Whether Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education?

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Prince Kumar said: (Sep 24, 2022)  
First of all good morning to all. Myself Prince Kumar.

Let me thank you for giving me the opportunity of starting a discussion. I will say definitely digital education emerged as a new way of providing an affordable, accessible and reachable mode of education. See-through this mode of education has a lot of advantages, to say it has taken over the traditional ways of education is something inappropriate. I think these two modes simultaneously will make the future of students bright.

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Mir Basee said: (Sep 21, 2022)  
Thus, online education is more suitable for students and instructors as it gives more flexibility and less time commitment. Another benefit of distance learning that is connected to the previous point is convenience. If the students choose online education, they have the whole classroom in their house.

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Saqib Sarwar Mir said: (Sep 21, 2022)  
Digital education has taken over traditional education. I believe that Digital education is somehow taking over the traditional ways of education. The reason is people gain a lot of flexibility in employing the digital way of education. Flexibility in terms of time, path and pace can be observed. Students get their all knowledge digitally through YouTube, Google etc. In my opinion, there is always two sides to everything some good and some bad.

As far the technology is concerned then I think digital Education is good cause it enhances the skill and it will provide the best content in the market.

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Rohit said: (Sep 19, 2022)  
In my opinion, both have advantages and disadvantages.

If we see the last two years, then online education had played a very important role in education because at that time we only had that option. But in online education, we don't get practical exposure and we don't get that environment which we get in the case of traditional education.

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Rahul Kumawat said: (Sep 5, 2022)  
Good morning friends.

My name is Rahul Kumawat, I am glad to discuss this.

In my opinion, the topic is current relevant.

I believe that yes Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education because of covid everything is shifted to online and education is one of them as nowadays classes are also online and students use youtube to clarify their as I am a college student I too study everything from youtube.

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Priyanka said: (Aug 3, 2022)  
Yes, digital education has taken over traditional education. Because students get all their knowledge through online. They are used on YouTube, Twitter Facebook, etc. YouTube is used to get videos related to education, Twitter is used to update the live news. So, the students get the knowledge online is rather than in the classroom. But, only one disadvantage of digital education is students only get the knowledge but, they aren't doing practical. Whenever digital education is traditional education only educational purposes are used for online students only.

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Bitoo said: (Jun 6, 2022)  
In the current scenario, obviously, we can see digital has taken over the traditional all thanks to covid. But again in digital education the passion we used to see in the case of traditional education is the competition among students, students are like let's save this video to watch later.

And there are many distractions in digital education case the smartphone itself is the biggest distraction.

As per my point of view, traditional education is far better than digital well there are some demerits we can't ignore. But again all the things have merits and demerits.

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Khalilur Rahman said: (Feb 21, 2022)  
Good morning everyone.

Today, we are going to discuss whether digital education has taken over Traditional education.

So, in this case, both of these has their own merits and demerits,

If I say about digital education.

It's Merits:

1. It is helpful for students to attain online classes of even the class end they can watch the saved video whenever they need.

2. The fees structure of Digital education is less as compared to traditional education.

3. Online education can be performed at every place, even if any student is not in the home.

4. No need to go to school every day.

5. No need to carry a lot of books in the digital education system, because all these are done by digital mode.

6. No need to pay more examination fees in comparison to the traditional mode. Etc.


1. Digital education is only performed by having a smartphone/laptop or any other smart device.

3. Digital education requires a network connection, Need to recharge every month.

4. In online mode there is a major issue relating to the network connectivity in rural areas.

5. Many parents are not educated, so how do they guide their children in any difficulties.

6. In the digital mode of education every student need a mobile phone or smart device, so in this case, a student's mind can be diverted into all other social media. Etc.

I have explained some of the merits and demerits of digital education, now I am discussing traditional ones.


1. In the traditional mode of education there is always an interaction between a student and a teacher.

2. No need to face any network connectivity issues.

3. The parents can guide their children if they are half-educated too.


1. In the traditional mode of education students need to carry a lot of books.

2. The fees structure is more as compared to digital education.

3. It is time-consuming, Every student has to get ready for school every day.

4. Physical presentation of students is mandatory in this mode. Etc.

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Khalilur Rahman said: (Feb 20, 2022)  
Good morning everyone, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my opinion on the topic. As we know all coins have two sides, as well as digital education and traditional education have their two sides also. Every field has their own advantages and advantages. So, If we compare digital education with traditional education we can find many advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let's explain.

1. In digital education, it is less time consuming as compared to traditional education.

2. If we compare the expenditure, the traditional mode takes more expenditure, Whare digital mode may be less costly.

3. In traditional mode a student can attain a class only once and if the class is missed he can't be able to attain it. , Whare in the online or digital mode he/she can do the class even if the class is missed, as well as he can do the class multiple of times whenever he has a confidence about the topic.

4. But one of the major disadvantages of digital or online mode is that sometimes there is a big issue relating to the network connectivity in many areas. But in the traditional mode, there are no such issues.

5. In traditional mode there is always an interaction between an average student and a teacher, whare in digital mode there is no direct interaction between teacher and student.

6. If we look at digital education All students can not effort this, because all may not have the ability to buy a mobile phone or a laptop or even if they have a device then they may not effort network connection, but in the traditional mode of education, there is no such things are needed. So if we look at both sides we can see both have their own quality. Thank you. '-.

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Jayesh said: (Jan 25, 2022)  
Hello everyone.

Jayesh here! at the start of the pandemic we are not familiar with Digital education, after the time digital education has been started, we are majorly saving two things.

1) Time- we are seating in front of mobile/laptop we are getting save time for travelling, ready for school and after coming to school we are getting so tired then we taking rest so we are taking so much time for doing these things.

2) Money- money for bus tickets for those who are living in hostels private rooms or PGs they are saving a high amount of money after living in a home.

BUT EVERY COIN HAS TWO FACES like that digital education has also disadvantages.

1) Students become lazy.

2) Students and teachers interaction not possible in one hour.

3) Every day before starting classes we make prayer so these things are now completely forgotten.

4) Network issue in ruler areas.

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Sibayan said: (Jan 4, 2022)  

In my opinion, I would say that traditional education gives us moral and values in school and also we get interactive with our friends and teachers, soft skills are developed in schools. In technological education only we get educated from our home or any other place but there is no vigilance.

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Jameel Ahmed said: (Sep 24, 2021)  
I would say that traditional education has better than digital education to some extent,

The majority of students do not tend to concentrate on online classes regularly. In digital education, soft skills will not develop as there is no interaction with teachers and friends. Digital education is a bit difficult in rural places.

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Rajeev said: (Aug 28, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I would say that traditional education has better than digital education in some extent, if you consider a guy from rural areas their education is not good as much in urban area so here digital make a good impact to compete rural people as well with urban people in a row, those who have good education facilities near by them then traditional education is far better than digital. We think that digital education has taken over traditional education due to this corona period when things will become normal people will definitely choose traditional education.

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Aishwarya R D said: (Aug 12, 2021)  
I feel traditional education is better then digital education. The majority of students do not tend to attend/concentrate on online classes regularly.

Yes, some things can be learned digitally but for school/college curriculum. I would pick traditional education over digital. Since in traditional education, there is face-to-face interaction among teacher-student and among peers. Also, if the college curriculum is taken online and exams get canceled, students tend to take the subjects lightly which might become a problem for them.

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Raj Kumar said: (Jul 30, 2021)  
Hello friends,

Today we are going to discuss digital and traditional education. Nowadays, digital education is preferred because of the covid19 pandemic. There are some advantages and disadvantages of digital education over traditional education.

1. In digital education students have more flexibility on time, and are less costly compared to the traditional ones.

2. In digital education concept can be grasped 100 % with the help of videos and images.

These videos give a clear understanding of the topic as well as the concept.

3. But in digital soft skills will not develop as there is no interaction with teachers and friends.

So traditional is good for soft skills as these are mandatory for a student to grow in their career. In the traditional education system, practical knowledge can be achieved. Which is not possible in digital education.

