Trade can help the poor?

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Nishigandha Babar said: (Jun 26, 2021)  
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, first of all, we need to understand the meaning of the keywords used in question.

So Trade means nothing different but it is business or transfer of goods & services from one person to another in the form of exchange of money. It is also called as market where selling & buying carried out.

Second is poor so poor means such people having suffering from unemployment, no money to survive, their living standard is low compared to other person living in community.

But due to trading people got employment so there condition will be change.

Due to trading market is available for small household products also.

Small factories also rising due to trading, & common people got job as well as Change their living standard.

Poor people become self- reliant, they able to establish their own companies. So trade help the poor by giving employment & also trade helps to eliminate poverty.

Thank you.

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Dabloo said: (Sep 25, 2020)  
Yes, trade can help poor people because if the trade is going on then transportation is also,

Culi job also increases so our economy is growing, if the economy grows means that our country will grow and make fund on a government school, college, University so that poor's children will obtain easily education.

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Anomies said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Hello friends, I am Akash goyal.

India is a very large country and many people are unemployed. A large no of educated and non-educated people are unemployed. Many people have a talent but this has not shown our talent. This is part of the poor. Trade gives an open opportunity to give every person this helps for developing the poor and unemployed person they are able to get success.


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Gupta said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
Yes, according to me, trade can help the poor. As we know when the trade increases the employment opportunities also increase. That help to grow our economy. If poor people get employed their standard of living will be increasing that help to eradicate poverty in any nation.

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Naveena D said: (Mar 27, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends.

According to me, Trade can help the poor. Because of technology growth and trade development is increased day by day, So, the trading system can help the poor. Farmers and industry peoples and common peoples are also depending upon the trading system. It will be developed day by day. And it will changed our life history. So it will be helpful for common peoples.

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Sonali said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
Yes I agree. It will to get job for people. It will satisfy our needs. It will bebefit even for uneducated people also.

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Rajesh Yadav said: (Mar 27, 2018)  
Well, according to me, trade can help the poor, As no country is self-sufficient. Moreover, the resources available are scarce in nature so they should be judiciously used so as to get the maximum benefit.

Trade is majorly divided following parts :-.

1) Import.

2) export.

3) interstate trade.

Interstate trade means trading between the different states with the country. Irrespective of the fact how big and small the commodity may be.

On the other hand, import means bringing in or purchasing of the goods from the foreign countries. In return, one has to pay foreign exchange.

Export simultaneously involves the selling of the goods to the foreign countries which helps in earning foreign exchange.

As per many economists export should always be more than the import as its beneficial for the economic growth creates more job opportunity, the countries economy gets strengthen. On the contrary, the import should be less as it has a negative and adverse effect not only on the people but also on the economy.

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Ayyash said: (Nov 18, 2017)  
It's indeed that trade can help poor people to stay up with their feet without being jobless That's why everyone should trade in that trade trading you will be somebody.

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Manoj said: (Sep 1, 2017)  
According to my point, trade is the most important thing our life. Trade is also helping for poor people because its create more types of both job and work opportunities. They don't have workless.

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Divya said: (Aug 8, 2017)  
Yeah, of-course the trade can help poor. The only thing we need to clear is that we should provide a higher quality product at lower price ie. Comparing to others. Then only we can reach a peak at the short period of time. For example daily witness we notice like flipkart, shopclues and etc. And very important is we need to approach poor.

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Divya said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Yes, Trade can help the poor if done in a good way. The question is not that trade can help te poor or not, the question is the trade done honestly or not? If the trade is done honestly, then there would be no point of corruption and then there might be no poverty line ever.

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Salman said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
Pakistan is basically an agricultural country, 70 percent of agriculture include in it trade can eliminate poverty because exports can increase money ratio of country's goods.

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Thilagavathi said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
I agree that trade helping to the poor people. And also it gives many job opportunities to the poor people in our country. If we'll improve the trade means definitely the poor people will improve themselves.

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Rocky said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Hi friends, I agree that trade can help the poor. We all know that INDIA is still an underdeveloped country. In INDIA 60% people are suffering many problems like basic needs. Trade can help these type of people.

Because in trade no need of special skills or any degree. Trade can help either poor or rich. In India, a lot of a number of people depend on trade.

