The education system needs serious reforms

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Rishabhhh said: (May 14, 2022)  
Hi everyone.

Very good morning to all of you.

This is Rishab. I have read many comments on this site regarding the Indian education system. And I agree to most of them.

But if we unearthing aspects of Indian education let me add one more point.

Why we are forced to attain bookish knowledge. The system has made us like. Occupied or restricted to an amount of knowledge. For instance, if you want a job you should cram a particular amount of knowledge in your brain. Ncert is your limit. Which you have to skim anyhow. Instead of focusing on practical knowledge curricular activities. Etc government Is focusing on marks only. Also on the reservation but that also on the basis of your marks without analysing your real skill. Instead of motivating them to think to innovate. They are trying to make them bookworms.

Literally, like what is needed of learning names of people of past their son grandson to grand son.

Students should focus less on such knowledge (not in-depth) and more on practical knowledge.

For instance, if we talk about famous scientists/inventors like Apj Abdul Kalam do you think he ever learned the names of some random people.

At that when education was at its least. Still, we got maximum discoveries from that time period why.

Because people were not limited to the knowledge they want to acquire. They learned acc. To their interests in their surrounding, they focused on innovation rather than just seeking a job.

We have to understand the underlying meaning of the past for a better future.

Not depending on only the government.

First, we students we people should have to take certain measures to improve the outlook and future of our society.


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Musa Kunene said: (Mar 10, 2022)  
Our education system in Eswatini is more focused on the theory part of it. Roughly 80% of the education is theory then the 20% is the practical aspect of it. I feel students are often taught how to memorise rather than widening their thinking capacity and enhancing their creativity. The current system creates a generation that will fully depend on employment rather than create employment and innovations.

The curriculum should be revised time and time again to align with the global economy. Technology has taken most employment opportunities away and has opened more room for creativity and innovation and I believe the education system should also align.

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Madhu said: (Jan 19, 2022)  
Hi friends I'm Madhu,

I also fully agree to the fact that Indian education system needs serious reforms.

So, many of my friends said about practice knowledge. Yeah right, that is one of the problems and our exam system needs a reform too!

Marks still continue to play the most important card in deciding the future of children and this often comes down upon students as a burdening factor. The pressure of marks often makes students underperform.

Instead of focusing the evaluation on a three-hour exam, the focus of evaluation should be classroom participation by a student, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities.

Only then will the students give their best and be evaluated at their best.

Also in our country students are forced to take admission into a course on the date specified by the university. Here university decides our activities like when to appear for exams when the course ends and so on. A student does not have the freedom in such things. According to me, students should be able to join a course according to their suitable time because, in the present world where all materials are available online, one can easily study by themself and appear for their qualifying exam date once they feel that they have completely understood the necessary things for the course. This can bring a huge change in the educational system and the rate of suicides due to the pressures of the education system on students can be eliminated. They can choose their path completely according to their wish.

With these, I'm concluding my words by thanking everyone who shared their valuable points.

Thank You!

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Meghana Trikovala said: (May 31, 2021)  
Even though the education system has evolved over the years, there are still huge challenges faced by the Indian Education System, due to which it isn't showing much progress.

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Shardul said: (Apr 14, 2021)  
Education word comes from the Latin word "Educare". Which means to Draw Out. Now how many classes in our school are aiming at this meaning. Most of the classes we learn are putting a lot of stuff "IN" instead of drawing "OUT". As a change in system, we should have something like the traditional Gurukul system of India, where the education was holistic. Children lived at the ashram with the guru and learnt everything from breakfast to bed. Now it might not be practical in today's world to make children live in ashrams but its certainly feasible to understand the principles of the gurukul system and apply them today in some form.

Listing few activities of the gurukul system below.

1. Cooking, playing, martial arts, Cleaning the floors, (Physical well being).
2. Study of philosophy, language, history, science, maths etc. (Intellectual well being).
3. Respect to guru, elders and parents, friendship with equals and compassion/help to juniors (Emotional well being).
4. Arts, drama, music, cultural activities (Mental/social well being).
5. Meditation, Prayers, service to god and society (Spiritual well being).

If we look at these 5 points we might find only 1 or 2 is present in the current education system, so clearly it doesn't foster the holistic development of a student. And the student comes out half baked, confused and sometimes deprived of basic skills and values.

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Devi Prasad Sahoo said: (Mar 19, 2021)  
Really our education system needs upgradation for which all kids belongs from youth generation benefited. They also know what is the difference between score and knowledge in this latest generation.

If there is an upgraded and revised syllabus for all students then all students are focused on one direction, by which all are serious towards their future.

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Samuel Garadia said: (Jan 21, 2021)  
According to my knowledge, the education system requires some changes because education is most important to develop the country and gaining knowledge about the world how it is updated day by day.

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Theti said: (Aug 27, 2020)  
Education doesn't just mean learning one's textbooks. Education should teach one to think logically for themselves. We tend to equate education with just exams and scores. But education should teach one how to learn on their own, be more moral and empathetic and reasonable. Our education system needs a complete overhaul!

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Ajay Yadav said: (Jun 5, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very fresh good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar. Today, my topic is education system needs serious reforms, yes, it is absolutely right that our education system requires some changes. As we all know that" education plays a key role and also most powerful weapon which is use to change the world" spoken by former president of South Africa. And in our country, in rural areas education was not given in proper way. In my point of view, education should be given in practically or in a well- oriented manner which we can apply in our life but most education institution in our country provides theoretical knowledge which is forgetable after some time. So that our education system also requires some upgradation in the level of education, discipline and morality too.

Thank you.