So, in my view, traditional and digital both are good in their perspectives.

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Tejas said: (Jul 30, 2021)  
I would say digital education is good because whenever we want to learn something at any time so we can directly go to the online education platforms and learn those things very easily and efficiently.

DE is more understandable than traditional education due to its visualization technique the understanding level is high and we can see in pandemic the whole thing are closed and in that situation, the Digital platforms are very excellent for learning purposes.

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Swapna said: (Jul 26, 2021)  
I would like to vote that Traditional education is better because it helps students in many aspects like going outside and interact with folks face to face rather than online through digital media. By going outside students become bold and open to communicate more effectively.

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Vaishnavi said: (Jul 11, 2021)  
Hello everyone myself Vaishnavi.

According to me, digital education is better than traditional education because they can understand the topics very easily so they can remember the concepts for a longer period and that is the smarter way to learn the proper knowledge.

Students are more interactive in animations so they are interested in knowing the knowledge with self-interest.

They get motivated by the technology so they try to implement their ideas in which fields they have more interested.

They listen to the teachers full of concentrate and no more distractions have happened when they are reading.

So, finally, I want to conclude digital education makes the students in a smart way and that is the best platform for developing their skills.

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Raja said: (Jun 4, 2021)  
Can we compare landline phones to today's smartphones?

The technology used in both the devices must surely be different but the work is the same, to make a call. It's an advantage of smartphones that nowadays we can do almost everything on our figure tips.

Same like that as time passes, we have to adapt to the changes around us. We have been friendly with technology in today's world of AI.

This also holds true for Traditional education. We have to be digital because time and technology are growing rapidly so we also have to be smarter than these Machines.

Yes, it is also true that we can't completely depend on digital sources for education. Like people to people understanding, students and teachers attachment, level of satisfaction in traditional education, extracurricular activities, attachment with the peers.

Etc. These are the things that we can't archive digitally. But for these, we can work with technology to improve it in the future.

Think about adult education via the traditional system. Most people feel shy to talk about it but in the digital system they can present their doubts & views more efficiently.

It's also true that preferring digital education over traditional education can widen some gaps between our societies but it can be eradicated through providing quality education in government schools. The most important concern about digital education is that students feel seclusion in it. This can lead him to an increase in the level of anxiety, stress, depression, and lack of temperament. Eyeglasses from the very beginning to kids is Common today. So we have to develop a holistic approach to tackle these problems.

So, all in all, it depends upon person to person what is their mentality. Some students & teachers feel comfortable with the traditional & some are with digital. We can't ignore completely each one of them. Like our mixed culture.

The society we have to come up with a mixture approach for the advancement of education.

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Kapil Singh said: (May 31, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Digital education has taken over traditional education. As the term suggest, digital education is education through some sort of digital media like presentation, video tutorials, etc. While presentation and video tutorials are meant for educating the individual, online tests and quizzes are used to the test the understanding of the individual. With the advent of technologies in the recent years, this form of education has taken adopted by many worldwide in order.

Traditional form of education is one in which there is a teacher centered system where one teacher caters to the spreading of knowledge to an entire classroom of students. Here the teacher is able to clarify the doubts that they have instantaneously. A teacher also to clarify the doubts of a student, I believe that even in the case of digital education the clarification of type doubts of a student is also possible, though not always instantaneously. We have seen in corporation of many comment boxes or messaging tools incorporated with many of the e-learning sites which allows a student to post comments or doubts and in due time get replies from the faculty who is teaching the course. This type of method will also foster discussion among the different people who are taking the course because any of them can reply to the comment.

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Shristi said: (Apr 26, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Myself Shristi.

As the whole world went through the pandemic, many aspects of the economy got badly affected. One of the severely affected areas is education. So most of the schools and colleges opted for digital education. What I think is, yes, digital education is an effective means of providing education when not all the students can come to physical classes, but at the same time it may not be as effective as traditional education since many students are not used to it. On the other hand, digital education did not let students stay idle during the lockdown. It can be a good idea to introduce digital education but that has to be carried out simultaneously with traditional education. And of course, the availability of technology is both a challenge and an opportunity for digital education.

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Manisha said: (Apr 2, 2021)  
Hello friends,

No, digital education hasn't taken over traditional education completely as most of the peoples believe in traditional education system yet. But due to covid situation people become more familiar with digital education as compared to earlier.

There are some positive and negative aspects of digital education.

Due to digital education we can save our time, efforts and also money.

We can learn according to our own convenient time.

We can learn according to our choice means from our favourite teacher and also our favourite course too.

Audiovisual mode of education is achieved with the help of digital education which is very helpful in learning.

Animated 3D videos are very useful.

SWAYAM/ NPTEL which are government initiatives for digital education provides number of courses in very affordable price.

In digital education we get more options for learning and courses too.

There are some negative aspects of this digital education are there.

Practical knowledge we can't achieve by using online mode.

No interaction with teacher hence it becomes very monotonous.

Some students just join the online class and don't pay attention to the class they do other things in class timing.

Soft skills are not developed in online mode like personality development, communication, body language, etc which is very important nowadays.

No interaction with classmates and seniors and juniors too.

Tests are not given honestly in this online mode.

Some teachers need training on how to use the online mode.

The overall traditional education system is good but now we are in the 21st century so we have to accept the change for our betterment hence the semi-digital mode of education is best for us.


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Shubham Patil said: (Mar 29, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Looking at the current scenario it is true to some extent that digital education has taken over traditional education.

Students learning from private schools and good financial condition have adapted to this change finely.

But in the case of government schools, these steps are not taken seriously because of the improper implementation and unavailability of digital devices.

Students having a poor financial condition and especially those who belong to the rural area are lacking these benefits which can deepen their beliefs on the dissimilarity between rich and poor.

There are lots of teachers who still prefer traditional education and they are opposed to this change.

This change is only possible when each and every student will be able to avail this mode of education which seems hard at the moment but it is the need of the 21st century.

To make this change happen government needs to invest more in the educational field so that students never get the thought that education is for rich and urban people.

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Sohan said: (Mar 3, 2021)  
In my opinion, the growth rate of online education has increased but it has increased only for preparation for competitive exam but in case of primary education secondary and higher education it has not taken still people prefer the traditional mode of education because it creates an atmosphere of study and increase the social skill and it helps in making the discipline it also keep away from many types of disease like eye problem ear problem so the traditional also help in keeping fit. Many practical works cannot take with online study so traditional education still has its importance.

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Poonam said: (Jan 5, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

In the 21st century, digital education is more preferred.

Over traditional education especially in COVID pandemic.

1. Digital education has preferred over traditional education due to its flexibility in time, speed.
2. It made people attracted towards digital learning because it's cost-saving, convince, with better 3d visualisation.
3. Digital learning is useful for supplement courses like short term courses.

4. Practical knowledge of the particular subject is gained only through traditional classroom education.

5. Traditional education is more interactive and interesting, difficulties are discussed with a teacher outside the classroom also.

In my opinion, the traditional course is important for the degree course while for short term course digital learning is beneficial. Traditional classroom with digital 3d visualization training is better-integrated learning.

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Aku said: (Dec 31, 2020)  
Undoubtedly Digital Education has become the most conventional and most accepted form of education nowadays. Most people advocate for its positive impacts. But I want to put light on its few negative impacts.

1) It creates an E-Divide. Rural and poor people find it hard to access Digital Education. The rich and privileged student will take advantages. The unprivileged students will lag behind. This will widen the gap.

2) It increases screen time. This puts a lot of stress on the eyes and the mind.

3) Lack of Teacher-Student interaction. It a kind of a monologue, where only the lecturer delivers his lecture and there is no input from the student side.

4) Lack of hands-on particle. Student can't access laboratory through online mode. Physical training is missing.

5) Lack of interaction of students with their fellow classmates. No knowledge sharing. No traditional in-classroom discussion.