Trade only beneficial for poor when some foundation on traders.

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Sanket Waghmare said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I fully agree with all of you but want to add some thoughts to the discussion. India is still known to be the underdeveloped country the only reason behind is the rich peoples. They themselves developing their trades by the extremely hard work of poor peoples and take away the whole credits, there are no proper facilities, no sufficient salary, no stable work to the workers. They treat them like nothing although they the are the backbone of their trades because of that poor becomes poorer and rich becomes richest.

Trade will help a lot of poor peoples if we apply some strict rules on the traders.

Comment and suggest if any. Thank you!

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Rohit Kumar said: (Jul 20, 2016)  

What is the meaning of trade is the selling and buying any good thing by online?

In offline the trade is also helping to the poor person by the trading, trade gives the good materials, good labors and give the benefits the poor person, this also helps. Trades focusing on helping the developing the country.

Trades are also helped in developing the economy of a country.

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Shraddha Agnihotri said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
Hello, guys! I don't know more about this topic. Buy however in my opinion. Trade can help the poor but when the poor aware of it. Nowadays online trading is most popular than offline trading you all know about this. Poor also can use online trading. But those people who are poor with uneducated. They are suffering such many problems like this. Its has many ways of helping the poor. A question is can trade help the poor. And my answer will yes absolutely.

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Abhishek said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
Trading is another means of earning for the poor. It also creates self-employment in many cases.

Most of the poor are illiterates. So for them, the best way of earning money is by through "TRADING". For this, the government should motivate the poor illiterates and have to teach the uses of trading. Finally, I want to conclude this topic with a single statement:"if a country is said to be a Developed Country if and only if trading is Good in that country.

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Alok Tiwari said: (Jan 27, 2015)  
Hello friends,

Myself Alok and I want to add my points as we all know that INDIA is under-developed nation. But when we can go in depth of this question that why we are under developed? Then we can find a single answer where every economist of INDIA would agree because of our poor trading policy, poor approach of trading and it would also satisfied the point that why our most of citizens not take part in trade.

So if we would apply a good policy on INDIA's trading system then it will help everyone not only poor's but every citizen of INDIA.

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Robin Tyagi said: (Apr 30, 2014)  
Trading is of course a very good option for reviving the economy. In a country like India, where we have masses that are unemployed {both educated and ineducated}, the practice of trade can turn out to be a boon for the nation. Both educated and uneducated people can pursue trading activities (as it doesn't require much of technicality) thus improving the their social and economic conditions that will eventually boost the economics of the nation as whole.

Having that said, there is another point that needs to be considered that is GOVERNMENT involvement. Government must take steps to provide basic training of trading techniques along implementing adequate safeguard for rights of people who are indulged in such activities.

If this happens, then only we can expect that trading "actually is beneficial" for you, for me and for everyone else.

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Areefa Banu said: (Feb 19, 2014)  

According to me, yes trade can help poor. For trading the traders don't need any technical knowledge. Trader should know only about his environment and then can apply some good strategy like.

1. Initially trader should get less goods. If success full in selling, trader can take next step so on. So that he/she can easily sell what people really need. Then of-course trader will be happy and this will raising the standard of living of the poor. :).

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Akash said: (Feb 13, 2014)  
Hello friends, I am Akash goyal. I am satisfied this topic. India is a very large country and many people are unemployed. Large no of educated and non educated people are unemployed. Many people have a talent but this have not show our talent. This is part of poor. Trade give a open opportunity to give a every person this is very help for developing the poor and unemployed person they are able to get a success.

Please give response and suggestion. Thanks.

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Sbl said: (Jan 31, 2014)  
Hi, friends I want to share my ideas on this topic "Trade can help the poor". Trade means exchange of goods. Buyer return money for goods. I want to tell you about an oil merchant. He don't know exactly what is trade, he is an illiterate but he has an experience, from that he survive. He calculate himself what is profit, how much cost he put in expenses and sell oil.

So many merchants doing trade very nicely, even though they didn't know it. Trade can help the middle class people also poor. Poor people can trade on their suitable things.

If poor people can use it properly then it really help the poor.

