, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, both hard work & smart work is essential to succeed in life, only one of both will not sufficient in this world, firstly we should have to work hard on something and then have to be find out smat way to do it by our experience and knowledge. Hence, both hard work and smart work is essential in life.

Thank you.

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Anitha.S said: (Dec 3, 2021)  
Hi friends, This is Anitha.

In my point of view, hard work is a strong base for success, because if you work hard in something you will definitely know how to do things smartly. Hard work is the master of smart work. Work hard and think smart you will definitely get success in your Goal.

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Arun Kumar T.S said: (Feb 19, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I'm Arun. My point of view on hard working or smart working.

Yes, Hard work is more important to get good results finally for example:- A businessman who works for his business continuously after losses in his business and trying again and again to reach his goal and become successful businessman.

It's purely indicates that hard work is important then the smart work to be a successful person.

Thank you one and all.

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Kalpana Waghmare said: (Feb 14, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I think that to become a successful person in this world we must know about both smart work and hard work. Multiple businessmen says that "Hard work is the key to become a successful person", that's true, but nowadays only hard work won't work. Everyone want to do their work in smart way. As by doing smart work we can save our time and we can get good results too. But to do this smart work, first we must know about hard work. Because, until we know about hard work we can not do it smartly.

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Manish said: (Dec 28, 2020)  
My name is Manish.

Today I want to share my views on the topic of smart work vs Hard work.

Hard work and smart work are a very crucial part of a successful person.

For example, if we want to clap then we should definitely use our both hand without one hand we can't clap,

Hard work is the key to success.

If you do Hard work then you definitely achieve the smartness.

When we do smart and hard work at the same time, then we find the outcome very fruitful and productive.

I know the hard work consume lots of time.

And hard work always required the time, diligence, lots of efforts.

And in the smart work, it consumes less time, and work done quickly, with efficiency without waste of time.

So finally I say.

If a person wants to succeed in life then they should make good gimmick with hardwork

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Rahul Tiwari said: (Sep 28, 2020)  
Smart work is the results or outcome of hard work. We are using technology, someone had done a lot of hard work so that the coming generation can do smart work.

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Khushboo Saini said: (Apr 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Well I am giving my point of view on "Smart Work vs Hard Work".

According to me, to get the desirable success and our goal we have to work very hard. When we work hard then we will be able to find the shortcuts for the same.

These shortcuts save our time and which are the result of our Hard Work. And these shortcuts are the Smart Work which is achieved by doing word hard.

So, the hard work will consume more time but the results and your experience will appreciable.

Thank you.

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Ruchi Sengar said: (Apr 24, 2020)  
Hello. Greetings to all.

I do believe that smart work along with hard work will give you remarkable results. Hard work never means to adopt long procedures or do sort of lengthy things. We can adopt a short procedure but definitely, we have to do an unmitigated hard work on it. Such smart work in addition to hard work surely leads you toward success.

Thank you.

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Chinmay said: (Feb 16, 2020)  
"To work hard or to work smartly".

Hard-working means working diligently in laboring and that puts effort towards completing the task.

SMART- Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time.

Smart working means doing the same amount of work in less time. Both kinds of working have their own importance as by working hard one develops skill and by working smart one saves time. One has to do hard work smartly.

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Mukesh Kadu said: (Feb 6, 2020)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion, smart work is very important in this situation. Because many technologies are increasing our life. Smart work is able to make clever people.

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Kedar Rana said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
Hello friends, I am Kedar Rana. Today I am here to represent my view about the very fascinating topic "hard work and smart work, which is more better" In my view, hard work with smart work is very easy to achieve our goals. Hard work takes a lot of time, but after that time it becomes very easy to do that. Another thing in lots of case like my case only hard work become lost without the smart work.

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Rahul said: (Sep 5, 2019)  
Hello friends.

I think the path to smart work goes through hard work. A person learns, interacts and then he knows how to act smartly in a situation. We should work hard on our skills, work hard on our worth but we should be smart enough in where to apply our hard earned skills. There is an old adage that if one is given 10 hours to cut a tree he should use 9 hours to sharpen the axe and 1 hour to cut the tree that's where the smartness comes in. In ORDER TO MAKE ANY TASK SUCCESSFUL, HARD WORK PLAYS 80 PERCENT ROLE BUT THE REST 20% played by smartness which we gain through our or others experience. The mother nature also highlights the importance of hard work through the importance given to donkey and horse in our society, the importance of ms dhoni does not comes due to the fact that he works and practices hard on field it comes because he has the smartness to act in any situation or how to use any player. In this world with the cut-throat competition you have to be smart else people will take advantage of you.