So, I conclude Digital Education has some negative impacts too. We can't overlook them. The government must help unprivileged students- provide free smartphones, free internet access, etc.

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Pushpendu Nandi said: (Dec 25, 2020)  
No, till date, the digital educational system hasn't taken over the traditional education system.

Traditional education system not only imparts knowledge to the students but also values, morals, personality development, soft skills etc, which are a major missing in online mode. Ergonomics of Classroom teaching is such as to facilitate proper sitting posture, visualisation, interactive study, doubt solving and mental relaxation which is a major drawback in digital mode of education.

That doesn't mean I am completely against the online mode. It plays a significant role in enhancing the skills as it doesn't limit the availability of teachers, courses, and have no constraints on their age. Students are even free to study according to their convenient time.

To conclude, I would say the current Digitalised education system is incapable of replacing the traditional method but no doubt it can be a great blessing to enhance their skills.

I would rather suggest a semi Digitalised offline education system incorporating the benefit of both the education system.

Thank you.

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Bipan Kumar said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
Hello friends.

This is Bipan Kumar.

In my point of view, digital education is a very good method to improve themselves because with the help of it anybody can find their solution easily especially during COVID-19. Punjab govt has given the laptops to the poor people who can't efforts, open the libraries which have related to tradition. In it, children can get knowledge of their culture, traditional n whole as well as our country.

Govt started a number of schemes but whenever every person can do help in it, it is not possible.

So, I request all person please motivate the children to get our tradition orally or digitally.

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Pravin Kumar Manu said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
I am Pravin Kumar Manu.

I'm very thankful to participate in this group discussion today's our discussion on which one is better online or offline.

In my point of view, both have equal importance.

If a student who mature enough to understand their good and bad, they can study online. In the digital platform, the student should have be self-motivated. But if a student has not above mentioned things they should consider on traditional education.

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Samiksha Sharad Kapse said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
I think during this lockdown so many teachers and student face problem in learning. Parents were worried about their child for not getting education due to COVID-19.

This digital platform for learning from home is good you can study wherever you want to do and it is good for teachers too. They can also teach students from their home.

But I think there are so many students who are not in full concn. While virtual learning.

While learning virtually there are so many notification going on in phone so it might disturb students. So many students suffering from headache, eye problems through light rays emerging from phone.

Specially, in rural areas student can't afford the smartphones, laptops for learning. Network problems are also there. So it is not good for their educational life.

And on the other hand, through traditional efucation students get their proper environment of stufies. They can ask their doubt to teachers and it is good for the students who are in rural areas.

So, Traditional education has taken over digital education cause it made so many lives better.

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Hitesh Yadav said: (Dec 2, 2020)  
Hi guys.

Today we are here to discuss whether digital education has taken over traditional education.

Through my point of view, during this pandemic digital technology is like a boon for the students and teachers.

As They both get the platform to perform their duties.

2nd thing is that online study is flexible because you do whenever you want there is no specific time.

Those students who is not able to understand their lecture after seeing one time they have the option to see those lecture again.

But on another side, there is also some worse impacts of digital education.

Firstly, due to online learning most of the students suffering from eye strain, headache because of blue rays emerging from the smartphones, laptops.

Due to online learning, there is no interaction is possible between teacher and students.

Students are not able to ask doubts about online learning.

On the other hand, traditional education provides a physical environment.

Through which student get helps in to improve their personality.

In the classroom, the student remains active due to a little fear of teacher and listen to their subjects properly but in digital learning student have no proper seating or always seems lethargic.

The most fierce problem is that in online learning a lot of notification in smartphones disturb the concentration of students and multiple functions of smartphones compel students for doing other activities than to learning.

Or also in a rural area at some extent. Most of the students do not afford smartphones and also faces network issues. Poverty is also a big problem which deprives the poor students to studies.

Thanks to all.

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Vishal Kadian said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

Today we have to discuss digital education has taken over traditional education.

As we know that everything has its merits and demerits. Let's discuss merits-.

1. It is time-saving, and in that time we do any work like that some physical activity, contribute to housework etc.
2. Due to online class we can see these classes again and again if we don't understand properly.
3. We can watch these classes at any place and at any time.
4. Due to this we can stop air pollution which is caused by the school bus.

Let's discuss demerits-.

1. Many students who belong to the poor family can't afford electronic device and they go away from education and go out of the competition.
2. An interaction is required b/w teacher and student that cannot be formed.
3. An classroom environment is not created at home which is essential for any student.
4. Student can't ask her doubts due to online classes.
5. Practical work can't be described due to online classes.
6. There is a big problem of the network in rural areas.

At last, we can say that online classes are not good for all the students.

Thanks everyone.

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Neeshu Gupta said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Hello friends, I am Avneesh,

As I know we all discuss on a great topic which title is " whether digital education has taken over traditional education ".

Education system gives more boons for all student who wants to study with digitally or traditionally but here no more difference between it because digitalis education was very useful during the covid _19 pandemics and feel punctuality in all rural and urban arias student. But.

In another side, traditional education provides a specific role on student personality and in college/ school pedagogy realized merit and demerit of all students.

Education system means to provide all the important platform which is necessary to a student life like his physical, phycological, practical, emotional logical knowledge with the course-related knowledge so these all thing is not possible by the online in a proper way.

Thank you.

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Virendra said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I thought both online and offline education is important at their places, from 5 to18 years old students are required offline class because it's an age to introduce ourselves with everything or everyone's behaviour, and after 18+ students can learn from both because in teenage students learn moral values after that they are able to perform at their life, thanks.

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Yati Gupta said: (Oct 19, 2020)  
In this whole pandemic situation, digital education has been a boon on education but in our education system we don't only focus on education but more of values. In our Indian education system they not only taught us knowledge but discipline, punctuality, etc. In digital education, there is a lack of teacher and student interaction which makes the student much more introvert. The students are lacking creativity too. We all know how online exams are going on right now, every student just googles their question and not study which is practical of no use.

Thank you.

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Rithik Sharma said: (Oct 3, 2020)  
Hi, I am Rithik.

In my opinion, we all know digital education has a specific role in the education sector but the traditional education is the root of education both are necessary but they both have equally advantage and disadvantage.

First, we talk about advantage& disadvantage of digital education if you all know that the world facing COVID 19 the pandemic this pandemic effect on every sector because everything is closed by the government we face a loss of difficulty in our education we don't have the proper equipment for online education special in tribal and rural areas but we manage by video call education. I think our education minster must think about the digital education and try to improve the equipment in every area by disputing smartphone in school and college. It will happen that we will be ready for the future if another this kind of situation.

Now let's talk about advantage & disadvantage of traditional education- traditional education provide More knowledge they provide a solution by practically and students need discipline in life and only traditional education provide that traditional education provide teachers salaries expect to digital education because you can find everything on the internet I know that is better of knowledge.

In my point of view, both are good but I put traditional education on first and also we have to develop digital education for any impending danger like COVID-19 that's it thank you.

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Marshall said: (Sep 29, 2020)  
Hi I am Marshall, I think there are both merits and demerits of digital education.

1. It is easy for children to view again and again.
○2. Travelling time is saved.
3. Time can be utilised for doing personal growth.


1. Socialization is not there.
2. Physical knowledge is difficult.
3. Class environment with friends around is missed.

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Saloni said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
Digital Education will take on traditional education after the pandemic. Within lockdown all the education was online and now students prefer edtech rather than personal tuitions. They consider it convenient due to the flexibility of schedule and better and advanced content. The students do not understand the traditional rot learning concept and require the knowledge of the application of the subject matter to the real world which digital education can explain in a better manner.

Plus the digital-content can be reiterated n number of times if not understand in one go which cannot be the case in the traditional learning with time advancement in the system is necessary and the traditional concepts cannot hold a stand.

Thank You.

