The Salaries that MBAs Get is more than they deserve

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Chetna said:   1 decade ago
All students does not belong to this category. Some are really interested in doing MBA.

Kailash singh said:   1 decade ago
we should not generalize this statement for everyone.There are managers who really are responsible for the company uplift and progress.Why not managers hold the responsibility whatever happens in their domain ,they definitely deserves good salary but comparing there salary with other employers makes no logic .After all when a ship drawn the caption of the ship held responsible for not the sailors or the crew members.

Aniruddh said:   1 decade ago
It all depends upon the market, if companies are willing to pay then more people will be interested in it, and that's all is happening. Besides they have high responsibilities of company and that's what they get paid for.

MAKS said:   1 decade ago
I think in current scenario MBA graduate gets whatever he deserves because most of the companies which comes for campus recruitment will come with two components of salary one is fixed while other is variable and variable component are always high so it entirely depend upon candidates skills and his performance that how much he is going to earn so whatever he will get is entirely depend upon his performance rather than on his tag of MBA.

Usha Mahesh said:   1 decade ago
I will go with Bipasha, Its true they should not decide ones salary based just on their MBA qualification. It is always good to find out talent, skills & abilities of ones in their related fields and then decide their salary. It has become a fashion, of having MBA tag and gaining more than they truly deserve when compared with their capabilities. Its just become, like they invests more so they should get more. Management only cannot lead to a company growth, it must have all kinds of qualifications.

Sunil said:   1 decade ago
As it was spoke by all that, MBA become a fashion to make money. But it isn't true because all who doing this spent lot of money and after his/her best result he get chance to sit in a placement, after this he/she gone through interview, after that he/she get selected. So my friend my point is that if he/she getting high salary, then its not his/her fault. The selector (interviewer) must have seen something in it, that's why he/she rewarded with that salary, so its fair that a MBA student get high package, according to its degree value and his or her ability.

Sumit Sengupta said:   1 decade ago
Generally people do MBA just as a part to make a hike in their salary... rather then focussing on study. It has become a fashion of doing MBA .In comparision to a BE student, a MBA student gets a much higher salary. This is because company more dynamic student.

Puja kumari said:   8 years ago
It could be the MBA need a hike in salary because to boost up the desired field of career, the MBA graduate gets more salary as compared to the BE student based on their skill which gives a much more extended qualities to the MBA.

Radha said:   1 decade ago
comparitively engineering is more easier than mba.they dont have to do graduation,also eventhough why giving more salery to engineering people? After sslc,+2,8com,then mba many years spending,,& bcom after mba also difficult to the goverment have to change their attitude in the case of mba salery?

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