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Mohan said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
Hello everyone, I think hard work in a planned manner will be a great choice. Smart workers always manage the time, they always keep a record of performance. Suppose you are preparing for a competitive exam and you are only doing the study without managing your time. Then you will definitely face a shortage of time problem.

Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi also prefer to travel in the night. So that he can sleep in the night and work on the next day. Motivational speaker and author Napoleon Hill said 'goal is a dream with a deadline'.

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Moni said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
According to me, hard work is more efficient than smart work. To pro e ot we can take the example of sports field "without hard practice we cannot learn tbe skill".

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Naveena D said: (Jan 5, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Obviously hard working with smart thinking is easy to achieve a goal in our life. These two things are very important to go to the next level easily in our life. Because only hardworking is one of the main things in our aims. But hard working with smart thinking can achieve the goals fast.

So, smart working is needed for the present technology. Because everyday life is different. Technology will develop every day. So smart thinking is main role play in society. But hard working is very important in everyone life. So these two things is requiring. So, smart with hard working is make it fast the goals.

Thank You.

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Jhansi said: (Oct 5, 2018)  
Without hard work their is no smart work. With experience of hard work we can do the work smart. After every success of hard work their is a smart work. So work hard to achieve success. Hard work takes more time but after that it consumes less time or fraction of seconds to get result.

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Banty said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
I think If hardwork is doing with smartness then goal achievement possibilities increases, if we do work hard but not with smartness then it take a lot of time in completion and I think this not desirable so hard work is the smart work, and same smart work is hardwork because both are interrelated to one another.

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Ragavi said: (Sep 15, 2018)  
Both are very important. We should work hard within a given time. We should think how we can complete easily within a given time. Both hard as well as smart is very important.

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Krunal Parate said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
According to me, the Smart & Hard work are 2 faces in coin, you can say that without 2 hands are not possible in a clap. Similarly, Smart work and hard work can not possible in our goal.

Smart work it is a mind & Hard work is our strength.

Smart work it possible in experience & Experience it is possible in hard work.

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Shalini M said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
Hi friends.

I think smart work is desirable because it is, related to our mind and time savings, and, All companies should want to do smart work for easy to modify and implement any thing.

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Narendra said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
In my opinion, both smart work and hard work is an essential part to succeed in life. There is no substitute to the hard work, which consumes a lot of time but at the end you will take less time called smart work which leads you to success.

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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Jul 18, 2018)  
Hi. This is Dhananjay.

According to me, Both smart working and hard working play the vital role in an education. The difference is time saving. If you are a smart working person. Then you will achieve the goal in less time period than the hard working. But, Both things will take you to success.

Thank you.

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Vemula Mahesh said: (Jun 22, 2018)  
My opinion is Smart work comes from Hard work. With Only hard work or only smart work, we cannot reach our goal. If You do Smart work in hard, you will become a successful man.

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Deepak Bupania said: (Jun 3, 2018)  
I think that smart work can do by the way of hard work if I am doing work many hours but we do not work with concentration it means that we are not working with mind it means that we are doing work with force it leads to failure us but smart work and hard work are essential to success in our life so that we should both the work for success.

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Aman Gautam said: (May 28, 2018)  
Hard working does not mean that we have to do that work for many hours or using the physical effort just it ask to give your full concentration towards that work and that work will be the best work you have ever done. Smart working does not mean that you have to do that work using Gadgets or other things it just asks to use your brain but both hard workings as well as smart working should be used at the correct time and place.

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Haji Ali said: (May 19, 2018)  
In my point of view, Both hard work and smart work are an essential part of success in our own life. To be smart in work we have to do hard work to learn to do smart work.

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Satvik Kesarwani said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
Smart work is more beneficial because a person who is practically and mentally strong should show his talent through smart work. But smart work can only be possible if we are hard working. Hard works make as phsically strong and smart work makes us mentally strong.

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Harsh Agarwal said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
We should do hard work but by smartness so both smartwork and hardwork is desirable. We have to do hard work by taking lesser time which can be done only by our smartness not by over smartness.