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Abhi said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

I am Abhi, Going to give my view on digital education has taken over traditional education. So there are both the aspects to look, positive and negative but after all traditional can't be replaced by the online education system. Why, because education system means to provide all the important platforms which is necessary to a student like his physical, psychological, practical, emotional, logical and ethical knowledge with the course-related knowledge. So these all thing is not possible by the online in a proper manner. But one important thing which be can get online is to find the best content and beet teacher on a particular subject. Traditional or is not possible. The condition of traditional education in the village's government college is very bad especially in up because I have experienced. So if you are belonging from rural areas and want to get a good education then definitely go for online with traditional it will help you much to reach out the goal.

Both the system having their own advantage and disadvantage so this is up to you only that how smartly you can choose both according to your requirement. Thank you.

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Deeksha Sharma said: (Aug 30, 2020)  
Yes, in today's technological time, digital education is taking over traditional education.

As we can see during the pandemic time online classes are going on and even there are a lot of online courses which can be done online which is really helpful.

According to me, the traditional education system is much better than the digital one because it focuses on the overall development of a child. Interaction with friends and teachers make student extrovert, a quick learner and also take part in outdoor activities.

In digital education, the only focus is on studies and makes a child introvert where they don't like to interact with anyone.

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Baisa said: (Aug 28, 2020)  
I think nowadays quality teachers are very rarely found in school and colleges because of digital education trends. Student resolves all their query via youtube and unacademic like platform. Also, we found much skilled and quality teacher here in digital education system.

But demerit is we can't learn practical skills like performing experiments of physics and chemistry etc things.

Also, village background students are not aware of these digital learning things.

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Tanisha Katta said: (Aug 24, 2020)  
I think traditional education is better than digital education because in my view experience teaches us a lot and going to school interacting with friends and teachers teaches us as lot more than what online courses can. Digital education can only give us knowledge of some specific course. Govind to school, doing prayers, having fun with friends is a lot more than some online course. The online course will not help people to have the ability to judge someone or to interact with people.

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Govind said: (Aug 18, 2020)  
Good afternoon everyone,

As my point of view, the online education system is better than the traditional education system because, suppose you want to learn some course then you can learn that course from any platforms like Udemy, Coursera, javatpoint, w3school etc. By the way, the traditional education system is also fine but it's become much expensive than the online education system. According to me myself coming from middle-class family so I can't afford money for traditional education system so the conclusion is that online education system is less expensive than the traditional education system.

Thank you.

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Poojaa Sri said: (Aug 17, 2020)  
Hey friends,

Today, I am going to share my views on the topic: whether digital education has taken over traditional education.

In my point of view, digital and traditional education can play a complementary role in education. There can not be exactly wrong or right. Both the systems have their merits and demerits. Hence we must take advantage of both the systems as a student.

The education industry is no different. Reach of online learning, education providers have taken to the internet, offering courses and training online. But there has been a constant debate on which of the two holds more value to an employer and the student itself.

There was a time when online courses were considered inferior to traditional courses.

Let's take a look at how online education measures up against traditional delivery modes.

1. Flexibility:

Online learning is inherently flexible. For working professionals and people with a family, e-learning offers a way to juggle professional or personal commitments with study. Many online courses are customizable and have options to change the pace of learning.

2. Multimodal Delivery:

Because e-learning courses are delivered over the web, students have the option to choose their style of learning. Online programs allow students to choose the way they learn most effectively. Learners who prefer self-study can choose from millions of self-paced courses in a variety of disciplines. For those who prefer a more classical approach, many online programs also offer live online training with remote instruction, replicating the feel of a face-to-face classroom and real-time learning.

3.Interactive Nature:

The common perception appears to be that online learning\'s biggest downside is the lack of interaction with fellow learners. But recent technological advances have changed all that. Ed-tech majors like Simplilearn have made community interaction and social media an integral part of the online learning experience.

Traditional learning is a lot more rigid. And unlike online courses, which can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, conventional courses are not designed for the mobile generation.

In the modern era, Education has become partially digital in most of the educational institute digital method of teaching are used like in most schools smart board is used to teach the concepts to the students. Not only that but also many teachers used online platforms where they upload there lectures and students prefer those lectures over the physical classrooms as these are cheaper than those and student can take those lectures from anywhere in the world.

I believe the evolution of technology, as well as human beings, go hand in hand.

According to my point of view, productive change must be there rather only change. Traditional education has its own advantages and disadvantages and the same is with digital education. Traditional education makes the class more interactive and interesting, students can clear their doubts then and there, can also meet the faculty outside and discuss their problems sometimes more information can also be gathered related to the topic. Online learning is flexible.

Online programs allow students to choose the way they learn most effectively. Learning tools and technology enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills.

In my point of view, digital education is one of the upcoming technologies which will benefit us in the near future.

So, I think digital education has taken over traditional education but not completely.

Still, traditional education is more interesting it completely depends on the teacher and class environment.

Thank you Friends.

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Rajat said: (Aug 17, 2020)  
Good morning everyone.

According to me, the digital education serving as both boon (by helping the children by continuing their studies in the time of pandemic) and curse (for destroying our old principles of studies) eg. For teaching eye contact with students and for studying interaction with other children and teacher to share the view for practical knowledge are impossible in the time of the online interactive session. We all know during online class on meet we can only see what the teacher is writing or telling but they can't see whether the children are getting it or not. India Principles of education tells us that before becoming a scholar first we should become a good human. In the school or gurukul with the education, we also learn various things like how to talk with each other, how to tackle the problem, how to become a noble citizen, how to respect others etc. With that, we also see many things in our class during class. In school, all children are equal whether they are rich or poor as all are coming and joining the class but The online class are creating a lot of difference in us as all children are not getting things on online class with that some poor children are not having any method by which they can also have access to online education.

We can say it can be boon for Rich students but it is a curse for the poor.

How can we forget the playing, teasing, fighting, laughing, jumping, shouting in our school with our friends?

How can we forget the tight slap that our teacher gave us on seeing the incomplete work?

How can we forget that sharing of tiffin box with our friends in lunch?

How can we forget the bunking of classes?

How can we forget those ideas for not attempting the class tests?

How can we forget the terror of principal and fun of games teacher?

We can't forget a lot of memories in the school building which is very very big and important and special than the online class.



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Anwesha said: (Aug 16, 2020)  
Hi all!

Yes, I think Digital education has taken over the Traditional Education. But as everything has pros and cons, this has too.

But, if we look at it in a positive way then we can see so many advantages of it that Traditional Education couldn't have provided.

Things I really liked about Digital education:.

*Students can learn from anywhere around the world.
*It helped us learning even in this period (COVID-19).
*It helped us in learning so many new features that we were not even aware of.

Things I didn't like about Digital education:

*People who didn't have proper connection wouldn't be able to continue.

*Spending time mostly in Mobile, laptop, tab etc is really harmful. As a student honestly telling My eyes hurt so much that I can't even express.

*Sometimes when we have classes back to back, there's no break at all.

But overall, I wouldn't say that digital education is not that good.

It's really a life saviour for us students but it needs to be well organised and there should not be a barrier of internet connectivity you say or the appliances needed.

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Sai Varshith said: (Aug 16, 2020)  
Hey guys!

I think it is obvious that digital education has taken over traditional education. But to be the frank traditional way of education is a fantabulous way for education.

But I do think the digital way of education is also a good fairway of education as it is quite innovative and helps us to be close to technology and makes our way of thinking to a new, faster, and mature.

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Abhilasha said: (Aug 6, 2020)  
Hi friends.

We are going to discuss whether digital education has taken over traditional education so in my opinion, we all know that in COVID-19 that's the pandemic situation all the educational institute are shut down and in that time digital education is very helpful for us students can easily cover their syllabus without any gap one other thing is that students can interact with the teacher and can ask the doubts at any time but there is some issues so many areas network connection is very slow government should look into that and it will succeed. Its take time maybe a year so all over digital education is good for now.


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Suffi Dsouza said: (Jul 23, 2020)  
According to me, In India, we are trying to move towards digital education but it is not easy as it seems. We don't have proper internet connections and network facility is very poor. Abusing of teachers on an online platform is becoming a habit of students. So, traditional system is best as we have a teacher in front of us who can easily explain us. It will take years in our country to provide the best facilities in digital education.