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Megha said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
Hi to everyone, I am also interested in presenting my views regarding this topic. Trade can really help poor in their development as trade is something that doesn't require any kind of knowledge, degree, talent, etc. It only develops by the experience, your great observation that are available to the poors. Poor people can use their experience and their day-to-day observations of market in order to involve themselves in trading. This can surely help the poor people in order to feed their families.

Though they do not earn huge amount of money from this, but at least that much money is sufficient for the survival of their families and also for making them independent.

It makes them self dependent so that they do not beg before others for atmost food for one time for them.

HENCE, trade really makes life of poor people easier.


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Pankaj Singh said: (Jan 18, 2014)  
Hi friend,

My consideration on this topic is there are lots of people who is not educated and not rich that they could feed there family. At that time they think to go for the small trade or business which can help there family to grow. Many people do not have there own land so they move at footpath to execute there business. Some time the municipality remove them from the footpath but again they move there because they have no any other way to feed there family. Thus they spend there life as a small trader.

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Guru said: (Jan 1, 2014)  
Yes I agree with this statement, a poor can help his self by taking option of business or trade as his/her earning medium. I want to share one thing that I resides in that place where every Wednesday, budh bazar is established and there lots of people who are even not educated, but make their stalls ready for selling their material to customers, and all are not rich but they trade as they how to trade in a market, they know the changes of market prices and taste of customers. So poor can also trade and earn as he want to. A poor should be helped by government as they are part of country, they can trade or do work. Practice or habit of anything can change us.

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Ayushi said: (Oct 6, 2013)  
Hello one and all.

I would like to express my views on this topic. Yes. Trade really help poors to improve their conditions because they get good prices of their goods through trading. It is a good way through which they can commercialize their product well because in their area. All the people of their standard were there which can't give the appropriate price for their product but through trading they can get good amount which increase their income and in return help to increase demand of their Product.

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Saikumar said: (Sep 17, 2013)  
Hi, here we are discussing the topic 'will trade can help for the poor people'. Then answer for this question in my thoughts is 'yes'. Because there are many people in India are in poverty. So they use the trading techniques to decrease their poverty and it is better to our country also. So the country goes above the poverty line.

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Imdadul said: (Aug 14, 2013)  
Hi. 'TRADE' means what? at first we all have to know about trade and try to help knowing the actual meaning of trade. The poor people who have no sufficient money to exist in world how can they know about trade. We all have to take initial step to help poor people.

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Roh said: (Aug 10, 2013)  
In my opinion I would say that first a fall we all know that India has more population of people who are suffering from poverty and there are very less people who are rich. So person who don't have money for studying they prefer trading. So I think that trade help the poor.

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Chaitra said: (Jul 25, 2013)  
Trading is another means of earning for the poor. It also creates self employment in many cases. Apart from the people who depend mostly on farming, we can also note that India is very rich in art and culture. So there are many possibilities that people can come up with their talents, like for example, preparing hand loom products, embroidery, etc. Hence trading gives an opportunity to earn for poor as well as to spread the culture not only in India but also to the world. Hence trading not only improves the poor man's standards of living, but also the nation's economy.

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Hareesh said: (Jul 17, 2013)  
Hai friends! the topic here we discussing is "can trade help the poor". The answer for this quote is "yes" because, India is a family of more poor people and less rich people.

Most of the poor are illiterates. So for them the best way of earning money is by through "TRADING". For this the government should motivate the poor illiterates and have to teach the uses of trading. Finally I want to conclude this topic with a single statement:"if a country is said to be a Developed Country if and only if trading is Good in that country.

Thank you friends.

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Sabari said: (May 17, 2013)  
Hi all, I accept all your opinion, but many of the village people even do not know what is trade, I thought most of the people who are in software field and well educated people only known about trading, nowadays its very helpful to only high class people. How it will help poor people. See consider me as a very poor, how can I invest the money? So in this scenario first I need money, then I need clear idea on trading. I think if we really thought poor people need a trading, we need to teach trading techniques with free manner and we have to help through money.

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Rimpi said: (Mar 29, 2013)  
Trading directly does not help the poor section of the people in our world. Throughout the world there are people belonging to different economic status as well as they have a wide range of literacy level from illiterate to highly educated men. Trading can be indulged to people who are unemployed or those who are intelligent but illiterate from the view point of inability of their parents to make them educated. This will help a large section of people to become employed. But in order to do so they must first have some certificate to get into a job related to trading and hence many are overthrown from the employment seat. Again in order to invest their own money they must first earn a lump sum and then enhance that money.

