Whether Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education?

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Amani said:   4 weeks ago
Hi everyone!

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts on the current topic.

I believe that everything has it's pros and cons.

Digital education has various advantages which include accessibility (students can access the resources from the internet), reach (it can reach learners all over the globe), improved connectivity (one can make connections with any other learners) and it's also flexible as learners can learn whenever convenient to them but traditional education lacks all these advantages. However, it still holds its value as it is needed for practical experience etc which a digital education can't provide.

Haritha said:   4 months ago
Hi all.

The topic that we are discussing is very relevant in the present day.

This means digital education is growing rapidly due to the major COVID situation. These days, we think that this is very useful for our students; it is the only way to learn for the future. At that time, we didn't expect that digital education would kill our children's future. These days, our students don't need books or pens for studying. They only need a mobile device or tablet. They are always playing on their phones. Traditional education is vanishing from our future. It is very important to help our children gain practical knowledge.

Neha said:   9 months ago
Hi everyone,

I am sharing my views about whether digital education has taken over traditional education.

All topics gives pros & cons,

If we are talking about the pros of this topic:

Digital education means doing online studies from the phone.

We are talking about covid pandemic scenario digital education was good for students and parents are also happy that at least their child doing studying online.

At that time all schools & colleges were closed, so all teachers gave online study to the student therefore all students have taken online study easily from their own house.

Digital education is very much essential to all students. Which is mentally good to students.

Sometimes digital education becomes harmful to students because students are taking phones from his parents. Then children play online games which is too bad for children.

Time save from digital education.

If we are talking about traditional education, traditional education means students go to school physically on daily basis. School gives many opportunities to their students, student can take participate & perform on the stage.

Interactive with teachers on daily basis about the study.

Students can represent themselves in school.

Students can learn several types of things like speak, activities, talk to unknown person & meet with friends.

Simran Bishnoi said:   10 months ago
As well aware of that every coin has two sides each has it's advantages and disadvantages, first we'll talk about the disadvantages, talking about digital education the more focus is on the theory part students don't get the practical knowledge.

Now talking about Traditional Education, as we know that when we attend classes and get the day-to-day assignments and homework it will help students in their practical knowledge too.

If traditional education will be totally eliminated from our country it will be more hard for the people who do not know much about technology.

Pratiksha sanam said:   11 months ago
There is. Always tow side of a coin also in this topic there are also a merits and a demerits are there first I would like to going throw.

Merits the digital education is play a most important part of the education life when was COVID pandemic are going on this is most important parta of education it's overcome all education related issues and it will provide a good path to the students teachers online education system.

Using online system all education are going one a online phone laptop or digital mood, and students can interact with a digital way

Using this system also a lots of time are saving and students get more knowledge about the internet an thye will be also cover there concept using a seeing a video.

It will be more time saving.
Less effort more knowledge.

Online class that not much interactive as a offline class.
* Student not get thing properly.
* It will save time but getting things less.
* It will also pay a charges for a Internet.

In many villages they are not provide an internet connection so loss of some students.

Traditional education:

In a traditional education teacher student intract with each other property.

Teacher can pay attention to all students what thye do and what we do to enjoying with study.

Also, all activity they are take like physical education, economical knowledge it will most important to make a student honest and great.

All that, this are overcome by digital education so my opening is the bothe technology are traditional also it digital also bothe are providing knowledge so whenever required the bothe are paly a important role.

Salahuddin said:   12 months ago
Hello everyone, My name is Salahuddin.

The topic which we are discussing is very relevant.

"Digital education and traditional education".

We have seen a boom in digital education during the covid period. Like every topic digital education has merits and demerits. First of all, I would like to talk about the merits:

1. It was the only safe way to access academic classes for the students during covid times.

2. Earlier, a few famous entrance coaching institutes in India, were only in a few states and of limited seats. But now any willing students can access these coaching institutes classes online and thereby increasing education quality and competition in the country.

3. Even if we miss out on any class or session, recorded classes help students to access it later.

Demerits are:

1. Students can't experience the actual classroom atmosphere. Continuous exposure to computer screens not only creates eye strain but also creates mental issues like depression and loneliness. Students lack social skills without interacting with others as that in a classroom.

2. From a teacher's perspective, he /she can't have full control over the class. They can't manage the students as in an offline class. Students also may fake their attendance and not listen to the classes well and the teacher also may not notice this.

Prince Kumar said:   12 months ago
First of all good morning to all. Myself Prince Kumar.

Let me thank you for giving me the opportunity of starting a discussion. I will say definitely digital education emerged as a new way of providing an affordable, accessible and reachable mode of education. See-through this mode of education has a lot of advantages, to say it has taken over the traditional ways of education is something inappropriate. I think these two modes simultaneously will make the future of students bright.

Mir Basee said:   1 year ago
Thus, online education is more suitable for students and instructors as it gives more flexibility and less time commitment. Another benefit of distance learning that is connected to the previous point is convenience. If the students choose online education, they have the whole classroom in their house.

SAQIB SARWAR MIR said:   1 year ago
Digital education has taken over traditional education. I believe that Digital education is somehow taking over the traditional ways of education. The reason is people gain a lot of flexibility in employing the digital way of education. Flexibility in terms of time, path and pace can be observed. Students get their all knowledge digitally through YouTube, Google etc. In my opinion, there is always two sides to everything some good and some bad.

As far the technology is concerned then I think digital Education is good cause it enhances the skill and it will provide the best content in the market.

Rohit said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, both have advantages and disadvantages.

If we see the last two years, then online education had played a very important role in education because at that time we only had that option. But in online education, we don't get practical exposure and we don't get that environment which we get in the case of traditional education.

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