The objective of Management is to maximize profits

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Sanjay Sahu said:   1 year ago
In my point of view, Management has many objectives to grow the business moreover maximising the profit is on topmost agenda in order to utilise all resources effectively with technology innovation and high strategy to apply and to meet the customer satisfaction is in prime focus along with meeting employees professional goals will lead to maximizing profits.

Siva Sai Abhilash said:   6 years ago
The main objective of management to manage funds & workers effectively to make quality product in less cost then automatically generate profit. So, I agree that it is a part of management.

Mahi said:   7 years ago
As we know that profit is reward for business, but it should not earn on the cost of customer or exploitation of customers.

The management has great role in profit maximisation, if we want to increase our profit, and also satisfy our customer, we need to adopt new technology for production or business working,

In management all the person should be involved so their suggestions we receive, which help us in adopting new methods for business and lead to profit maximisation.

A Srinivas Rao said:   7 years ago
An organization can not be sustain without profit so the objective of management is to maximize profits I agree with this statement and management knows that profit can only be earn by product quality, delivery time, cost, customer satisfaction all can be achieved by better processes, proper planning, scheduling, and control with the help of these functions quality can be achieved quality means fitness for use and management should also think about continual improvement by doing all these tasks the objective of management can be fulfilled and organization can be long run in business.

Chima said:   9 years ago
I would say that an organisation cannot sustain itself otherwise without making profit, However, it is solely the aim of a manager to direct and control resources available to maximize profit and also increase the fiscal value of that organisation (market worth).

K.RRR said:   9 years ago
The main objective of management is maximise the profit, through financial manager to allocate the fund, raise the fund, using the fund, investing the fund in other institution for reaching organisation goal.

Ibrahim jauro said:   10 years ago
Hello profit is the back buns of every business organization, but in cooperative society profit is not the major aim of establishing such an organization, rather assisting the member of that particular society.

Sushma kiran mai .p said:   10 years ago
Hi friends.

I completely agree with the opinion of Jyothi singh according to me management is inter linked with all aspects of management and it is also inter linked and we can also say it is directly linked up with the profits because each every organisation are inter related in the motivation of profits they run the organization for the sake society as well as profits.

I conclude that management is the mercury it can exist every where but the effectiveness and efficiency, quality management, time management and the most imp cost control should be there for the smooth running of the organization.

Jyoti Singh said:   10 years ago
Dear friends I agree with your points which discussed above but on my point of view profit maximization has become a old concept for the management. The new concept is that wealth maximization which means maximization of profit as well as the value of company. Profit maximization is done by efficient utilization of resources and value of the company is obtain by corporate social responsibility like responsibility towards government society, environment etc.

Lav Tiwari said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends,

I am not agreeing with the statement that the objective of management is to maximize profit. If profit maximizing is most important objective, then there is no need of management in NPO and NGO. In my opinion the objective of management is to do work properly instead of maximizing profit. If any organization starts focusing only on maximizing profit, then it is very difficult for them to sustain in business. Instead of focusing on profit, it should focus on quality management, time management and the most important cost control.

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