On the other hand one may say that yes trading helps poor to a little extent. Because if the cooperative societies like dairy farm etc gains profit through shares then they extend their business territory and hence the poor people engaged in different small sectors of job even in villages may get a chance to earn better and live a bit better comfortable livelihood.

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Ani said: (Mar 27, 2013)  
Hi all,

Of course, Obviously trade helps the poor people. There is no need of any confusion. In fact trade is a part of the poor people lives. It seems there is no such rule exists that trade only belongs to rich not for poor. In our country farmers are the best branch of trade. They cultivate something good in their fields, and make buying and selling directly or indirectly. They are the good server of the nation. Finally I want to say that without trade many of the people including poor can't survive.

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Rahul Udhwani said: (Mar 26, 2013)  
Hey Friends,

I am very excited for share my opinion with you all on this topic.

These days we cannot deem with out Trade. We have to depend on Trade for our daily needs and Trade will definitely help to poor. Poor people can start their small business after got little knowledge. We often saw in rural areas there is inhabitant used sell vegetable, fruits, pitcher and many small things and they are easily manage their daily needs, Enhance trade will also help to rural's guys as we know they guys are not very educated. So trade is manage them according their knowledge and give them sufficient pay. Moreover trade is always there for poor people and take initial action toward to remove poverty from India.

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Chetan Sharma said: (Feb 27, 2013)  
HI, If poor people aware about the trade. It also enhance their livelihood and it also help in growth of their country. When we go to the remote areas where people are used sell vegetables, fruits, such other things. By this they can earn money with the help of this trading system.

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Mahesh said: (Jan 24, 2013)  
HI, friends in my opinion trading will help the poor, but one thing that we people should do is that we should encourage the people and we have to enhance them by telling what are the advantages in this field.

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Nirmal Singh said: (Jan 9, 2013)  
Hi. Friends I also like to give my mind about this topic. I literally agree with this topic. India is a very big country if we see according to the population but it is backward in case of poverty. If we want to see India in a top position then we have to eradicate the unemployment and for this we require to develop the poor.

Trading is one of the way for developing the livelihood of the poor. Yes. It does not require any vast knowledge about trading as it is the exchange of goods and for this no entrepreneurship is also required. So why not these poor develop their lifestyle by trading?

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Satish Kumar Sen said: (Dec 2, 2012)  
Hi, I am happy to join with concern in this topic, I am totally agree with all of you education is not very important for trading the poor people which is live in society they know there good or bad. The rural people is in the issue there is most of the business in India do below poverty line people. The government also think and do all those people which is illustrate and those which have no work.

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Raju said: (Nov 20, 2012)  
Hi everyone. I agree with many of you. I believe that trading definitely helps the poor. The best part in trading is that it doesn't requires any good education qualification. If they are little bit trained, they can easily become top traders. It helps them to survive themselves in the society. Therefore, it improves their standard of living. As India is a big in population, so government unable to provide jobs to everyone. The jobs in both the private sector and public sector are limited. So, first of all, the government should allow many trading companies/organizations in the society.

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Umesh said: (Nov 11, 2012)  

I am happy to share my thoughts about this Topic. Yes, trading can be done anyone only when he/she expert in the that field. Coming to poor people, Generally there are lacking with proper education or knowledge. If they properly trained in the trading, they become succeeded in trading and improve their standard of living. Importantly, the poor people can easily adopt to trading as it require minimum education.

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Feby Meera said: (Nov 6, 2012)  
India is secular democratic socialistic country and also under developed country usually Indians are farmers and their livelihood is agriculture but the changes in recent years will affect the life of the farmers and the people forcefully changed their lifestyle to the current situation all of dreamed better life and better life environment but the situation is crucial trading is another opportunity to the people but the problem is unawareness and they are not well enough to utilize their resource and corruption and bribery plays necessary role in the field of business and also inequality.