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Azam Imtiaz said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
Smart classes is a need of every school. Class should be equiped with every expect of practicle knowledge. In most of the current schools seperate notebooks are given to students for each and every subject and students pushed to copy the book on it. Even some subjects doesn't matter the most for students and subject will be a waste of time. Physical environment is more practical to teach a engineering subject if he wants to build a car in near future and how to tackle a problem. The abilities are endless our current score system doesn't provide much of that it needs to be change Professionals will better help in understanding the real world situations like which tools to use i.e. engineering students altleast know the simulation softwares. A fresh teacher teach you the theory he learned in his learning period and then he pushes that in students mind. Today most of the things are available on internet and learning all of them is not possible. Internet also push so much information in our minds. Today Lifestyle lead to higher education this needs to be change. Governments and communities should except that changing the minds and taking care of next generations is extremely important. In near time lots of things will change.

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Kiruthika said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
The future of education system was very nice because smart class and practical sessions conducted in all schools. Childrens are easily improved our practical system knowledge.

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Panda said: (Apr 30, 2019)  
School, universities, the college become a business now. Parents want to teach their child at a better school but as a fee, they stop thought. First-Class child fees are nearly 4 or 5 thousand and the parents admit their child to a government school.

So only hoping for an improvement in our education system as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Take an example: No of students in engineering was very small in 5 years ago but gradually increasing the rate of multiple times and last 2 year no. Of students in engineering is decreasing. Proof of this fact is that the no. Of seats in engineering all over India is about 18 lakhs & students admitted about 12 lakhs in last year. So, our mentality has changed. There is no need to go in one direction the opportunity is anywhere.

So, I can say that our education system is going to be the best education system in the World.

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Shivalik said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
Nice and thanks for sharing with us. Education is very important for any individual as well as the nation. It helps in all-round development of personalities which ultimately help the nation in becoming great and powerful. The conditions of schools need more attention. The education system must be seriously reformed instead of paying such high amount of fees in schools students are not getting the adequate and proper amount of knowledge required at a particular age and one syllabus in all over the country.

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Shankar said: (Nov 15, 2018)  
Educational system needed to change a lot, because the education must be needed to apply in real world and also in jobs. But, we are studying more subjects that which are not related to our real world. For eg ("what is the need of integral and differential calculus in the real world and also we are not going to apply these are in jobs exactly not !, why the toughest syllabus like m3 paper are in our system these are going to help in our jobs?) Think twice, Thankyou.

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Thanuja said: (Nov 3, 2018)  
India improved the education system is often cited as one of the economic development at the primary and secondary level in India. India provides the public sector as well as the private sector with controlling and funding coming from the 3 level central state and local in India has various articles to Indian constitution, free and compulsory education is provided as fundamental rights to children's education is the knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better it develops us a perfect life to us to looking life. Education is key of successful career in our life in personal or professional life Indian to so many unemployment people's in there so far I would like to support the un employment people and it has good knowledge them when I think it is better education system in India has to develop the so many sectors I think it is good manners to us. And good professional life nd good career go come back that's it.

Thank you.

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Nayana said: (Sep 26, 2018)  
Hi friends,

So, far we have discussed the quality of Indian education system. Now, I would like to add another aspect regarding the education system. According to me, the serious issue we are facing in the Indian education sector is that although we belong to the same country and always talk about equality if we look at our education system we can see inequality everywhere. Starting from the primary school our kids are studying different syllubus, say one kid go for cbsc another go for state syllubus etc. This is the major issue in our system. We need one syllubus for everyone and that syllubus should be a standardised revised version of everything which can bring our young generation upfront with creativity and courage.

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Parijat said: (Jul 26, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

This is an issue which obviously calls for a positive answer (yes). Back in February this year, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak stated: "Indians lack creativity". This statement drew controversies in newspapers and electronic media. But why were Indians agitated to this statement? I honestly feel we didn't ponder deeply on this statement before opposing it. Creativity is something which can be acquired not just from one's personal interest but also from the educational platforms provided. But is our education system creative? Definitely not.

We propose an education system where bookish knowledge is given the topmost priority in determining the sharpness level of a student's brain. Teachers or professors in eminent schools and colleges emphasise on mugging up concepts from books and write those concepts using exactly the same pattern and words in exams, as given in books. If a student fails to do so, or in other words writes the answers in a different style i.e. in his/her own words, the teacher deducts their marks in that particular question, thus making the student score low. Another discouraging issue out here is, evaluation of answer scripts in examination is done according to the personal opinion/feelings of the examiner. In order to score good, the students are expected to predict the possible opinions of the examiner and not his/her own opinion, before writing the answers. The issue of partiality also springs out in schools and colleges. Eg: A bright/intelligent student having an excellent academic record is given more importance by teachers with respect to presentations in class. Forcing students to carry heavy books in schoolbags every day is another burning issue.

All these instances show how illogical and irrational our educational system is. These are the serious reasons why our education system needs reforms. Creativity or the practice of "thinking out of the box" must be imparted in order to make Indians prove themselves to be extraordinary with an ability to diversify and explore innovative opportunities in the future. Only then will we able to be comparable with foreign elites.

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Aniket said: (Jul 19, 2018)  
And this is a very important change that has to be done immediately so as to save our future and nature them and motivate them to rise up high in their life by social means.

Moreover, parents nowadays insist upon admission in private schools rather admitting their pupil into a government school.

As private institutions acquire more fees it's not really important that they should give better schooling. We all blame our society for the bad educational system, but how can we forget that we only make the society and the government. Stop blaming and start thinking. Our future is in our own hands.

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Aditi Wadkar said: (Jul 19, 2018)  
Yes, according to me, the Indian education system needs serious reform because all the students spent most of the time in college doing nothing only they listen whatever teachers are speaking in front of them. This is worst because they don't have any practical knowledge so the government should think on it.