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Shakeel said: (Jul 20, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Today I'm going to discuss about the topic: whether digital education has taken over traditional education?

In my point of view, Digital education is very popular in recent days after covid-19 outbreak many schools are in a shutdown but still the education system is running successfully by using this digital platform so students can able to continue their studies without any gap.

Traditional education is something different because it provides direct and faces to face communication between teacher and students. It improves Discipline, Punctuality & the creativity of the student.

So my conclusion is:

Digital education is better during this COVID-19 outbreak and the way of using these technology matters alot because every one of us are using the smartphone and laptops but some are addicted to these technologies.

Traditional education is also good so we need to make a perfect balance between digital education and traditional education.

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Saradha G said: (Jul 12, 2020)  
Hello people,

My answer would be "yes".

Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education to a greater extent. One of the prime reasons is the abundant amount of diverse information we could get about a topic, that too mostly for free. It's not possible a single teacher being the whole "information hub" for everything. Though we have books to aid ourselves, Digital Education has the magic of visualization and easier way of navigation with things, what I mean by this is we would want to look through different manual archives for different things which could be hectic. So, the internet has broken down this for us and made our lives a zillion times better. Also, I think there is no looking back, it's only going to be a further advancement in technologies and highly skilled literates.

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Aryan said: (Jun 27, 2020)  
Hello Everyone,

As we can see that this pandemic has forced us to change many things from our lifestyle. So one of them is the way of learning, the traditional education is what where we enjoy the learning process with our physical presence in the classroom along with many students thus a type of atmosphere develops more interaction in the class between teachers and students. Students get to know each other (Other students) and through that, they can expand their knowledge. But in this situation, as we can't open up the physical class so we have this option to involve in online classes. As soon as we are out of this we have to move towards physical class as in online one there are lots of consequences that severe eve problem which can cause long term health issues. Students of primary class will be adversely affected by this as they are too much involved in smartphones nowadays. After completing online classes they even have to use a smartphone just to get some entertainment like playing games or watching shows so this will increase the duration of using mobile more. So just to conclude digital education cannot take over traditional education.

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Soni said: (Jun 19, 2020)  
I think digital education has taken over traditional education tool actually not a traditional system of education that is reading- understanding- writing- using it in the practical world this is intact for example- online courses that are very available in every field - there you go through course material, read it, for understanding go through videos, make your notes etc.

So still you are following the same procedure but the difference is all your material is compact in your mobile, laptop whatever you use. It has its own benefits like it has reduced the time, fast and easy accessibility to resources.

Why will you invest your time in the library when you can get everything online.

You name it you have it.

Yes, there are some issues with connectivity and people being not that techno freak but this can be fixed right.

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Brphsk said: (Jun 18, 2020)  
Dear friends.

Today's situation not change our lifestyle but also change our thoughts and attitude. Now a day digital education is necessary but it is an option not the solution. Today's COVID-19 effected all of the fields Parents and Students are also in confusion, what to do? & How to do? Traditional education is heart touching method of education. Humanly works in this system otherwise in digital education its only informative and mechanically work. So in a long period of work dismissed human touches and that is why we defect our culture and traditions. So digital education is not option of traditional education but part of it. So, the digital education work as new area but on grass routes of traditional education.

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Divyansh Patni said: (May 16, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

Today our topic is digital education has taken over traditional education.

In today's generation, digital education is in all over the world. And in this time there is lockdown in whole world by which students are getting learn by digital education. Digital education is good for our study and for our time but traditional education is pratical education. And we cam learn from digital education. But we can't solve our problems and didn't concentrate on your study us compare to traditional education. And in traditional education there are many online courses for programming languages and other things that can help us and save our time. So digital education is good but it has demerits too. Because umemployment is also increase in field of teaching and institute recurite only few teachers rather than a full staff.

Thank you.

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Naman said: (May 14, 2020)  
There is very less difference between traditional education and digital education.

Every time, with the development of people and their way of living changed way of education also changed.

For eg. Gurukul education was taken over by school education. In todays time period where children were taking education from school are now taking from internet.

The only difference is that the way of learning is changed, not education. Every coins has two sides.

If we use technology properly then there is least difference between them.

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Alpha said: (Apr 17, 2020)  
There is both equal importance of Digital education as well as Traditional education. These are the playing the vast role in recent trends.

Digital education are running through digital technology with internet like whatsup, youtube, zoom app etc. Example of Some digital educations like Topper, Byju etc.

Where Traditional education means the It is a two way communication. Direct and face to face interaction between teacher and students in a physical class room.

So, now we discuss Both advantages, disadvantages of Digital education& Traditional education.

Advantages of Digital Education:

1. Flexibility.
2. Easily access on Mobile phone and computer.
3. Need not require a particular location.
4. Individuality.
5. It helps in higher qualifications.
6. It helps in Distance learning.
7. Opportunity for the jobholder.

Disadvantages of Digital Education.

1. One way interaction.
2. Not available to live the clearing doubts.
3. Problems in the internet.
4. Less creativity for students.
5. No competition.

Advantages of Traditional education:

1. Two-way communication.
2. Increase Discipline and Punctuality.
3. Increase morality.
4. Giving them lots of examples to learn from students.
5. Provide encouragement and motivation.
6. It helps in creativity and initiative.
7. Create a sound competition among students.
8. It helps in reducing fear, the nervousness of a student.

Disadvantages of Traditional education:

1. Require fixed time and the physical classroom.
2. Not good for jobholders.

So, we must make a perfect balance between Digital education and Traditional education.

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Tejas said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Digital education was coming nowadays digital education means using multimedia it takes via audio video text images. But traditional education have traditional day achieved they use traditional dresses to education but in digital we see different images the education is easy because of computer and ppt.

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Vikas said: (Feb 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My thoughts regarding this topic is:

Digital education is a very good initiative towards a new idea of learning, but through videos and all a student can't learn everything, still, the student gets doubts to clear that doubts we need lectures. My point is if digital education is started then all the teachers and lecture may be losing their jobs, and Institute will recruit only few teachers Instead of whole staff if with digital education they all secured with their jobs means the digital education will get more importance in future.

Thank you.

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Ankita said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
As we are living in this new digital era, the most common scenario of students is to get learned digitally. They prefer themselves to gear up their knowledge by sailing through the internet and millions of online courses available just a few clicks away, without assigning any tutor. But sometimes it is necessary to go with the traditional education system as it is a much more convenient and practical approach to those who are not that accustomed to self-study, students can clear their doubts more easily and in the faster way if they are stuck in those online video courses. But still, in this digitized generation, I would say traditional education system should embrace itself by grabbing the smarter way of digital education in terms of student's learning perspectives because I believe the ultimate agenda is to motivate the students towards a smooth learning journey.

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Bhavesh Datla said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

According to me as time is changing to the world of smartphones and digitization smart learning should be our prime aim, which includes both Traditional education and Digital Education. See with digital education you can add more learning tools and techniques to traditional education.

One best example is educational tools by Young Digital Planet such as Bingiel teach children of smaller age to teach how to collaborate and work successfully in groups with the help of gamification. Which is the most interactive learning feature for children, which is adopted in the USA.

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Owaish Sabir said: (Feb 9, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital education has improved the education quality, digital education provide the facility of revising the topic unlimited times, if something is not understood you can rewind the video, if a lectured is missed then it can be watched from the playlist, even if continuity breaks in studies can be resume at the same point where it was braked and digital education provide you facility to learn any time and at any place.

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Neyyala Neerajkumar said: (Feb 8, 2020)  
Hi guys myself Neeraj Kumar according to the topic traditional education is good at certain extent we are improving our communication skills and willingness with people and sharing the thoughts in everyone there can increase knowledge easily where digital means when have internet only that time possible I'm not criticizing the digital I think both should be there to understand better and learn easily to the students and train them good students are tomorrow leaders of our nation that it.