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Poonam said: (Oct 3, 2012)  
Hi All, According to me trading definitely help poor. Because India is a big country. A very large percentage people in India is come under poverty line. Even govt. Couldn't provide standard of jobs to everyone. Jobs in private and public sectors are limited. But with help of trading people can improve their standard of living. They manage themselves in society. Best point in trading is that not of very educated people is required. Little bit educated even uneducated people also do that. If they get little training they can be good trader. Trading not only help people to improve their standard of living but getting tax from that also help in our economy growth. Trading is definitely good for poor people and also improve their standard of living.

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Poonam said: (Oct 2, 2012)  
Hi Everyone, I would like to share my views on this topic. According to me trade can help the poor. Because in India more than 50% people are illiterate. They have not good opportunity to grow. But through trading they can improve their standard of living. In trading not so much education is required little bit knowledge and intelligence is enough for trading. If we give little bit of training to uneducated people about trade then he can also improve their standard of living with help of trade.

Through trading we can reduce the problem of unemployment and poverty also.

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Kishan said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
Trade is not for poor people, because its required investment. But if medium class family comes for trading, its better country, because if people earn money, then they will pay income tax. Nowadays in India only 2. 77% people give income tax for develope the country. My manner is not to change the topic, but if low level people also improve their life through trading of small part of their income.

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Mohammad Naim said: (Aug 3, 2012)  
Hi Everyone, Topics is very good to discuss, It is very good to trade for poor people, but it is not ethical, because it required some investment & Entrepreneur skills, until they get good education & Government support they can not trade, if they do, I am sure they will get loss only.

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Saddsa said: (Aug 1, 2012)  
As we all know that trade play an important role in development of country as well as it also help the poor to earn their lives. Definitely trade is just like torch which can help the poor to run with this dark world. Overall trade can help the poor to to overcome those problems through which they are suffering.

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Vidya said: (Jul 29, 2012)  
Yes. Trade plays an important role in the development of a country. Even poor also get chances to develop themselves in their life's. If the trade is very good in a country we can say that the country is developed. The financial position and the standard of living of the people in the country.

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Sadhana said: (Jul 17, 2012)  
Yes. Trade help the poor people and also for country.

The poor people using their basic knowledge, if they trade, then it eradicates unemployment and also country will develop and illiteracy also eradicate i.e. trading means buying or selling by doing this almost all become literacy and also illiteracy means one who does not how to behave with society.

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Rano said: (Jul 15, 2012)  
Hi friends, I would also like to give my mind on this topic. I agree with the topic mentioned. Rich people can get degrees and can go for good jobs. But poor people can't start a new factory or go for good jobs. So trading is the best way for them to get rid of their poverty. They can earn some money for their livelihood. Trade create more job opportunities. Also it does not discriminate people in terms of caste, creed and religion. Also trading can improve the country's economy.

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Kapil said: (Jul 13, 2012)  
Hi friend I am happy about say some thing about this topic I things poverty is problem for the country govt takes many action for reduce the poorness but it not much effective but it is not totally useless. Trades give chance to work with us and improve business and his life standers trade also help with govt to help poor people to improve his life.

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Rupam Hazra said: (Jun 30, 2012)  
Hi, dear my friends I am happy to speaking somethings about this topic. So well all of my friends are talking about trade that is very fine but one friend says the poorness is not of the cause of education it is a fact. Yes, trade is a very straight way to improve his or her personality through some work. He or she is easily can grow up a relation if she or he is from a poor family with a company or small industry.

But the trade always cannot help the poor because of the fact of money. Money is a first matter to you to help to achieve this way. Now a days trade is a important way for poor persons are can buy anything are needed. A poor person can help other persons through trade and he can start with a beautiful life with family. It is a great way for poor to know about various type of multilevel of company. Those company how to do work with various country. So it is a very benefit for poor.

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Abbu said: (Jun 30, 2012)  
Hi Everyone.

It is quite write that Trade can help the poor. I think lack of awareness about the education is cause of poorness. Poor person may not be educated but they are skillful and there skill can be use through trading. Because they don't know about the multilevel company and how do to work in such companies. So only trade is a way for the poor for living enthusiasm in this world.

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Vijay said: (Jun 27, 2012)  
Hello my good friends,

I feel very happy to speak with my mind in this group discussion on this topic. I think Trade will help the poor people for their general needs, it'll turn their feelings into the rich.