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Sachin said: (Jun 15, 2018)  
Yes, education need be serious because now education system is not good for poor peoples children government school not have an intelligent teacher for the student. Reach people his student addition take private school because there are all facilities for student reach people can take addition his children private school because they have enough money but poor people not have money for that government school intake all facilities because education very important tool everyone education creates nice people.

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Jacob Hill said: (Apr 17, 2018)  
Education is most important weapons nowadays because if you don't have a knowledge you cannot get a better opportunity for any place. An educated person has more chances of landing up a good high paying job.

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Ambrutha B M said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
Yes, in my opinion, Indian education system really needs changes because nowadays so many people are jobless. Why? mean due to lack practical knowledge. Especially most engineering people are jobless because of lack of practical knowledge. In engineering, they are reading and clearing subject after completion of BE some are jobless because of a communication problem and practical knowledge problem. So finally, request to Indian government give proper education and especially do improvement in English communication in schools and colleges and also improve practical knowledge.

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Vishal Sharma said: (Mar 22, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Yes, I also agreed with everyone that our Indian education system needs some serious reforms but one more thing to be changed and that is the companies criteria because it's also apart of an education system if the companies have no percentage criteria then the students are more focused on practical knowledge rather than there theory marks. So in my point of view, first of all companies are more focused on skills of students rather than marks.

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Rohit Singh said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
Hello every one,

Yes, Indian education system needs some serious reforms because 80%of student focusing in getting maximum marks because they felt that high percentage will get them success somewhere they are right because our education system depends only percentage if you have got maximum percentage than you get admission in reputed government college but they doesn't get success because lack of practical knowledge, lack of communication etc and the result is they confused what did they do? So we decide what do we want to get success because the person who going to handle the education system is one of us so we decide what changes can be necessary for success in life. Yes, its right that The government can play an important role in reform in Indian education system if they providing the extra facilities in a government college and private colleges like computer classes, personality development classes, practical labs etc.

And this reform can be complete by the BSO of every district and also the education minister of state to given the hard interaction of every college.

But I think this will happen with the help of us (all students) if we decide that we want that (extraordinary classes like practical labs personality development classes computer classes etc). Then the education system will also reformed.

Thank you.

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Bhavin said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
Indian education system needs serious reforms.

I am a student of class 12th and I live in Mumbai.

Just because I scored good Mark's in my class 10th and was an overall good students my parents were expecting me to take science stream and I was told that if I will take science I will be having all other options available in my life. Alas I chose science as my stream which I regret now.

I am in 12th grade now and an overall good student has now become a poor student. I do not have any interest in science and I don't have any knowledge of it but still my parents and my family is expecting me to score good marks.

All I want to say is that in our education system need serious reforms because everyone is focusing on marks no one cares about student's interest and knowledge.

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Naveena D said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, The education system must need reforms, Because of the system is only motivated to students for memorizing the subject and will get marks. But they don't improve their knowledge.

There are need some reforms for the education system. All the schools provide education for getting good marks. But not providing the knowledge. So must be need reforms in the education system.

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Ruby said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
I do believe that Indian education system needs reforms. Indian education focuses more on memorising facts and figures but lacks in enhancing creativity of student. Most of the schools in India don't have practical labs and you can imagine why we are lacking in our technical knowledge as we focus more on syllabus and lacking in our out of box thinking.

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India Bix said: (Dec 24, 2017)  
Your system needs to be reformed, I put up very veracious points about our education system with name Arcane but seems like even your site tends to hide the reality, thank you very much, will never come back here again.

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Vamsidhar Reddy said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
Technology is changing dramatically. But today in India students permitted only for pen and paper exams what is use of these. In nowadays every student doing btech after intermediate but they don't no real meaning of btech just they are studying like primary education we are not kids a lot of change is required to improve our education system. Learing theory is doesn't matter it can do even lkg students also. We think like Einstein he is called father of science. He doesn't by heart anything school and he not a ranker but he gave some physical measurements to the world. We have to create something new to the world.

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Heena Sulthana said: (Dec 10, 2017)  
Hello friends,

The students can choose their career by giving proper education.

And government should give proper needs which was needed in this society.

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Ambedkar Paul Paidimukkala said: (Dec 8, 2017)  
Hello friends. In my perspective, even teachers are not properly familiar with their subjects, especially in private institutions, due to improper selection. So even private institutions should conduct exam for better selection of teachers, which leads to proper education of students.

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Naveen Sai said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
Hi guys,

Lets understand that the world works on a set of rules and the rules are set up by the people who have power balance in their hands.

We the Indians are almost 17.5% of the planet, which is a major concern to be considered worldwide.

Setting up rules is a battle of ideas, so to over these we have to get like into the WTO like into UNO.

And set the rules for the entire world and to reach where we want to be.

Today 60% of the economy is affected by global trading and staying away is not an option anymore and we have to play by the rules and we have to engage with the rule setter, participate with them and also there is a need in a practical implementation of the knowledge.

Adoption of the western educational system in Indian is a failure one because we are inculcated into the ancient system of Gurukul education system so there is need to habituate the present type of educational system in the minds of students also just like Korean is doing.

Rankings are considered major concerns as it attracts the worlds best faculty to teach in India.

Also in rankings we have to make a important measurable rather making measurable important.

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Adharsha Paidimukkala said: (Nov 24, 2017)  
Hello, I would like to put my point of view here i.e

Since idependence, Indian government is continuosly striving to fulfill basic needs such as food, shelter, education ;but even after 65 years of independence government is still struggling and unable to augment the living standard of its citizens. So, one of the basic need that can change the entire scenario is.

