Whether Hard-Working or Smart-Working is Desirable?

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Rutuja Vinod Ambadkar said:   2 months ago
Hello Everyone.

This is Rutuja Ambadkar from HVPM COET Amravati.

The group discussion topic is hard work vs smart work.

In my opinion, hard work and smart work both depend on each other. Without hard work, we can not gain smartness in our ideas.

I Explain to you with one example Take a trending example today Artificial intelligence in AI we search for anything and AI gives a quick answer to you in just a second. It looks like smart work but on the other side for creating and developing AI all the engineers doing hard work without hard work it not possible. Every time hard work is not working but without hard work most of the things are incomplete.

Thank you That's all from my side.

Mohd Kamran said:   6 months ago

This is Mohd Kamran, I'm here to share my opinion on the topic of smart work and hard work, what is good for us.

Actually, Hard work is earlier phase of smart work. Without doing hard work you can't know about the things which have need to change and innovate it so hard work is always a good thing for hard workers as well as smart workers. Smart workers can't be smart without doing hard work.

So, In my opinion, hard work is always better than smart work for learning purposes.

Thank You.

Jhuma Mondal said:   2 years ago
Thank, you for allowing me to share my opinion.

Before that, I would like to tell you what hard work and smart work are.

Hard work means working consistently on a task without worrying about the results, it needs diligence and commitment. Hard work indicates honesty and readiness to take up an entire responsibility.

On the other hand, smart work includes working on a particular task using a smart strategy based on someone's knowledge and experience to make it less time-consuming. But in my opinion, hard work and smart work play a crucial role. One needs to work hard to achieve a goal or to become perfect on that, but only after the hard work he or she be able to apply smart strategies to make it less time-consuming. For example, if somebody is preparing for an aptitude test, one needs to work hard to clear all his or her concepts or to become an expert. But during the examination, he or she needs to apply smart tricks so that he or she can save time during the examination.

As we know, Clapping involves both hands, we can not clap using only one hand.

In conclusion, I would say, hard work and smart work both are equally important to become successful. After working hard, one can become a smart person.

Abhishek Chauhan said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, both hard work & smart work is essential to succeed in life, only one of both will not sufficient in this world, firstly we should have to work hard on something and then have to be find out smat way to do it by our experience and knowledge. Hence, both hard work and smart work is essential in life.

Thank you.

Anitha.S said:   2 years ago
Hi friends, This is Anitha.

In my point of view, hard work is a strong base for success, because if you work hard in something you will definitely know how to do things smartly. Hard work is the master of smart work. Work hard and think smart you will definitely get success in your Goal.

Arun Kumar T.S said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm Arun. My point of view on hard working or smart working.

Yes, Hard work is more important to get good results finally for example:- A businessman who works for his business continuously after losses in his business and trying again and again to reach his goal and become successful businessman.

It's purely indicates that hard work is important then the smart work to be a successful person.

Thank you one and all.

Kalpana Waghmare said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

I think that to become a successful person in this world we must know about both smart work and hard work. Multiple businessmen says that "Hard work is the key to become a successful person", that's true, but nowadays only hard work won't work. Everyone want to do their work in smart way. As by doing smart work we can save our time and we can get good results too. But to do this smart work, first we must know about hard work. Because, until we know about hard work we can not do it smartly.

Manish said:   3 years ago
My name is Manish.

Today I want to share my views on the topic of smart work vs Hard work.

Hard work and smart work are a very crucial part of a successful person.

For example, if we want to clap then we should definitely use our both hand without one hand we can't clap,

Hard work is the key to success.

If you do Hard work then you definitely achieve the smartness.

When we do smart and hard work at the same time, then we find the outcome very fruitful and productive.

I know the hard work consume lots of time.

And hard work always required the time, diligence, lots of efforts.

And in the smart work, it consumes less time, and work done quickly, with efficiency without waste of time.

So finally I say.

If a person wants to succeed in life then they should make good gimmick with hardwork

Rahul Tiwari said:   4 years ago
Smart work is the results or outcome of hard work. We are using technology, someone had done a lot of hard work so that the coming generation can do smart work.

Khushboo Saini said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

Well I am giving my point of view on "Smart Work vs Hard Work".

According to me, to get the desirable success and our goal we have to work very hard. When we work hard then we will be able to find the shortcuts for the same.

These shortcuts save our time and which are the result of our Hard Work. And these shortcuts are the Smart Work which is achieved by doing word hard.

So, the hard work will consume more time but the results and your experience will appreciable.

Thank you.

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