What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

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VAIBHAV SINGH said:   3 years ago
I would like to add some major causes for increasing population:


Aniket Gupta said:   3 years ago
Hello friends, this is my first time to express my feeling on such a big platform. I hope my points would be considered. See population is the root cause of all problems we are facing today and instead of increasing we should decrease our population Ofcourse not by killing we can control this in 100-150 years for this span of the year it should be mandatory not to have more than one child it's very strict but is only solution otherwise it looks a big mass extinction is very near. Hope it does not hurt any of yours feeling I guess this is only way people keep on blaming science but science is helping to fulfil this increasing population demand if the population would be less then there would be no problem.

Sahil thakur said:   3 years ago
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my views at this big platform. According to my point of view, I think not just people should be educated about this but also govt should take some strict measures To overcome this problem and govt should also make sure that the measures would be executed strictly.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to my point of view, Population will be increasing continuously in our country. Because of the reason not that much of awareness among the peoples. Educated people knows increasing about the population growth in our country. So each and every person will know about the growth of people. So we can control and prevent the increasing the growth of population.

Thanking You.

Mohammad Sami said:   5 years ago
One child policy is against human right. In a Democratic country like India, it is not possible to apply this policy.

Moreover, one child policy does not see the way substantial result in the growth rate of the economy. Indeed it may lead to a decline in the future growth rate.

Sunakshi said:   6 years ago

I think increasing Population is the biggest challenge for India our population is inc day by day. There should be at least some.

Major steps which our gov. Should definitely take and these are as follows:

# Govt Should provide more and more jobs so that peoples in rural areas do not require many children to earn bread.

# Govt Should organize family planning camps and also try to aware them benefits of small family.

# Govt Should order medical shops that are in rural areas to sell contriseptic pills and other precautionary things at much lower prices to people.

# Govt Should also try to hold '' PANCHAYATS'' in rural areas and make people aware of equality of gender because.

This is also one of the biggest cause of inc. Population i.e. "BOY" they continuously give births to children until they.

Get a son.

# Govt Should also provide some special benefits to people who have one or only two children. This will encourage.

Others also to reproduce less.

# Govt Should also take strict actions against early marriages in rural areas.

# Govt Should make it compulsory for those people who have two children '' STERILIZATION '' for man or woman any.

One from the couple.

# Govt Should also encourage more and more in urban areas to ''ADOPT A CHILD '' rather than reproduce, and provide these couple some extra benefits.

These are some of the major actions/ steps that must govt of India should take if they seriously want to get INDIA rid of this big problem.

Rahul said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, some solution to this problem may be adopted like educating the people whether small or adult especially the children and subject like health education must be introduced so that they would aware about the concept of family planning and sex education. They must know that value of small family and disadvantages of a large one. As for government, they should follow the policy of foreign countries like those individuals have more than one or two children he/she cannot get any job in public/government sector, and I think this should be the best way to control high birth rate in our country.

Ravindra said:   6 years ago
India is a big country and largest people belong to ruler area and these are not educated and lack of knowledge about sex. So government should first interactive about that what is this and make a hard rule for every citizen and apply as soon as possible and the second thing he promoted to what is bani fit and what is bad effect for a new generation. And my opinion, every person thinks about this.

Mithilesh said:   6 years ago
One child policy was a policy introduced in 1979 to control population of China. China also claimed that it was successful in implementing the policy. India being the 2nd most populous country in the world should also adopt these methods to see growth rate in the economy. The china has seen the growth rate by implementing this policy.

Also if there is more population than more consumption of natural resources and there is limited resources so we should conserve natural resources by implementing one child policy.

Now a day pollution become one of the biggest issue which is the result of more population, if there will less population than there will less pollution which is coming out from vehicles as a result people's will more healthy. One can think that Vehicles pollution can be controlled by using CNG but CNG is not available in bulk mass so there is no option other than decreasing population.

At last I would like to say that one day must come when Indian government must have to implement one child policy so, it is better to implement as soon as possible so that this generation can come out of home without wearing mask.

JJ Govind said:   6 years ago
According to me the govt of India should implement strict rules and regulations on these issue and spread awareness especially in village and punish those people how violate the rules.

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