Trade can help the poor?

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Mathi said:   1 decade ago
Yes trade is very important now a days because without trading we cant buy anything for our need. Yes I of course agree with Praveen Reddy. It surely help the poor.

Luna B said:   1 decade ago
Indeed trade can be beneficial to the poor. Right now we are facing the situation where US economy is crashing. Exports and Imports are following a downward trend. However for countries like China and India where there is more mouth to feed, trade can help the poor. The domestic consumption is largely significant to encourage local production and promoting domestic trade rather than depending on other nations.

PRAVEEN REDDY said:   1 decade ago
Hi, I'm happy to take initiative to talk on this matter. Yes it will surely help the poor, it can raise his standards of living. Any person (if interested in trade) who knows their SWAP status can even "TRADE THE TRADERS".

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