"EDUCATION" so certain changes should be taken to implement the structure of education and also reservation should be provided to BPL groups so that it can help the poor to utilize the chance and make them lead good life like others in the multi cultural society (INDIA). Also educational schemes plays important role in country like India so the incumbent should bring useful schemes like SHIKSHA SAHAYOG YOJANA, SARVA SHIKSHA ABIYAN, etc. Finally it leads to "practical INDIA" according to my opinion.

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Samy said: (Nov 23, 2017)  
Hi friends,

Indian education system needs serious reforms.

So, many of my friends said about practice knowledge. Yeah right, that is one of the problems. But in my point of view, the time of learning is also a very important thing.

The Example here I'll talk about Tamilnadu syllabus. Here we studied Indian constitution in 9th & 10th std. When we were studying I was 15. And also in TN 10th std was a public exam. So teachers were rushing students to get and show 100% pass percentage on their subject instead of teaching. So students were doing memorize and simply wrote in the exam. After the exam they will forget all thing. Indian constitution is very important for every citizen of India but here what is happening we studied Indian constitution but we didn't know why we studied? We didn't have that much maturity to understand Indian constitution at that age. But public exam has a syllabus. Here what is happening study and get marks and go to the next class. We are doing like playing games level 1 and level 2 instead of learning things.

So here what I'm saying is syllabus must depend upon ages of students and standard of class as well as a teaching method.

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Prashant Kumar said: (Nov 19, 2017)  
I assume a complete change in our education system, especially for engineering stream. I think that students should be allowed to choose and design their curriculum in collaboration with industrialist and scientists. That means that students should be given the power to choose their teachers and design their syllabus instead of ridiculous councils and pseudo-intellectuals or the best we can do is there should be nothing like what we have now. Imagine colleges with no hired teachers. Now on every weekend, some groups of teachers give complete presentations about the topics and skills they have mastered to a seminar in the college. Students will ask questions and qualifications for this topic to attend. All those students who will be interested will attend the course which will be conducted for maybe a week as I said these courses will be workshop based means should not be conducted more than for 7-8 hours a day for a week. In last all the attendant will be awarded degrees for the skills they acquired. Problem solved no more poor quality teacher, no more boring lectures, no more fake degrees, just skills-based learning.

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Vikas Dewangan said: (Nov 14, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

Yes it must be improve our education system is full of theory based and therefore we do not know how to use this type of theoretical knowledge when it comes to real work.

In germany, UK, finland first they give student class room training then students have to do internship in some company for their practical knowledge to know how we can develop our theoretical based knowledge to practical one.

But in India because of our population this idea cannot work. But their must have something change to grow our new generations otherwise unemployment will never end in India.

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Sreejith S Pillai said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Well as of today I am studying Eng, I took Eng so that I can learn something new and creative stuff, but the education is such a shit in this country. Its just all a exam and students also knows nothing about Eng, they just study for the exam and pass and forget all about it, I think Eng is more about practical knowledge, if I knew Eng was full of this much shit I should gone and took some B.Sc or BCA something. They seriously need to upgrade.

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Steve said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
Just look around and see how many students are unemployed in our country. WHY? Because they didn't learn shit that can be used in real world. Some students are very poor yet their parents have to send them to school because they have to survive, they have high hopes for their kids, they want them to get a job. But they don't teach us about the things going on in the real world, they don't teach us what we really need. I agree with the reformation thing but hey "they ain't going to educate us to overthrow them".

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Dhivya said: (Oct 7, 2017)  
Hello, friends,

In my view, there must be a compulsory reform should be made in our educational system. Students have to receive the complete knowledge over their domain without made them to learn for a namesake.

Really it's a serious issue. As students are the future India. The growth of the nation and its economic development based on the output given by their skills and talents. I don't know why this issue doesn't consider seriously.

In my perception, I look this issue as an indirect crime done by our educational system to the future India. If the government takes initiative to made changes and reform our Indian education system, it's no doubt that our nation would grow even more as the foreign countries.

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Sani said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
Hi guys, our education system is very boring. We want to add the sexual interaction as a subject in our education system. It is a normal in our college life if we add in our system.

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Pooja said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Today's education system really needs a serious change because somewhere the number Of private institute exploiting future of students. As per government rule 500, engineering college should be sealed. Do you really think there is need to seal these colleges? What were the consequences behind of it? Then the answer given by them is that students don't want to take admission in these colleges that's why they are selling the college. In my opinion, if they ever invested in the quality of education then they never required sealing these colleges. They just recruit the teacher who is not enough intelligent, even they don't have practical knowledge. Inspite of this they must invest on valuables teacher who is more good in practice as well. If the teacher's concepts are not clear how they can provide good future to students. Due to which unemployment is increasing. They are not able to crack the interviews.

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Gurmeet Singh said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Hi, friends my name is Gurmeet Singh.

According to me, Indian education system needs reform. Because we are studying same syllabus till so many years now time has been come to take some steps and improve our education quality. We should change all pattern of our current education system. Because current education system focusing 80% theoretical knowledge and 20% practical. We can also learn from foregien countries where students focus more and more practical knowledge then theoretical knowledge. I can give you example suppose from books you learn from how to repair the laptop but without practical knowledge you can't do this. And other main problem in India education system is reservation in my opinion it should be finished from education system. Instead of caste base reservation we should provide financial base reservation. Those students who are very good in study but due to fees they can't get higher education govt should provide reservation of those students. It's very overarching responsibility of our govt to look out of this matter and take some steps. Because India is devleponing country if we want developed country we will ist to improve our education quality system.