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Satakshi said: (Feb 2, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

The digital education system is a system where we made proper use of technology through learning many different things at the same time whereas the traditional education system is learning between the set of class and with the teacher.

In my opinion, both the system has become mixture as we learn things digitally with the teacher.

Individually both have some pros and cons that in traditional education confidence is more than digital education, in digital education we can learn wherever and whenever we want but in traditional education, timming is fixed which sometimes is not appropriate.

So, I think definitely digital education has taken over traditional education but in a positive way.

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Anjali said: (Jan 26, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I do not see traditional education and digital education as two different options. I see them together. Traditional education is good, we are humans right we are not the machine we like to do different things along with studies, which digitally is not possible. Traditional education is best but has some flaws, here I see digital education answers. The traditional system gives the opportunity to participate, shares, meet, involves, cooperate, learn, etc along with study-oriented things which is also necessary for human development. On the other hand, digital education gives individual space where we can grow individually, analyse things according to our own brain speed and also enhance it. Lastly, I say that they together will do best rather than separately.

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Nikhil said: (Jan 12, 2020)  
Warm Greetings everyone,

I would like to add to the discussion that it is traditional education which we have learnt so far so long and that has made us where we are today.

Talking about digital education it is something which is monotonous and you're not able to connect to the person because it's either too fast or too slow and you can't even complaint about the same because it's equal to all.

Whereas traditional education is a two way communication where we can meet the faculty in person and sit in a classroom where we can meet and know people of our kind who are interested in the same course and that brings a sense of competition and Passion for the subject.

Although the future is going to be about digital education but it won't be successful if traditional education is combined with the same.

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Spandana said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
In my point of view, both the digital education and traditional education has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the digital education is we can learn any where from anytime we can watch the online classes which it can be easily understandable to the students.

Disadvantages by using the digital education the students will not be punctual and they don't have much descipline.

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Sahithi said: (Dec 17, 2019)  
Hii, good evening everyone.

Through Digital Education, it is easy way to grasp the subject compare to the traditional way and also can study for a long time by watching the animated videos, also learn in any time from any place, also helps when we want to prepare for some private exams and can remember for a long time but it also raises many health issues after some days. So, the traditional way of education is good from all aspects with little help from digital education, it makes easy where imaging the things is not easy for students.

Thank you.

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Col.Padma Kumar said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
Digital education will get education to individuals in small villages and village schools ensuring equal opportunity for the village children. Our future intellectual potentials lies in the village populace. Imagine a doctoral student who can train in a village hospital and simultaneously study digitally. Digital will save millions for the country when we can avoid the countless money spend today on transportation to educational institutions. However there are some disadvantages for eg. Like social interactions, distraction while studying in homes, etc, which can be overcome. This of course is a vast topic for detailed discussion.

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Arif said: (Oct 17, 2019)  
Hi Guys,

As per the given topic, yes digital education has taken over the traditional education. May be due to the attraction of children's toward the technology now a days. The things which are taught in classroom traditionally, the same thing is taught in the digital platform also but the attraction of children toward the technology is so much now a days that they don't even try to learn that way, the whole concept of learning has gonna changed today.

Here nobody should be blamed for this, as time passes it's in nature of human beings that they change according to time. But the truth is not everyone today prefers digital platform to study, like those who are elders, those who learnt more quickly in traditional way they don't prefer or they don't feel comfortable on digital platform. But equal respect should be given to traditional way also. But there are many drawbacks of traditional education, if someone wants a help of tutor at a particular time he can't get help all the time but in digital education you can access any time or anywhere through internet.

But there are drawbacks of digital education too like if you have any doubt at a particular instant, you can't ask at the moment, instead of that you have to type your doubt in the comment box and wait for the reply that might come after someday, or may not. Digital education is also cheap as compared to traditional education.

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Monis Adnan said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
In my point of view, there is always two shades of everything some good and some bad. As far the technology is concerned then I think digital Education is good cause it enhances the skill and it will provide the best content in the market.

There are many professionals and well-trained trainer or lecturer who shares their experience using the online platform. Where students don't have to hesitate to ask any questions. One of the best things I personally think is best is if we fail in something we don't have feel shame cause no-one gonna show your result to anyone or no-one gonna clinch the result on Notice Board to show all. We can easily access all the content at any time and anywhere.

We can pause or play the content whenever we want and how many time we want whereas in traditional there is time duration of the class and many are not feel free to ask in-crowd.

That's why I personally like Digital Education than Traditional Education.

Thank you.

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Anukriti said: (Sep 19, 2019)  
I feel that both types of education systems have their own pros and cons.

Traditional education is somewhat better in the sense that it inculcates a feeling of healthy competition amongst the students, they can instantly get their doubts cleared, also it not only teaches the textbook knowledge but also gives a platform to students for learning other aspects of life while cooperating with fellow students. This aspect is missing in digital education.

Moreover, in traditional education, the grasping is always better than that from the digital one as it leads to active learning.

While digital education also has benefits. For instance, it penetrates more into the remote areas easily, one can easily access almost anything sitting in their beds for almost free of cost, many alternatives for one single topic so one can choose the best out of them and many more.

But for the younger kids, digital education should not be preferred as they will become lazy and eventually get saturated with studies.

So, we can say that both types run parallel to each other, benefitting different people differently.


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Aman Singh said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Hello everyone greeting!

I think that we can't equate digital education and traditional education because both has different basis.

Traditional education is our old system to give knowledge to people while digital education is a modern techniques to give the knowledge.

Both have their own benefits and losses.

In traditional education, one have go to the college to get the knowledge but in digital it is not so you can learn anywhere and anytime.

For small class student, they require traditional education but when they grow, mature they can learn digitally although a small guy can be teached digitally by using some videos pictures on a digital screen, so at that time digital education can be used as supplement for traditional education so it is impossible to teach everyone digitally some time they need traditional education because digital education never teach us molarity, practical skills, behaviour etc.

But on the other hand, digital education provides us lot of comfortable and make the education more competitive. Today's time everything is digital so if anyone not able to buy they can download it and read it in their gadget's if only they have internet, they can excess videos audio and mnay thing of visulaization that makes the thing very clear to people so we can say digital education good for a mature mens. If you don't know what is right what is wrong then how can you learn the good thing so to decide this you will have go to traditional education.

Both the education have some drawback.

In digital education you can't clear your doubt at instant while in traditional education we can interact, talk to our educator d clear their doubts and in this way a good communication. Is developed and fear of speaking is also removed.

Traditional education make people punctual for their jobs.

So we can say both the education are supplement to each other and both have their own importance answer unimportance.

We can compare it in anyway.

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Sachin said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
Digital education is not limited to video lectures, it is a vast package of online tests, Online Communities, Live feedback etc. With online tests, you are not comparing yourself with 30 students of your classroom but a competition with thousands of students from across the world and you can revise any topic at ant time as you Have access to video lectures.

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Amit said: (Jul 25, 2019)  
Well, according to my opinion, the statement made has mislead the relation between digital education and traditional education. It can be more nicely said that digital education has empowered the traditional education system.

If alone they are taken then they would fail to fulfil as much they can do together.

In Digital mode, it is easy to access any lecture, tutorials, etc. Any time at any place. It can be watched by reversing many times in the same manner but this criteria is also a problem in it. If one is unable to get in one way then its not possible for the person to understand it despite being watched many times because it will repeat the same. For doubts to get clear through this mode it will take time. May be sometimes it will be uncleared.

But in the traditional system, one can clear his/her doubts by the teacher at the same spot where it arises. But in this mode also there are certain limitations in teachers knowledge and their way to explain the things.

So the traditional education system can utilise the digital system to explain the facts more clearly through animations, ppt, 3d view, more cleared microstructures, etc.

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Omi said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
In my point of view, Traditional education is mainly used for getting a degree or certification. It won't improve our skills like they will complete the syllabus and it won't improve our knowledge.