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Manasa Tatikonda said: (Apr 3, 2018)  
Both the "HARD WORK"&"SMART WORK" are essential and desirable. The people who want to leads their life in very effectively, satisfactory as well as successfully which it is possible through both hard work and smart work.


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Aditi said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
According to me, smart work is desirable than hard work. We should do smart work along with hard work. Everyone want to become successful but some become successful in short period of time by doing smart work along with hard work!Some become successful by doing hard work for long time.

So, I believe that we have to do smart work along with hard work as smart work saves lots of time.

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Rajeev Kumar said: (Mar 15, 2018)  
In my opinion, both have the same value. The basic need of smart work is hard work. Without hard work no, one can be a smart worker. Hard work is the ladder by which we achieve the process of smart work. To be successful both smart work as well as hard work both are necessary. Because smart work takes less time to complete the work but its skill comes from hard work.

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Shobha said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
Greetings to all,

Myself Maya.

In my point of view, Hard-work is the essence of satisfaction which is the root of success and peace.

If one really wants to make an impact in this world one needs to know the way of hard-work which is primarily skipped by many ones to take the ladder of smart work. But the great things achieved by those who are very well versed with the root of the causes and make the way to implement those things in a smart way.

Hard work is a process whereas smart work is an approach. The one who knows how to balance out both is the one who is in the level of "utmost happiness".

Thank you!

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Yaswanth Kumar Buditi said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
In my point of view,

Smart work is really the need of the hour.

- Smart work saves lots of time and allows you to be more organized.
- Through smart work, your goals can be reached faster.
- Doing smart work allows you to save time for other things which you might not get by doing hard work like, exercise, spending time with family etc.
- Smart work brings lots of recognition from the society and allows you to grow more in the industry you are in.

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R.Uday Kumar said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
Hi, I'm Uday Kumar.

Hard work and smart work these two are plays major role in human life but we have to prefer and do hard work because by birth we are not smart by knowing something and doing hard work on that particular we became a smart person, until we have to do hard work in our life to became a smart worker.

We have a quote on hard work "HARD WORK NEVER FAILS".

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Pintuprem Verma said: (Feb 10, 2018)  
It's very considerable topic. We all have to know about that. According to me, Hard work is better than smart work. Because if people want to become a success on his life. Then fast you have to do hard work then you'll make smarter. There is one example.

That is -- without two hands. We can't clap. If we want to clap then we have to mention both of hands. Same like smart work & hard work.

One quote related to the topic that is;


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Naveen Nn said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
My point of view, simply I saying,

Smart work is related to mind, and Hard work is related to our strength.

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Akki Patil said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
In my opinion, today we are in is a 21st century, it's important for both but first prefer to all of you is hard work, because you prepare for competitive exam for any field, India's population is increase very fast and competition is an increase. You take any exam for any field you study properly with hard work nt for smart work, then after you select any field for the job then you do smart work.

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Lavesh Jain said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
Hard work and smart work both are equally needed but doing hard work to achieve smart goal leads to success.

Smart work gives you more money as compared to hard work. Ex:- a labour can only earn 200 rs doing hard work for the whole day whereas we can earn 200 just refers the code of many different apps ex:- tej.

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Addankisaivamsi said: (Nov 16, 2017)  
In my point of view, both are needed. Because when we got addiction of hard work, then we can get the skill of smart work. Here with knowing only, we can accomplish the work. For knowing the particular work, we have to addict to hard work. By hardworking more, at one particular time, we can get the skill of smart work.

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Sid said: (Nov 3, 2017)  
Smart work stands for skills, knowledge, idea which you have to do a work and it doesn't stand for how you use a shortcuts.

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Priya Rathore said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Smart work and hard work both goes hand in hand. Smartness needs experience and experience comes with hard work. For example In any exam be it aptitude or other subjective exam person do lot of hard work to clear all its concepts and then only he can apply shortcuts to solve those problems in shorter time. I have heard somewhere that you must know how to do hard work but in a smarter way to survive in today's world.

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Ankita Singh said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
In my point of view, smart work and hard work are both important for all people because every person likes in modern time so they want to be smart but nowadays we want to find success in a limited time and it is true that smart work saves our time and energy. But hard work is too much important. So I think hard work is key of smart work so both are necessary for success.