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Uttara said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
I think in today's schools and colleges there lack practical training. All books are full of theories. More over the teachers are not of good qualities they lack teaching techniques. First, the teachers should go through intensive training before being recruited. In India, there is a saying. That when there is no other option for employment people go for teaching so how far we can expect from these teachers to develop our children. And the syllabus too of such materials that do not prepare for real life challenges. That's why these youth fail to secure employment even after scoring good in academic years. So our overall education system needs an overhaul in order to be competitive with other countries. Thank you.

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Vinodh Kumar said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
As per my opinion, nowadays reservation is played a crucial role in our education sytems why because many talented students are not getting a job and they decide to go other countries they will exposed they talent and other countries also encourage them because they have only knowledge not cast.

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Noman Khan said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, the education system in India needs some serious reform in its structure because we are living in a professional world and if we want to get success in this professional world then we have to acquire skills. And that is the area where education system of India needs to be improved because current education system of India is not focusing on skills they are only focusing on getting good marks that's the drawback of our education system now students are only learning they're not exploring they learn each and everything that is written in the book they are not curious enough to get the concept and explore the idea behind it they learn everything like a parrot and write it in exams and after the exams everything that they have learned is flushed away from their minds. That's the problem of our education system that students are only learning they are not exploring.

Yes they can get good Marks but they can never get such skills that they need to established themselves in this professional and competitive world. And this is also the most important reason behind unemployment in India because if they don't have such real world skills then how they can get a good job how they can survive. Good marks are not the only thing that you need to have to get a job you need skills and our education system is not providing these skills that's why we should learn from other countries countries like Holland. Holland is a country who is known for it's quality Education in this country children don't have to carry such heavy bags they have smart classes in every school they teach them professionally teach them the concept they teach them the idea that they need to know that they need to explore and in this country teachers never put so much burden on the student that you have to do homework everyday there is no homework in this country that's what we need to learn and bring in our education system too. And also the methodology that is currently in our education system is so outdated we need to adopt some new and fresh methodology to teach. We need to minimize the dependency on the books we need to focus more and more on smart classes because smart classes is the medium which can engage the child to learn. I don't know how anyone can teach such a tricky subject like science without engaging the student and if you only focus on bookish language then the student will get bored so we need to bring smart classes in school and teach students by using smart classes that can make a huge impact on the entire education system. And also it again minimises the dependency on books and also by that students get rid of such heavy bags. One another point is that are education system is becoming corrupt day by day and the ratio of corruption is increasing very fast now you can take an admission in any college without getting selected in the cutoff list by giving them a donation because nowadays education Institute becomes business there running their business. For them it doesn't matter if a boy who is super talented and gets a good marks don't get admission in college and the boy who is not that talented and without getting selected in cutoff list he's getting admission by just giving a donation that's a very very serious concern for us we need to raise our voice against it. Nowadays you can easily get a degree of any subject without giving an exam by just giving some money to the Institute and that is the biggest concern that we have to address.

There are lots of rules that is made by government to give free education to the student who cannot afford the fees of big schools there is right to education that stats that every school must reserve 25 percent seats for the student who can't afford there fees and government is paying for them but still there are lots of schools who are not implementing this they are not reserving seats for the for students. That's why the government has to implement this rule strictly and also the government should give a scholarship to those who can't afford the fees.

To conclude this I would like to say that we are a developing nation and if you want to become a developed nation then we need to invest more and more on our biggest future assets which is our children we need to make our education system the best education system of this world to produce the best talent. The talent that can beat the world and can make India great again.

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Deepali said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
I think our education system needs to be changed. Because in this system, only theoretical knowledge are given but we need practical knowledge. Today students are focused on only scoring good marks but they should need to focus on knowledge.

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Vinita said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
Yes, Our Education system does need reforms.

We basically should focus on providing practical knowledge to students from the very basic level of schooling to make kids aware of the need of the things being taught.

But, in our schools, we are only concerned about the grades and marks a child scores completely ignoring their imaginative minds. Pressuring a child to score more for better college, for better job results only in cramming things up.

Limited to only textbooks for the information and not to question what is being taught is another hurdle.

We also need teachers who inspire and encourage their students to think out of the box for every problem they face be it a book problem or in real life. And not just stick to old traditional methods referred in books from decades.

A huge amount of fee charged by private institutions is a reason why many deserving students are deprived of better facilities due to economic factors.

Our Government should consider making books, uniforms and other stationery free to children from economically backwards classes thus disregarding the concept of Caste and Reservation. This is how I think we would really get the concept of Equity established in India.

We do need the introduction of technology in our education system.

But, we should not forget that Indian Doctors, engineers, teachers and all are very much praised in all over the world. The serious efforts put by aspirants of UPSC, CAT, CA, and for other PSUs jobs calls for applaud considering the level toughness being faced by aspirants. India accounts for around 40% of avid readers from all over the world. Our system does focus on getting the concepts and basics clear resulting in better understanding of the topic as well.

So, yes we do need reforms at some places but we can not just disregard our education system wholly.

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Sneha said: (May 22, 2017)  
I think the reservation have to remove judge all according to marks ya if they passed exam fairly then gave scholarship and waiving their fees not reserved the seats because for that some talented and hard working students are not getting the chance and it not necessary that all lower cast are in a poverty line according to their income.

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Sowndarya said: (Apr 7, 2017)  
Hi Friends,

According to me, today's education is only for scoring marks. There is no knowledge of the subject. Students are focused on getting marks only.

Education system should change for 50% theory and 50% practical classes. Then only students have much more interest to do something innovative.


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Gopala Krishnan said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
Hi. Friends.