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Suprazz said: (Jun 18, 2012)  
Hai friends I agree all the above discussion, in my opinion trade can help the poor people because of the educated peoples have the lot of opportunities to do the job. But in the case of poor people if we can consider our country most of the peoples are the illiterates they don't have opportunities to do the jobs.

Actually trade basically buying and selling this could be inter country or intra country it not requiring any qualification to do the job it requiring only minimum knowledge to the work and capability for the management.

The world which is the responsible for rich and poor peoples. And the difference b/w the literates and illiterates with out considering all these trade only give the the opportunities for the poor persons. The trade only weapons to fight against the unemployment. Trading will result the increasing the gross GDP growth of an economy. And also the trading we are providing job opportunities for the others and the finally unemployment can be reduced by the trade only. Thanks for reading patience.

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G.Samrat Reddy said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
Trade always helps the poor because as he is the owner for his goods he has all the rights to fix the price, and in fact trade helps poor in all aspects that is in thinking ability and he can decide whom to sale and to whom not to sale so he will be in profit side and he can trade his goods to different states.

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Srikanth said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
Yes, Trading will help the poor people. Because educated people have lot of options to live in the competitive world but when it comes to uneducated people had no way to connect with this fast world other than this trading. !why because, below poverty people are lack in many aspects but with this trading they can run their family and that too this trading is not exceptional for any Degree Qualification, any standard values etc.

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Ani said: (Apr 19, 2012)  
Unemployment can be reduced if everyone goes for trading. If poor people enter into trading without basic knowledge, then they would become poorer than before.

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Ravi said: (Mar 18, 2012)  
Hi,Yes indeed trade helps the poor.
Trade-making profit by buyingand selling of goods and services in terms of money
So, many poor people trades goods and services to make profit and maintain a standard of living
even though it does not require any degrees and qualifications,the person should have the minimum ability to think and making decisions by gaining knowledge to trade in the market.

For example: A farmer can sell the products of his crop
1)directly to the company (or)
2) to the mediator who sells finally to the companies.
But taking the decision of directly selling to the company profits and helps him more when compared to the other
But due to lack of knowledge and some other reasons people sells their crop to mediators mostly
Trade helps the poor and also the economy of the country

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Pearl said: (Mar 3, 2012)  
Trading is basically buying and selling this could be inter country or intra country;could be of services or goods.

Inter country trading helps in countries economic development and better forex reserves. An export surplus country will be having more job opportunities and all this will result in development of poor section of society.

Trading will result in GDP growth of an economy and a developed economy will support lower sections and therefore they will benefit from it.

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Ranjit Kumar said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
Trade- a business of buying and selling. It doesn't require a very big knowledge of Science, Maths or English, it just require some money, some knowledge and a little bit alert with some responsibility. A higher class person having good sum of money can collect degrees and move towards a private or public job, but what about a poor man? A high class person can start his own business with his money but how do a poor person will manage? But trade is the solution by which a poor can also pull his life to some better position. Trade doesn't follow the caste, community, creed and the cult it just require the required money and the responsibility of the businessman. India is a country full of many traders specially lower class traders are there earning their livelihood by trade only. Agricultural sector, milk, dhabas, pheriwalas etc are the small tradings. Whether these sectors are not making their life so luxurious but at least they can feed their families. Even these sectors are helping the GDP of the country also. Government is also trying to evaluate these sectors with the developmental plans. Trading is the easiest way to the poor people for their livelihood. There are many examples there about the tycoons who were first poor but with these basic trade sectors they earned a high luxurious life. So, this way trading is the prominent way for poor.

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Nirmala said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
HI ALL, Yes. Trade always helps people, not only poor ones. This is because, trade helps people bring out their individuality. This can never be brought out completely when one works under someone else just doing the jobs assigned to them. Also trade helps them to implement newer ideas to become successful. They are not supposed to follow any predescribed procedure. Also trade helps caste wise forward people to flourish in their lives. This is because, these people rarely get govenment jobs. Thus, trade is always helpful.

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Ismit Bhattacharjee said: (Feb 17, 2012)  
Yes, I totally agree you all people, trade is the only path where poor people who did not well educated, or who suffers from financial problem. I wants to add one more things that trade not only helps the poor people but also it helps rest of the people because money transaction are nothing but a business, deals etc.