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Kanishk Ra said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
For getting success both are necessary But I think somewhere hard work is something which is must to get success. Hard work is the first step for smart work. Hard work gives experiences and experiences enable us to think smartly to solve a problem in an easier way.

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Kirron Karkee said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Hi all, the topic given to us is "hard work and smart work which is important", I would like to begin with the fact that hard work is totally incomplete without smart work. Smart work makes our work easier even more it helps to make us organize. If works are done in smarter way then we can save some time which we can use in some place where it is needed while we can spend more time with our family, friends. Smart work doesn't need much efforts. Hard work needs lots of physical energy where we are unable to use our brain properly so, in my point of view smart work is more preferable than that of hark work.

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Syed Basith said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
According to me, hard work and the smart work are like the two faces of the coin or you can say that without two hands it's impossible to clap. Similarly, without hard work and the smart work we cannot achieve our goals. So hard work and the smart work both are important.

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Uttara Deb said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
With due respect to all your perspectives, I would like to share my view on the given topic. Hardworking is something that makes someone delve into the matter but smart working is to manage resources in a given time effectively. If some1 works day and night gathers all the relevant materials but can't place them into proper place then the whole purpose is defeated but if some1 works smart he knows which individual material to put where and eliminates unnecessary ones. So smart working is more needed than hard working in today's cut throat competition.

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Mohammad Faiz said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Both are desirable depending on the situation.

Firstly, I don't consider smart work as a shortcut, which most of the ppl think! According to me, doing a task in a better/smarter way which others can't think of! I always believe one thing, there is good, better, best but have you heard something like unique, unique, most unique? So for me, it's like smart is being unique.

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Vijay said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
In my point of view, We need Smart work but here Hard work is also needed. Because if every person habituated to hard work, Smart Work doesn't a matter to habituate specially. Because in Hard work, we can get information about the work. Analyzing of information and getting result is Smart Work. So I am thinking that when the person habituated to HARD WORK, automatically at a particular time, SMART WORK will be habituated to that person.

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Mukesh said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
According to me, both Smart work and hard work is important for a successful life. Smart work saves your time but smart work comes from hard work because smart work comes from experiences and experiences comes from failureness so the whole procedure called your hard work. Hard work is not consider as labour work. So be smart and hard worker.

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Divya said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Both Hard-working and Smart-working are desirable in their ways. But the thing is, the hard work should be done smartly. That must be the primary motive to do every job. And that is also the key to achieve success in life. Smart work is the path to do hard work more smartly.

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Anmol Kumar Arya said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

Myself Anmol Kumar Arya.

As per my opinion smart work and hard work both are complimentary. First, one is save your time whereas the second one is challenging your talents. You work smartly when you work on something very hard for some time. But you can't achieve smartness without hard work. Success comes from smartness, smartness comes from good experience, good experience comes from bad experience and bad experience comes from failure.

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Sathvik said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
Hello all;.

In my point of view, hard work and smart work both are important. Smart work saves lots of time. Through smart work we can achieve our goals faster. But Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. It will help to increase the determination, persistence and patience. One thing we remember, due to hard work our India gets freedom and independence from the Britishers. Smart work and hard work are same as like success and failure. In our lives without failure, we can never understand about success. So first we go through hard work then automatically our minds will implement smart work.

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Md Sana Shaista said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
A hard worker works hard only when he has a burning desire for success, and according to human psychology, for his anxiety to reach the destination ASAP, one will definitely search for shortcuts on their journey towards success. So according to me, a mature hard worker will definitely become a smart worker too. Because once a person works hard on something he will know what all are to be done to hit the goal.

So basic step-work hard with an intention to achieve something with a capability of achieving it which is smartness.

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Shreyas.S said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
Hard work really counts We have heard about the famous quote hard work is the key to success! Until nd unless one dedicate himself fully. Success is not achieve! It is the hard work which ultimetely build a foundation to smart work. One can't deny the fact! Freedom also a reward of constant hard work.

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Ishita said: (May 26, 2017)  
Hard work and smart work are complimentary of each another. Hard work make us do a volume of things and smart work help us in doing things correctly and smartly so that we proceed in the correct direction. So if a person wants success in his life he has to resort to both.

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Tanu said: (May 20, 2017)  
Hard work and smart work are both important for our life because we get not success still when we work hard.