In my point of view, education is must reform the process of studying and teaching techniques many numbers of studying only to mug up and get the highest score how they are doing in practical they are nothing to do.

In our education 70% theory 30% practical in my opinion it will definately change the system of teaching students.

We all agree with this opinion.

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Shailesh Kumar Dubey said: (Mar 26, 2017)  
Hello every one,

In my point of view, education system should change, nowadays theoretical 80% and practical 20% so students are just focusing get mark and for gaining knowledge theoretical and practical should be 50-50%.

And teaching method should improve.

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Prabisha Babu said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Hi, I am Prabisha. I would like to tell that Indian education is providing a free and compulsory education till the age of 14.

And in my view, in ancient India Gurukula System was existed which provides more cultural and ethical values along with the education.

For E.G: Before colonisation of India Britain had failed many attempts to conquer India, finally they found out the root of their failure- they found out that India's culture back then was strong enough which they maintain through their education system. And then Britain could conquer India by convincing that their education is better than ours by destroying the Indian education.

Thank you.

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Mathi said: (Mar 16, 2017)  
Hi friends, according to me, the educational system should be in a 90 percent practical class it will better and one of the easiest way to understand and students were come out from mugging the theoretical classes.

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Sree76652 said: (Mar 11, 2017)  
Hey, guys! I almost read 20 to 25 comments above and everyone has expressed their perception towards Indian education system. I understand how it feels. And also I found common points that most of us are trying to say that our Indian education is outdated and about unqualified faculties and also parents compulsion to choose a particular and many more. But let us think for a minute how many of us are really looking for a happiness in life instead of only money making mind. Most of us choose either Engineering or medicine or try for some govt jobs, only to earn money and settle in life. But we don't follow our passion or our area of interest. In our country, we have plenty of options to choose but we are failed to know about that courses, we don't know them. Of course I'm with you guys that our education system needs a change on how to teach students effectively and how to make students to identify their interest and passion. One of our friend above has commented that she is still trying to identify her passion and she is going to start up some career guidance institute, that's good. She can make our younger generation to follow their passion.

How many of us know that we have a stream for dance, performing arts, vocal and many more streams which we always use to think as hobby, instead it's a career for us if we are best at it.

In my point of view education system should try to teach students from classes 1 to 6 about all basics and options for the students to choose their area of interest and teachers should be able to identify the interest and strengths of the student. Parents need to accept their child's interest and allow them to excellence in that field, instead of stopping them. Most of all students need to understand and love what they study. Not for mark's sake. But for enriching them with happenings around and their knowledge.

Even I'm still trying to find what am I good at? I hope before I die I will find it and Once I find I'm sure I'll be the happiest person in the world. Follow your dreams and passion guys, not money. Thanks.

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Kiran said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
Also one more thing to add the admission process should be based completely on marks not on reservation got to scheduled caste because it will be bad for student doing hard work but getting no admission.

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Kiran said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
In foreign country, there is flexibility of subjects but in India we don't have so many options also our education is not updated ones it is not practical. There should be English medium only and more extra curricular activities and teachers do play imp role as well.

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Luke Smedley said: (Feb 26, 2017)  
As of my opinion, We need to start at the very beginning and reform the entire educational system, worldwide. Every continent, every country, every state/province/Borough. I genuinely believe that if we want to push progression as a race we need to provide more and a much better system than now to help get our younger and up and coming generations to the kind of position where they have useful skills and have been taught on a more individual level rather than grouped by ages which is what we do now, people should be grouped based on intelligence and ability to pick up/learn new skills/topics.

A petition to the person in charge of the UK educational system would be good, might not get us where we want right now but would hopefully make the government and governing bodies look at our existing system differently.

It is completely out-dated and needs to be changed as soon as we can.

We are currently the most destructive things/species residing on earth and if we want to stay here we need to provide our generations to come with the skills to fix and progress further in a beneficial way, things that will solve or give us more time to fix our issues that previous generations have created. Eg. Radiation in multiple countries still, due to nuclear weapons being used nearly a hundred years ago, if not over. Our fossil fuel crisis and shortage we currently have. We need an education system that will progress certain student if interested into understanding nuclear fission and other non-detrimental ways of creating renewable energy. As a start, things like wind turbines. Dams using water to turn turbines to create electricity which is then used in multiple ways. We need to keep progressing with the idea of renewable energy. Sources may change but the idea and discoveries to push us further aren't going to come from generations who already exist and for the most part believe fossil fuels are our only/best option for energy, be it electricity, gases that can be used on a global scale without impacting the earth and its atmosphere, including the 'ozone' layer further than what we are doing now.

Pretty much a rant but something needs to be done and something needs to kick-start and spread this ideology. Without it we are due to become extinct within a few hundred years if that, which on the big picture of things is very little time. We as a race will cause self-extinction centuries before our sun died out and we are forced to change planets/change our planet (earth) in a way for us to survive which again in the big picture of things is a huge problem and we should be trying to avoid it at all costs before things are too late for our race and many others.

The earth is self-regenerating, even after we are gone, even of every special of animals, mammals, reptiles etc alike become extinct the earth will regenerate and a new or existing species will come into play and become in some regards (top of the food-chain/most advanced species and they will populate earth). We have limited time and something needs to change in a very big way in ord right for us to survive anymore they a few hundred years from now.

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Kriya Doshi said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
The education reforms need a huge reform. It need to change from the base itself, That is from the year a child goes to school. I am 21 and I still don't know what my passion is? I feel I should take an initiative to not let this happen to my future generation.

Am planning to start something out of this idea in Surat which would change the thinking abilities of students and help them cater to their career more smoothly.

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Tahreen Fazal said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
Indian govt is spending only 3% of its GDP on education.