In Digital education, skills and knowledge will be improved knowing practically it will provide a good environment for students after working in the industry it is more helpful to build a career.

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Param Dasondhi said: (Jul 7, 2019)  
According to me, both traditional and digital education is good we can't compare it.

If I talk about the traditional education system as we see many students go to school n they all follow the classroom basis studies which is our education try traditional is continuing from the old age.

N digital education has its own place.

We select one according to our understanding need which is correct.

With the help of traditional education, we can interact with the other student which teach you conversation and communication n disciple but in traditional education, it doesn't teach you this.

I think it depends upon the student what they want to choose or comfortable in which.

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Abhijeet said: (Jul 3, 2019)  
Good morning everyone!

I completely disagree that with the statement that digital education has taken over traditional education.

In the present day, we can easily see the students going to school and coaching classes. These all are classroom bases studies which is our traditional education. This classroom bases study is our tradition which is continuing from old age. Which is described in our holy books.

Even at an early age parent are allowing the children for school education.

Although at the age of higher education they are matured enough to decide which one is better for them. They can opt whatever they want.

Till that time student are enough disciplined. And if someone is not disciplined till that time, he is not going to be disciplined in future.

So traditional education is at its own place.

And digital education is at its own place.

We have to select according to our understanding that which one is correct.

But it is not true that digital education has taken over traditional education.

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Avinash said: (Jul 1, 2019)  
According to me, both digital and traditional education is good at their own place. We can't compare them and said that one take over other.

In many aspect traditional education is better than the digital one like in traditional system children interact with other children, learn the discipline and how to communicate with others or in public. This all things help in there whole life and all these things are not taught by the digital system.

AND, We know that the digital system is cheaper and more flexible. We can use them anytime and anywhere.

It all depends upon the children that, through which education system they are more comfortable and explore there knowledge more.

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Mahesh said: (Jun 24, 2019)  
Good evening.

I think at some point of time we don't have to accept the new advance technology because our conventional and traditional things are far better then new technology. And education is one of that thing. In the past the Indian people are learn in seating the garden and in under the appropriate Guru or teacher. In that along with syllabus of subject the student able to know the discipline, punctuality and self confidence and many more small things like this. Which is essential for educated person in this things are can't be learn from digital education and also the digital education is a time flexible but in the traditional education the student can get the perfect visualization and perception and which is required for better knowledge. And also the labs and practiCal can't be online once you see the practical then you have to performed at least one time to get to know what is actually happened and what is not. And this practicals and the lab sessions are the small scale of our future work which we will doing in our jobs. So the good practical knowledge can be obtain by traditional education compare to digital education. At last, I want to say that at some thing the India has not to forget our conventional and traditional things. We have to stick the some conventional things of India which is required for better future of India. Thank you.

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Siri said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
I think both digital and traditional education have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Digital education cannot take over traditional education and vice versa. It depends on the individual to choose which one over the other.

1. Social interaction:

I feel social interaction is almost nil in digital education. Social interaction includes interaction with teacher and peers. In digital education, despite having online portals for discussion, cannot outweigh the interaction being provided by traditional education.

2. Flexibility:
Digital education is more flexible than traditional education. Digital education is making life easier for people who work and study. They can study whenever they have time. Traditional education is not as flexible as digital education.

3. Budget:
Digital learning is cheaper as compared to traditional learning. Probably it is because traditional education is providing extra facilities which digital education cannot. For example library, etc.

4. Practical experience:
Traditional education gives us a provision to learn things with practical experience. Lab facility is present in traditional education. What we see in lab is just a small scale version of what we are going to deal with at work after the completion of course. This cannot be provided by digital education.

5. Discipline:
For people with discipline and self-motivation, digital or traditional learning doesn't make much difference. But for people who lack them, digital learning is not a very good option.

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Sruthi said: (Jun 20, 2019)  
Good morning to one & all.

Today's topic is about the "Digital education has taken over traditional education". I completely oppose this topic why because in those days students used to have only classroom-based knowledge but today all the students are attracted to the internet and acquiring knowledge based on all the fields. Hence they are becoming known. This point is to remember that students should have to give first priority to practical knowledge instead of academics. In all the cases digital education is providing extra knowledge to the students. In traditional education students may can't able to get clarified for each & every query. But now to get a clear understanding of a particular topic they can watch online classes through LED's & through images, the graphical representation they can understand & remember in an easy manner.

Even they have a doubt most of the students won't ask them may be because of lack of confidence, fear, shyness. Etc. For those candidates, digital education is a wonderful opportunity to get out from their doubts. Finally, traditional education is always apt for children until they get the maturity to judge what is good & what is bad then only parents should have to provide internet facility otherwise they will use it in a wrong way.

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Bhoomi said: (May 28, 2019)  
Traditional Education involves teaching in a way that every student can understand what is taught by the teacher. It involves teachers to guide students to learn by asking doubts and think in a creative way to understand the lessons. Digital education involves teaching with technology. It helps students to understand clearly with more advanced graphical teaching. The picturised with of lessons enables the students to remember for a longer time. But it does not help to increase the creativity of the student.

Both digital Education and Traditional education has its pros and cons. There are some parts of the world where digital education has not been introduced to students. The Education system is using digital education to make students understand the subject clearly. The combination of Digital education and traditional education is very helpful for the students. It takes several years for digital education to completely take over traditional education in our country.

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Rashi said: (May 24, 2019)  
Well in my view, the education system is completely ruined. Isn't it? I prefer traditional educational system cuz it has a natural way of learning n practical protocols, but now everything they want practical just option for digital, well I'm not saying that all is not well with digital it has its tremendous uses like for introverts n for inferiors. But we need to remember all great supremely talented creatures like apj Abdul kalam, n all our ancestors all came up from traditional arena n they are the builders of technology. But we digitally studious kids do lag that brains jus because of digital education. Why so far looking at our parents they are faster.

And accurate in their knowledge in every field without any help but we need a digital screen for everything to Google. So yeah, digital has taken over traditional sadly but can't help it.

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Sharma said: (May 7, 2019)  
Hi, good afternoon friends,

I want to discuss digital education has taken over traditional education. Every coin has a two side one is pros another one is cons. First up all we will discuss pros.


* Nowadays people like digital ways only. Just think wherever we go want to save time it is only possible in digital ways. It is the main reason people love digital ways.
* Many of them easily understand anything especially education oriented through video lectures.
* Maximum people love to study early morning or late at night. That time it is very useful.
* People mentality anything to study like app. In mobile phone has a lot of apps, so people easily use it and get knowledge through this one.
* Somebody don't want to go to classes to study. It is very useful for them.


* Education means discipline. So I think digital education never teach discipline.
* We have more knowledge without discipline it is not useful.
* Relationship also plays a major role in our life, but we go for digital education don't get it.


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Ayushi said: (Apr 28, 2019)  
Good morning everyone.

Today our topic has digital education is undertake traditional education yes it is true that digital education take traditional education and it is good for the students as well as the environment too. Students can study at any time with this. While working in office or morning time or in the night time.

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Naveena D said: (Mar 27, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends.

According to me, Obviously, digital education has taken over traditional education. Because technology development is moving to the next level. So, the traditional education system will be changed into a digital system environment. So it will be easily developing our skills as well as it is difficult to adapt to others.

Thank you.

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Abhi said: (Mar 10, 2019)  
Obviously, Digital education is good to compare to traditional. It's like Using Activa 5G scooter instead of Activa 3g. Even we can learn whatever we want through digital education. For example, there are too many websites like coursera, open2study, sololearn providing good quality education at a low cost.

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Shaikh Saddam Gulam said: (Mar 9, 2019)  
Well, it's a no doubt that structure of education changes with time and definitely it should be, With the advancement of technology and tools education, has been modified and now to take education and to give education there are a plethora of resources available. I would like to start by referring that yes Digital education dominated traditional education and it's fact that even if student pursuing from prestigious colleges still, rely on online references and guidance. Why? First, owing to trend and uncountable references are available on the Internet and it attracts students, furthermore we can easily access it from any corner and even a poor student can hear to the well-renowned professor by just having required internet connectivity. Quality and reasonable prices are other facts of online education.