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Vipin Maurya said: (Apr 14, 2017)  
Hello, friends, myself Vipin Maurya.

I think smartness comes with experience and experience comes with hard work.

So, smart work is not possible without hard work.

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Samir Mahajan said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
In my point of view, hard work and smart work both are important in life.

Hard work and smart work are same as like morning or night and also same as Happiness and sadness.

Without sadness, we can not understand the morning of happiness.

So in my opinion both hard work and smart work are important.


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Apurva said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
We can't suggest that whether hard working or smart working is Desirable. Hard working will take too much time. And today's generation mostly use smart working and it is necessary too. Because now a days no one has time. And we all use smart instruments such as smartphone, Computer, laptop, ect. So why we should word hard. Smart working will take less time than hard working. But important thing is that we should word hard smartly.

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Prakhar Maheshwari said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Hello friends. I think we have to choose hard work or smart work according to the situation. If we have much time choose hard work so that you are respected for it. But if you have less time choose smart work. But in that case you would not be respected for working hard but for saving time.

Thank you,

From Mast. Prakhar Maheshwari.

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Ankita said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
I think hard work is bit much important than smart work because working hard in any field will give results and when you start doing hard work you automatically understand how to do it smartly. No hard work no smart work only more work. Work more than yesterday.

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Nikhil said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
In sometimes hard work may fails because for example exam is Tomorrow, today I should not do HARD WORK I have to do SMART WORK because time is very less.

In sometimes smart work also fails because time is more we can able to do things perfectly with hard work but in that time smart work may not works we can do mistakes.

So, according to situation we have to do things with HARD WORK or SMART WORK.

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Vishal Ahuja said: (Feb 22, 2017)  
Hi, everyone!

I think in this both hard work and smart work goes hand in hand.

I think smart work is very very necessary in this generation because an auto rickshaw driver also does hard work, he does hard work.

So I think doing things in a smarter way is very important.

But I also think for doing smart work firstly we should be smart enough to do that. For that hard work is also necessary.

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Navdeep Dhari said: (Feb 11, 2017)  
Hey friend! According to me, hard work is prelude to smart work. So let us start from hard work. For instance:- If we don't have knowledge of a particular subject, firstly we have to study hard to know the basics of that subject. Once we become aficionado of that subject we are able to find out shorts cut of that subject automatically which is known as smart work. Therefore to do anything in smarter way we must have full-fladge knowledge about that & to get full-fladge knowledge we must have to study harder that's why hard work is prelude to smart work.

Thank you.

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Vijay Singh Rathore said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
I think Smart working is desirable. First, we know the word of smart working, it means we are working in a proper way. According to me, hard working is the work you are doing it may go in a wrong way.

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Ankit said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
We're living in strange days. Evil is called good and good is called evil. For many of you. Yes. Today, it would appear that work, hard work, is a dirty "four letter word. "Our government seems to concur" by rewarding laziness and punishing success. Many, faced with this frustration, are ready to give up. But I want to propose that whatever the obstacles, hard work has benefits that should not be overlooked or avoided. As they say in the Marines, "no one ever drowned in sweat" We need a revival in our work ethic. For many, I'm preaching to the choir. Good for you. But sometimes even the hardest of workers get discouraged. This little article is your dose of "just do it" for the day. "Whatever you do, do it with all your heart".

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Suboss said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
It's very simple people do smart work for survival and people do hard work for success. In Today's world, its hard to survive without being smart but should not be confused with hard work because today's smart world is only possible through the hard work of many people before us.

One more eg : - Earth is heating up due to global warming, so we invented A/c and keep our self-cool (very smart). But to stop that global warming we have to plant tree and take care of it every day (very hard). Irony is that people have became so smart that they run from hard work and call it Smart work (very smart).

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Gita Mudliyar said: (Dec 31, 2016)  
I think smart work is nothing the application of hard work. That is by hard work you get experience and knowledge and you apply this knowledge and experience and make the work smart.

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Reddybhavani Jadav said: (Dec 29, 2016)  
Hai friends,

In my view, it doesn't matter how much hard you work but it does matter how much capable you are to get success from that hard work.

For example, though we are good at aptitude if you are not capable of solving the problems in time it's of no use. So to become a smart worker we should be a hard worker first. Being smart alone is not enough because a hard worker can beat smart worker if a smart worker doesn't work hard.

Smart worker is high-end hard worker.