Whereas USA is spending 5.4% of its GDP, Brazil is spending 5.7% of its GDP and China invest heavily in its students and universities.In the Times higher education world reputation Rankings 2016, China could grab the ninth position in the top 100 universities list. So Indian govt needs to invest at least 4% of its GDP for the education

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Shiwangi Joshi said: (Feb 21, 2017)  
Hi, all of you guys. I also agree with all it must have 2 change our education system. Nowadays education is just like became for getting good marks nothing else. Only just for good marks is not enough to make our growing youngsters even should be abilities skills have a some talent nd also should be willingness or curiosity 2 to do something different then we will say that our India's youngsters have an educated in really. Many of times we have also seen because of corruption, recommendation causes many of brilliant children whose have really skilled nd talent to do something but they can't admission in good college because unable to afford their fees nd other reason for recommendation. So it should change our education system nd teachers also they don't have any deep knowledge about their subject. They don't have any job lack of abilities so they came nd became a teacher. This type of education system directly shows bad affect in our growing students. In short, we should not only change our system even change our political system action bar corruption, recommendation.

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Mayble Aricatt said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
In my point of view, communication skill is the main issue that we face in india, The main problem is fluency when we talk to our clients or someone, so this will effect our future, may we have high marks but in the case of communicaion we will be down. To get a good job not only marks is criteria we need good communicatoion. So I think we must improve our communicaion skill from schools onwards.

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Mohisina Shaik said: (Feb 13, 2017)  
Our education system has been diluted.

There is less education and exams are more. I am completely against this we need to take steps to change it over.

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Aaditya Kumar said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
Yes. I am also in the favour of the topic of education reforms in India. In India education is focused on theoretical knowledge more than practical knowledge which I don't know why the high officials in the fields don't change even if they can. My solution to this problem is to change the certification standards of the university on basis of practicals and application based knowledge.

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Sanga Kalyani said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
There is no quality education in our Indian education system only quantity education is existing. My idea is that there should be only sector for education that is either private or public. So that all get equal standard of education. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure, now it is too late to modify our educational system.

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Shanvitha Chowdary said: (Feb 4, 2017)  
Yes. Education system really needs very serious reforms. We have to make a transparent system which can provide fair chance to all majority in India. In ancient education, we had a system which sounds quite practical in the form of quality education without having interest in financial expenditure. In modern education system, the education has become a commercial sector where people spend lots of money to get quality education.

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Karishma Reddy said: (Feb 4, 2017)  
Our education system is not perfect because students are not learning the concept they are just mugging up the answer writing in the examinations. There are just studying to score marks but they are not gaining the knowledge. So I think government should take serious responsibility on this issue.

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Rinmayee Patra said: (Feb 3, 2017)  
Education must be intrinsically adopted by all through proper implementation of existing policy and creation of new effective policy.

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Sumit Gupta said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
Education system in India be viewed in two scenarios first is ancient education system and modern education system.

In ancient we had a system which sounds quite practical in the form of quality education without having interest in financial expenditure and education to all was also relevant.

In modern day education system the education has become a commercial sector where people spend lots of money to get quality education and the darkest point in that is those who are majority in India are unable to afford that commercialized education that's why being 75% literate till majority do not have quality and skills.

The lower class in India can't even afford to primary education to their children and most of the young generation lives in darker. That's why in a country which is second rapid developing country and strong economy still having children those who do rag picking selling goods on roadways, railways and work on tea stall.

We have to work on these things to make our young generation strong and take part in nation buildings. We have to provide education to all and make them strong in skills and knowledge.

We have to make a transparent system which can provide fair chance to all the majority in India.

By making root strong we can build emerging brain in our country which can take a step you to the developing.

Swami Vivekananda's quote was if you want to build a great nation you have to build a great society and to build a great society we have to give skills and knowledge in their hands.

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Diksha said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
Yes, I really feel that education system needs serious reforms.

Today the central idea of education-gaining knowledge and ability to apply in real life has itself faded in the race of getting "HIGHEST MARKS", those marks that can never reveal the inner knowledge of a person. But still today these marks are considered as the sole criterion for distinguishing students.

Secondly, our attention is focused on some limited subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English blah blah blah, yet they have no importance in our life since most of us do not know how to apply them in real life!We all just gobble up the equations, formulae, laws, and vomit it out in the examination sheet, and then it becomes a history all forgotten!We have never strived to decipher the physical significance of all that we have studied till now!In other words, we are wasting the honourable efforts of those people who had spent their entire lives to find out a reason behind an observation.

We all have lost the curiosity to swim deep into the subject or field of our choice. All we do is to pass the "so-called" exams and capture the respective post!We may be literate, but still not educated. And even today's educated man does not guarantee that he is virtuous.

Cases are well-known where highly qualified officials are found guilty of certain ghastly crimes and frauds. Is this that our education system guarantees!

Lastly, we all have lost the ability to communicate. Thanks to the education system and the social networking sites, that we are always lost in our academic books, and have no idea about what is happening outside. We have lost the etiquettes to talk to elders, peers. Even these things are taught in school just to pass the exam, in the form of Q/Ans, and then all is forgotten forever.

Therefore, I believe that our education system needs serious reforms if we want to make our lives mentionable ones!

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Kumar said: (Jan 19, 2017)  

We know nowadays every house had one engineer (without a job) the main reason is even they don't know about their engineer subjects names also. Corporate colleges are mainly concentrating on their fee structure only and providing the facilities also to join in my college we give you the bond and after four years we will give the degree also like that.

In my opinion is the Indian govt has to take the serious action on these kinds of colleges and maintain some cut-off marks or percentages in candidates who has completed their 10+2 or 10+3 the chance to do the under graduation course in colleges.