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Krishnapriya said: (Mar 4, 2019)  
Good morning everyone. So today we have the topic "has digital education overtaken traditional education?" Yes, ofcourse, digital is overtaking traditional education. But we know evry coin has its pros and cons. So, I would like to start with its pros.

* it gives your crystal clear idea on each topic. The topics which we can't imagine can be seen through animations which is a great boon. There are students who are weak at imagining, so these videos will help them and might enhance their thinking ability.

* any time you can have these videos. There are people who want to study during night time or early morning. So these videos and apps can help them.

*there are so many capsules like formulas etc. So if we forget anything, just go the app and type it and we will get what we want.

So everything is readymade. We will get what we want within a point away. But I would like to give a definition of education.

Education is not just about studying. It's about discipline, culture, respect and relation between Guru and Shishya. It teaches us how to respect elders, society and a lot more. How to behave with our parents and strangers etc. So basically, culture has been lost in digital education which I think is greatest among all. Education is a combination of these things. So traditional education is all about culture and what I said before but yes it won't give readymade videos or capsules. People have to face lots of difficulties because you won't get the topic what we want in a single book, we have to go behind these things and spend lots of money but we have libraries ok?

I would like to have a mixture of digital and traditional education. Is this possible?

But yes, digital education has taken over traditional education because we want everything to be done as easiest as possible, without facing any difficulties. So is that really good or bad? I give it to you guys.

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Sourabh said: (Feb 10, 2019)  
In my point of view, digital education is more beneficial for all the people because in traditional time we don't have many resources to study but today with the advancement of technology and internet we have access to ebooks, e-learning websites and thousands of online video tutorials we can do study from anywhere using the internet. Digital method of learning saves a lot of time and effort but it doesn't replaces the traditional method of education because we all know that schools and colleges are root key and home for students and also there is no teacher student consultation in case of digital education. So digital education is make the education system more better.

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Akram Khan said: (Feb 6, 2019)  
Good morning everyone.

Today Our topic for discussion is whether digital education has taken over traditional education.

It is very interesting topic for discussion. So, according to my point of view, modern generation become such type they want to learn more in such few time that is possible with the help of digital education. One most important thing the digital education is cheaper than traditional education because traditional education requires coaching institute and staff for this. It can be access any where in the world at any time.

So, digital education become a most wonderful power for youth generation. But it have some disadvantages like wasting of time is more in digital education system, because some we waste lot of time in playing games and watching videos and movies on that equipment on which we study.

The topic which we can't understand in time we can understand this topic watching the video more times.

Thank you.

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Rishi Pandey said: (Feb 2, 2019)  
Hello guys, hope you all doing well!

Coming to today's topic that whether digital education taken over traditional education?

I'm totally in favour of digital education because with the help of it you can access the knowledge from any corner of the world through internet. Earlier people have to rely on others for learning but now they can easily go through the concepts with the help of digital education as there are tons of website which helps you in getting the best knowledge with best concepts. Its the opportunity for the students to learn more smartly as it saves there time rather preferring some institution, paying thousands and traveling large distances. They can watch the video's anytime anywhere without any interruption.

Coming to the critical situation of rural areas education, it is also a golden chance to them to accept this digital education as we know technology is reaching to every corner so why should we take advantage and use it well for ourselves. Rural children's can learn more smartly and practically instead of going to some rural coaching institute where teachers aren't that knowledgeable, as smartphones are very common nowdays, so why don't we use it for our betterment and for our benefit.

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Rasheed said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

I am glad to take an opportunity to initiate the group discussion.

Today our discussion topic is digital education has taken over the traditional education.

In my point of view, the digital education has many advantages over traditional education using technology we can access any content through internet access as digital education does not require a physical teaching with this we can reduce our learning time with good end results cost of the digital education is also very low with this we can able to know the content in a practical manner whatever we think.

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Reddy said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
Hai, friends.

I'm partially agreeing with this topic because if education depends on internet then adult children are not interested in learning with the support of net. They are try to play games and watch what they want. So that traditional education would help a lot to learn behaviour and being polite with neighbours, friends etc. However, both systems have some advantages and limitations. Digital education helps to reduce the time. And helps to increase the technology. China do the same so that China people are smart workers rather than hard works. In that country they give preference for technology rather than traditional works.

By the way, traditional education is better for adults and apart from that digital education is right.

Thank you.

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Vidya said: (Dec 19, 2018)  
Hello friends.

Yes, I agree with a topic that digital education really overtaken traditional education. When we look at digital education we can access any corner of the world with the help of Internet access. Digital education act as the other teacher & guider who use this in the right way. When we look at another side of a coin is traditional education, it is very expensive, time taking. It Totally depends on physical exitance and also it should be followed as a daily transaction.

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Madhumita Dey said: (Dec 13, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

With the fastest growing world, technology is growing much faster. Earlier, students and professionals both were dependent on some institute, teacher and notes in order to learn a new topic or subject.

They need to dress up, spend time travelling every scheduled day at a particular hour given by the teacher to learn something new.

But, Nowadays, everything is much easier and convenient. Everything is available digitally either on youtube, where you can learn for free or buying some online courses, which has lots of advantages such as.

1- Cheaper than the coaching provided by the teachers physically teaching.
2- No extra spending on travelling including time-saving.
3- videos are accessible for a lifetime is one of the huge advantages.

So, yes!

Digital education has taken over traditional education and is more convenient for everybody who has the eager to learn more things even though he does not have sufficient money to spend,

Also for people who are busy working and cannot take out time to go for traditional education.

Thank you.

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Harshi said: (Dec 10, 2018)  
Hello friends.

Nowadays everyone knows about technology. People learn concepts easily by using digital education. Moreover in our country lack of government teachers in rural areas if we introduce digital education in villages they will get advantages. Further, more digital education provides animation and working of the different equipment. From this videos, each and every student understands the concepts very clearly. On the other hand, traditional education has its own benefits. In traditional education students have a chance to ask their doubts at that time only and doubts will get clarified instantaneously. When the teacher says students listen carefully.

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Subrat Kishore Rautaray said: (Nov 21, 2018)  
Hi ! friends hope you all doing well. I agree with this digital education system instead of the traditional system because of some following points are given below.

1. First of all, it's very "TIME CONSUMING" because if you have an internet connection and a smartphone then you can search your problem and google gives you your exact solution as well as related solution. Its cool you know.

2. Secondly its very "USER-FRIENDLY "because you can access the internet and get your result wherever you are throughout the world. But in case of traditional education teacher may not be available in this particular time for help but it can possible in digital education as I have said in previous point.

3. Thirdly my point is "CLEAR CONCEPT".

It means as the name suggested "TRADITIONAL"leads to clear concept. But it will be overcome by digital education. If you search a full course about a specific topic and then you can get easily.

And most interesting fact is in traditional education you may come under 1 or 2 or max 3 teachers in order to solve your problem but in traditional education I mean to say in "YOU TUBE" you can learn regarding the same problem from numerous videos of individual teachers (10 teachers approax).

4. We all know that no one can exist in this world with purity of 100%. Every system has some merits and demerits. You can take a demerit of a digital system as you can not make a one to one communicate with the teacher when you access "you tube" but it can possible in case of an online conference.

At last, I would like to say now we are in a digital world and we have to keep updated ourselves and for that, we can not depend on traditional education. Now we want more in less time which is possible in traditional education system. That's all. THANK YOU.

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Arun said: (Nov 2, 2018)  
I think both the ways has a unique advantages as well as disadvantages.

In digital education we learn things whenever we want like me I like to study in night time so it is very much useful for me and cost of eductaion is also less compared to offline.

In offline education we have direct interaction with teachers it enable to ask douts at a time.

And it helps to meet new peoples and we share our opinions to colleagues and we also learn more things from them.

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Whether Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education?

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