Do hard work and put the efforts in a smart way.

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Jagadeesh said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
Hard work is bricks of our success. Only hard work can give the best results. But the Smart working people are can do the work with patience. They ask many people to solve the problem. They know different ways of working. They ask many people so they know many mind sets.

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K. Sreelalitha said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
Smart work is optimum utilization of resources in a planned manner which includes hard work too. But hardwork without smart thoughts won't be able to give better results.

As for as my thoughts are concerned we need to show the smartness in balancing hard work and smart thoughts coordination. This leads to success at an ease.

In today's world with so much of technical support and resources available an opt resource selection also involves thinking smart.

Both hard work and smartness in proper proportion will be a better choice.

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Naeem Rai said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Smart-working and hard-working both are integrated skills. Smart-working tells us how much, where and in what ways efforts should be executed. Neither only smart-working ensures success nor only hard-working.

Smart work + hard work = possible success.

Smart work + 0 = impossible success.

0 + hard work = impossible success.

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Priyanshi Bhatt said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
In today's world where there is so much competition for one post might be 100 of people would be applying in these situations to show your hard work you have to act smartly so from that 100 people they select you. Smart work saves time and even give a good impression to other people, people nowadays remember people who work smartly. And companies choose people who they think can give them more production and sales in the same time period.

So work smart.

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Aamir Sohaib said: (Nov 20, 2016)  
Good morning Guys.

In the world, every person are want to a successful man so without hard working we can't be a successful man I mean successful man is after done hard work. We after success let start smart work because without hard work you can not be smart worker.

Example : In India, prime minister Shri Narendra Modi belongs to very poor and lower class family but he is a good hard worker and right person. He is a very hard worker man in the world he is daily work on eighteen hours that result is better so he is easily got a success and become an India's prime minister.

I am saying to that today we have to do to start hard and tomorrow he has got a success.

Easily so smart work is derived from hard work.

Hard work is related to human working with body but smart work is your maintainability, sharpness, and confidence.

Hard work increases your accuracy and smart wort increases your accuracy as well as your efficiency.

One more example of smart work :

Scientist is working on a hard to developed a smart I mean developed a phone, we are called a smartphone.

Smartphone is one platform to solve any problem. So we are working on silently to success is loud to know every person in the world.


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Gautam Kumar said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

You all are right but in my view smart work is short time process of hard work. If we have deep knowledge of anything then we can apply smart process. So, first of all, we have to do hard work for knowing deep knowledge then after some experiences we can do smartly.

So I think hard work is the kye of smart work. So both are necessary for success.

Thanks, friends.

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Suprabhat said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
If you want success then think smart and do smart, if you work hard then possibility of failure increases, because what I believe that if you work little less but smartly then one can achieve success easily. Work smartly means what you are doing you have interest in it, once it's become interesting then you will gonna enjoy your work.

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Sai Darshith said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
According to me, Hard working is desirable.

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Buntea said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Smart working reduces time. But hard work forms the base to any solution. Smart work might save you at the moment. But it is the hard work that brings fundamental changes and real stable innovations and development.

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Pallavi said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
I really think that hard work is more effective than smart work once you'll do hard work you can reach your goal easily without any type of difficulty as we say hard work is the key to success. I know it's hard to do hard work but after that, it's easy to success.

There is only one formula for success.

Hard work + Your work = Success.

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V Jeshurun said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
In this aspect, I opt to choose smart work is better than hard work because for example if you are said to learn in English a lesson for the next exam and the lesson contains a lot of detail answers most of them mug up the answers but understanding the answers is a smart work. A simple example is keeping a bindi round your forehead head is not smart to work but keeping it straight on your forehead without rounding around your head is a smart work. Hard work is related to your body but smart work is related to your brain.

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Bhawani Shankar said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
According to me, whether hard work or smart work both have their own value. Without hard work, no one can become good at smart work. As smart work derives from hard work. For example, suppose a person is preparing for aptitude. He is supposed to solve the question in very less time. It would not happen with that person, from day one, He is able to solve all the difficult question in very short time. To do so, he has to put a lot of hard work to become a smart and sharp to solve all the question in very short time. So the conclusion of the topic is that before becoming a smart person of any field, one has to do a lot hard work.

