Value-based Politics is the Need of the Hour

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Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

So friends in my point of view, that we should need value-based politics in our country. We require a true leader to our country. So we should have to elect the right persons to our country.

At the same time, the present generation must show interest in coming to politics then only our country leads to a developed country.

To days present situation of politics is ln worst condition.

So the present generation of the youth also should come to run our country into a developed nation.

So the media should make to notice to the people and give the motivation about politics and should make our country into a developed nation.

So in my point of view, by coming to the youth generation to the politics with good and new ideas and new technologies and well educations development sectors should be placed in the nation.

Anomie said:   5 years ago
Media also must bring the real face of political parties and politicians.

Also, people must enculcate the value of humanity, truthfulness, etc and encourage them to go in politics.

If such measures are not followed then we shall never be able to place our country's name in list of developed nations.

Meena said:   5 years ago
Politics is a philosophy old ideology and a school of thought in human civilization. Politics really matters a lot in the 21st century in Indian democracy, politics has always been placed in high esteem. Since time immemorial. Politics is a profession, vocation for a few, life for some. No. For all others. Gone are the golden days of true ideal & real politics in India. Friends, unfortunately, there are many perplexing loopholes between "Politics as a theory " and "politics as a practice".

Atul soni said:   6 years ago
The above discussion was fine I agree with most of the opinions and would like to add one more point regarding elections. India is a parliamentary democracy not presidential we vote for MPs and MLAs not for a chief minister or prime minister so at the time of voting we should opt a good MP or MLA. We should never vote for any candidate just because he or she belongs to our community or cast. We should go through his or her moral values and background. We should keep in mind that prime minister will not come to you to solve your problems. Your MP will solve the problems of your constituency so vote for him if he is good.

And one more most vital point I would like to add for our constitution "Democracy without education is hypocrisy without limitation". We should decide minimum educational qualification for each post that will help a lot in introducing value-based politics in our system.

Sagar said:   7 years ago
First of all, we need such type of politicians who can bring transparency system in government processes and as well as every welfare projects. The government have to work constantly for the welfare of the masses. And in this process media will play a vital role as they had to show Is the government Doing the work in a right way or the government leaders are indulges in unfair practices. All the govt have to go is strict the various norms.

Manvi said:   7 years ago
I think that in India Some of the politicians are corrupt and they themselves do not follow the rule that is meant to be followed. Sometimes even the public choices do not matter to these politicians. I believe that Politicians should have cared for the country and even for the welfare of the people. Everyone should have that much observation and understanding to select the right instead of any other person. We are given a chance to elect and to do something for the country indirectly and that moment if we do not choose the right one then what's the use.

In my point of view, India is a democratic country and everyone here is equal. Politicians should also have that much right until they have a major power. From the last 70 years of independence, one of the major obstruction in the path of enhancement of India is Corruption. Our Prime Minister has taken a very good decision to change the currency, I totally respect it and agree with it.

India has various resources but until they are used in a proper manner.

Nan said:   7 years ago
Yeah, I agree that Value-based Politics is the Need in India at this time. We keep on saying that creating awareness among people is the best way to introduce value in Politics, but who will create awareness we can't believe on media or social network. So we youngster should create awareness through any way that we like. The youngster should come into politics and law should be changed like "those who had any complaint in police station regarding of criminal or civil cases he/she will not be able to stand in the election. Those who stand in a election have also certain education qualification.

M S Jamwal said:   7 years ago
Value based politics is eroded from the political fraternity owing to the reason of illiterate representatives we opt to represent the literate society. The value of anything can only be felt if our vision is broad based and we are explored to the horizons of society. Having no sound backgrounds of ethical hierarchy, these politicians make the whole society captivated by lucrative promises and it is the nature of we people to fall into the trap of goodies being promised. So analyzing the whole episode we too fall short of moral values which tend us to forward value less people to represent us.

Ravi verma said:   7 years ago
During 70 years of independence of India. Political system is badly effected by dirty politics as cast creed money and all others. Are effect the people's voting environment. This is the result of such dirty type of political system which give corruption. Unemployed youth. Undeveloped development. Bikassheel country. Youth and farmers are most tortured. So. Leaders should develop with in youth. Such that one new India is discovered.

Prabu said:   8 years ago
My view is, one who wants a country to get developed, should be responsible for their own. Our politics have to be changed as - youngsters should express their ideas in the way of the experienced persons. One has to be true to oneself.

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