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Nilesh said: (Jan 25, 2012)  
Yes my dear friends trade can help the poor. The word which is responisble for making a relation between the rich or the poor, literate or illeterate without considering there caste, creed, community or cult is TRADE only. Trade is the only weapon to fight agaist unemployment. Trade is something where there is no need of high education but experiance. The internal trade in the country like of agriculture products, vegetables, clothes, bangles etc. Etc. Are mainly supporting the poor people of the nation. Trade is something which give equal opportunity to everyone. By trade only many poor people can turn themselves into big tycoons.

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Rajesh said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
Hi friends I m agree all of you such that we know that everything is depend on money and who are poor need a trade to start their living so trade is must for poor and they can't any high degree to start it thank you.

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Monika said: (Jan 20, 2012)  
I thank to all of the above for showing much concern over the knocking situation of Indian poor. Trading no doubt will be a path shower to the backward people to enhance not only their livings but also will help them in motivating them so that they could identify their hidden talents (e. G. , in crafting, hand-made house decorative materials, scriptures, wooden works etc. ). By trading they not only promote themselves and got a way to make their family stand but also the Indian Economy. I just hope our government would lead some more measurable steps so that the slope of the graph of poverty in India would led to be down.

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Apurva Gupta said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
Hello friendzzz.

I would like to share my view in this topic. Since in the trading there is no place for any reservation or for any source, so poor people can be the part of the trading. By the trading poor people can earn money using there knowledge, experience etc. Etc. By trade poor people can come forward for earning without thinking about his position. Therefore, trade will definitely help the poor.

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Ashok said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
Good morning friends,

Yes, Trade can help poor. Because educated people go for public or privet jobs. But what are for the others? They have to live. They have to survive. So, we see in our society many people are connected to different types of trade. With this trading trading business they are able to run there family. We people are also interconnected. If we are living in society we will need the contribution of those traders.

India's population is too high. So, it is not possible government of India to give a standard job to everyone. By open trading system a portion of unemployed are getting employed. Also India is getting Taxes for those traders, that helps India to grow more. This is good for Indian economy as well as it is reducing unemployment parentage.

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Rakhi Agarwal said: (Jan 10, 2012)  
There are lot of people who are living in the limit of poverty. Atleast they get the job and they can improve their living standard. With the help of trade we can eradicated the unemployment, poverty. It is also factor of increasing economic growth. Thus poor can't face the rising prices and they can improve their financial problem. At last it is source of earning for common people either is a poor or rich. So trade can help the poor.

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Suria Prakash said: (Dec 25, 2011)  
Hi friends yes trade is an impartent role in every human beings. I thing the poor people always trader. Trade in village side is good and also people do hardwork for their families. It's provide batter economical state and also increasing our market. It's very use for our financial growth and one more impartent thing is people do not choose wrong way so "trade is key to success "and it's necessary for every human being and every country.

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Chandan Yadav said: (Nov 15, 2011)  
Yes. Trade is necessary for the growth of poor people. With the help of trade, poor people will become able to raise standard of living. It also helps the growth of market. Trade is divided into different-2 category. It provides opportunity to the rural people to get job in urban area and develop themselves according to that area.

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Deepak Pratap Singh said: (Oct 13, 2011)  
Yes trade has an important role in every life if trade is not available than we can nothing for poor family. So that question is how can we make it. So we make it with help of every on to doing something different like if we won't consider as caste, poor, uneducate because trade has no education and also it has only experiance thus if we will able to do it. Then one should do it with honesty because we want to remove the poor in our nation. Thus we will have to do it for sake of our nation. Thanks just follow it.

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Ravi Vedwan said: (Sep 27, 2011)  
Yes my dear friends trade can help the poor. The word which is responisble for making a relation between the rich or the poor, literate or illeterate without considering there caste, creed, community or cult is TRADE only. Trade is the only weapon to fight agaist unemployment. Trade is something where there is no need of high education but experiance. The internal trade in the country like of agriculture products, vegetables, clothes, bangles etc. Etc. Are mainly supporting the poor people of the nation. Trade is something which give equal opportunity to everyone. By trade only many poor people can turn themselves into big tycoons.

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Wajahat Khan said: (Aug 23, 2011)  
As we know that a country will be said a developed country if trade is excellent in it .When trade is good in a country people even poor get chances to take themselves forward in the market . In other words they get employment or jobs and then their financial position will be good and they will be able to live a happy life.