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Md Sameer Raza said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
Hello friends,

I think smart work is the need of this technical era. By smart work we can do lots of work in a very short time so it saves time. As time is money hence smart work pays more money. I use this line because we generally understand one's value in term of money. Smart work replaces you in a different and better way. It shows your intelligence towards a particular field.

But I also agree that hard work is also required to sustain in society. Without hard work, you will not be able to do work. Hard working makes you be mature for future. Ex, If anyone thinks that he will do anything but for doing work one's should initiate it and will be devoted to doing it completely. Completion of work, I think comes from the behavior of hard work.

At last but not least if anyone works hard but in a smart way is the leader of future.

Thank you.

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Shourya said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
In today's world, the need for reducing the time taken for a job is at its peak and smart work is the only solution to this. Smart Work will overtake the Hard-Work.

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Srisha said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
As we are in the century where development occurs minute by minute, we have to move along to cope up with the world so I prefer smart work.

SMART WORK- smart work makes our time to be reduced.

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Anam said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
I think smart work is the need for the day, hard work is something which proves your potential, capability and skills. On the other hand, smart work proves your intelligence and brain power. It depends on each person.

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Gowri Manohar said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
I think hard work is better than smart work.

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Kkk said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Whoever having the nature of hardworking will start the initial step by this step itself you can win. If you are including smartness then it will complete more things.

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Puja Kumari said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
As per today's running world smart is much more required because as we see the hard work takes a lot of time and pressure which may prevent the different type of circumstance to be handled. But as we considered the smart work this situation may arise but in the managerial work and the decision-making power may increase in the smart work.

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Meet Patel said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
I think smart work is required because nowadays everyone's knows doing smart work get the chance of success com closer while doing hard work all knows that it will take time and we all don't know how much time it will take that.

Smart = thug life.

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Shamli said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
Smart working is desirable because we are living in the 21st century and this world is having many more inventions to get smarter and smarter life. The things which make your work easy without any hard work are obviously desired anyway but hard work gets importance at its place because there are some things which can't be done by smart working like if a person study hard and get good marks and another person does cheating and get good marks but the person who has done hard study can only get further education easily and get practical knowledge. So some exceptional cases are there for smart working otherwise it is desirable.

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Amul Divya said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Smart work is useful for time saving. But hard work takes a long time. In my point of view, smart work comes from hard work.

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Himanshi said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
In my opinion, smart work is a premium stage of hard work. You can't work smartly until you have worked hard till.

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Sandeep Nayak said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
In my point of view, smart work is a resultant of hard work. A person can not do work smartly until he becomes export and to be the expert he must do hard work.

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Sandeep Nayak said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
In my point of view, smart work is a resultant of hard work. A person can not do work smartly until he becomes export and to be the expert he must do hard work.

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Dineshkumar said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
I say to smart work. Hard work gives to the success but smart work develops the your thoughts and ideas.

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Ramya said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
My point of view hard work and smart work both are important in life.

Hard work nothing but put the phisycal+mental efforts.

Smart work nothing but put the mental efforts.

Take one example:.

Every person having some goals, without hard work we can't reach the goals. In starting to spend the most of the time on what we are going to do (means hard work). After perfection goes for smart work in the sense Time management and shortcuts these two factors very help ful for our goals.

Thank you.

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Manu said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
For getting success, hard work is required but to increase the chance of success we need to work hard smartly. Smart work involves pre-planning of your goal, observing the path that whether your hard work is going on the proper track or not but along with this you need to work hard to keep you going on the track. So both are equally important.

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Khushboo said: (Jul 2, 2016)  
Hey friends! I think that smartness is somehow important to get success in life but hard work is the origin of smartness. Because if we do hard work then we will obviously called by others smarter. Ok thanks a lot.

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Sheikh Babu said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
Smart workers are actually the leaders because they work efficiently with mind and also with their hard work.

A simple story can teach us how it works.

Two workers work in a forest to cut the log in the forest. Every day one of the people cuts 4 logs in a day and the other person cut 7 logs in a day. So they get paid as per their work.

Every day the first person try to beat the other person by coming early to work n even skipping his lunch ours but he is not able to cut 7 logs in a day.

One day he finally asked the other guy what you do extra to cut 7 logs in a day.

He answers after cutting each log I sharp my axe for few minutes so it can help me to cut the log easily.

So moral of the story if we analyze the work and do it systematically then the out put is more in compare to hard work.

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