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Wajahat Khan said: (Aug 23, 2011)  
As we know that a country will be said a developed country if trade is excellent in it .When trade is good in a country people even poor get chances to take themselves forward in the market . In other words they get employment or jobs and then their financial position will be good and they will be able to live a happy life.

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Nivedita Joshi said: (Aug 4, 2011)  
Yes I also agree with the point that trading is beneficial for poor people and can help them a lot to increase their living standards. Reason is simple trading does not require any official degree it just requires manual skills, and people from rural India who are not highly educated but they are highly skilled can be benefited by it. So if trade increases, no matter it is domestic or influenced by any multinational companies it will directly or indirectly help poor people to raise their economical condition.

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Sagar Saunshi said: (Jul 13, 2011)  
Well, its an very important matter to discuss in fast growing economy. Trading is one of the success factor that carry's the job of developing the poor areas across the country. Trading provides an employment opportunity for the people who are unemployed, it helps to eradicate backward class people at the same time it increase the trading at global market. Its basically main aim to provide an routine income for poor living people. Hence it has become an major goal of government for developing the standards in an international market place. By all issues that's are discussed above well help out the poor people to eradicate the poverty.

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Khushbu Agarwal said: (Jun 27, 2011)  
Yes, trade is really very helpful for poor people. Because most of Indian people lives in village & they are uneducated & trade is lucrative for them.At present if people want to do job but they are not successful because very toughest competition exist in this area(job).So, we can say that, Every person can improve own life through trade.

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Sumit said: (Jun 16, 2011)  
Yes. Trade can help the poor. As we know in our metro cities many ruraL people migrate for jobs. And the rest who cannot get jobs rely on trading activities like peddlars. These poor people get their livelihood and help them to get the basic ammenities to live.

Please give your feedback for my comment. It will be highly appreciated.

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Srivalli said: (Mar 30, 2011)  
hi..I'm happy to participate and share my views on this topic.One of my friend said that standard living of poor people is directly proportional to trade in the city it is exactly true.If number of companies increases automatically there establishes a resorse for unemployment.Even companies and government has to participate in this to support poor people by providing food,shelter and clothes.

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Vishal said: (Mar 21, 2011)  
Trading can in the various forms, it may be in the form of share trading, goods trading, export-import and many others. Share trading will improve current market status and thus our GDP and Govt can utilize this money behind some useful projects thus giving job opportunities to the poor people or after giving low cost food and other facilities.

And obviously if companies will made profit by trading than they expand their sources or will undertake new projects so more job opportunities and the problem regarding unemployment and poverty can be reduced.

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Mayur said: (Mar 20, 2011)  
I think standard of living of poor people is directly proportional with trade in the city /country, trade create job opportunities, labour are also getting more opportunities by trade.

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Ajay said: (Mar 5, 2011)  
Yaa trade is very important for living a reputed life because what ever we have that to b sold in one or other form. It is helpful at all level whether that is for small scale or large scale level. Globalization n liberalisation of our economy was an step in respect. What ever we are today is due to this step of our politicians!

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Kedar P said: (Feb 24, 2011)  
Trade is very important for raising the standard of living of the poor! The poor can benefit from trade a lot! They will be able to start living a more satisfied life, if a poor person has money to buy more food, more clothing and a better house, he will of-course be happy!!
The poor should be made aware of trading process and should be trained if required!!

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Mathi said: (Sep 7, 2010)  
Yes trade is very important now a days because without trading we cant buy anything for our need. Yes I of course agree with Praveen Reddy. It surely help the poor.

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Luna B said: (Aug 31, 2010)  
Indeed trade can be beneficial to the poor. Right now we are facing the situation where US economy is crashing. Exports and Imports are following a downward trend. However for countries like China and India where there is more mouth to feed, trade can help the poor. The domestic consumption is largely significant to encourage local production and promoting domestic trade rather than depending on other nations.

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Praveen Reddy said: (Aug 29, 2010)  
Hi, I'm happy to take initiative to talk on this matter. Yes it will surely help the poor, it can raise his standards of living. Any person (if interested in trade) who knows their SWAP status can even "TRADE THE TRADERS".

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Trade can help the poor?

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