By using these way the students are concentrated on their studies at least they gain the minimum knowledge about their career.

FRIENDS I tell you one real example.

Me and my friend completed graduation in someone of the famous engineering college in Hyderabad I got 73 % and he got 58 % now also I don't have any job, but my friend got the job in some other engineering college and he is going to take the classes on electronic subjects now. If I ask PTSP full form (Probability Theory and Stochastic Process) now also he wrote blunder of mistakes in that. That's why the Indian educational system needs serious reforms.

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Garvit said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
Hello friends.

I think that our educational system needs serious reforms because since times immemorial we have not seen any such reform that could help the younger generations to love gaining knowledge.

Students are just pushing themselves to score high in exams but they are not interested in gaining knowledge; they do not have an interest in doing something creative. So that's the point of mine.

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Anonymous said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
@Samved lyer.

I read your views and I think that your views match with me and that is why I am writing to you. I seriously want to convey this.

Can't we all students do something to change it. To make the education system better so that students could enjoy learning. The problem is that we all people just discuss it. What is the point of debating if we can't make it practically possible? Whenever I put forth this thing I am framed like an idiotic person but I am not kidding. I am damn serious that we all should become united to change it because no government is interested education. I mean since India gained independence, no party has tried to bring a conformational change in it.

Whoever is reading it please think about it.

Can't we all take a step forward and become enlightened youth? Please think about it because now I don't want to let it go.

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Ashutosh Tiwari said: (Jan 7, 2017)  
Ashutosh Tiwari Student of MBA.

Education has to be changed because.

There are three basic types of schools in India.

1. Private.
2. Government.
3. Semi Government.

Private System: I would like to start from school owner (Management level), Every year free does automatically increase by 10% to 40%. I don't know what does formula use by accountant to augment fees.

In India, there is lacking of passion in Youth Generation. No one wants to be a good teacher, we feel insulted to be a teacher.

Then Who are teachers?

Only 10% Passionate teachers are working well rest of 90% came from unsuccessful in the previous course of competition so they have not option except this golden chance, so for earning Join school and arrange Tuition program. Teacher has degree to prove but not passion for teaching result lacking of research, innovative, scientist etc.

I want to ask for system why poor student doesn't prefer medical rather rest of all courses. Reason is very clear poorly and corruption nothing else.

In the other hand.

Government school:

Teacher has ability but we medium class has problem with Government school. We realize It as School of poor.

Some Government teachers are doing well that's why system is going on. We people have to change mindset against the Government school. Only this online discussion is not enough for this.

Thank you very much.

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Samved Iyer said: (Jan 7, 2017)  
Sure our education system needs serious reforms. You see, practicals in schools are just treated as useless; they are done because it has to be done. No one is serious about practical approach, everyone is just busy cramming up theory.

Students like me, who are very bad at memorizing, used to fail tests for which we studied like hell. Because exams now test only memory and not our understanding. And the education system is so terrible that it decides our future on the basis of a stupid report card, which features only academics. So in a desperate bid to pass the exams, we do cheat in exams.

Now, if we cheat, the teachers catch us. Of course, they are being "true to their job" isn't it? After all, they were idols of honesty and truthfulness in their childhood, huh? Incarnation of Raja Satyavadi Harishchandra himself, right? And then these teachers ensure that the student feels totally embarrassed and is punished badly.

Come on, these are teachers. They should know that the present education system is PATHETIC. If they are true to their jobs, they would actually allow students to cheat in exams.

If the education system is so crooked, that it plays on the life of a student because of a report card, then it has no damn right to expect students to be fair and square, honest.

I encourage students. Go and cheat all you like. When students start cheating in large numbers, then these uneducated stupid CBSE chairman will do something. That egoistic CBSE chairman doesn't even respond to mails that students send to him.

Here we students are desperate and no one is bothered. I have found that talking to parents is also of no use at all; they just want marks.

Instead, our education system must focus equally on theory and practicals. Also, instead of cramming up facts into the heads of the students, just teach them very basic facts and let them discover the laws, theorems etc by themselves. Keep them away from books for that time. I think that will make learning more fun, this thing especially will work for Maths. And the syllabus in 11th and 12th needs to be considerably shortened. It is too much. Moreover, some really excellent teachers need to teach us, not the usual ones in whose classes we doze off to sleep. There is not a single college in India where all teachers are excellent. Minimum one will be a total moron and I don't mind telling you that I have had many.

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Chandrika said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
I totally agree with you. I am also facing all these in my school and coachings. Their is a need to change our education system. Why we cram the fact of chemistry. The so called exemption and all these. We would focused on practical things and we should do only that which we will enjoy. The work is not the work for us, we should enjoy that work. Every can't be a doctor and engineers. If everyone become a doctor or engines, so who will do the other work. I am diedly pashinet about art. Drawing in not drawing for me it's an. I haven't have any words to explain my self but my parents, friends, relatives, teachers many other said that there is no shacop so you are wasting your time on artes. I have to say the only thing we should change our education system and things of our education department. We are the youth of our country. Not only youth we are the future of our country.

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Sheetal Sharma said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
Hello, I am also agree with your answers because if the grading system has not removed, the students become unable and depending. They don't want to do hard work.

Rate this: +14 -6

Mahendra Yadav said: (Dec 27, 2016)  

According to me, our education system is not good because education system gets to be like machine. Every parent wanna to own child make be doc. And IAS and other be big person that we pressure on child. Every teacher won't be own school and college it take to rank on first position than they do prepare out and cheat in exam.

So this is unfaired. It is show condition of education in our country. It's not good because every child and every people take degree but no take knowledge. So I think it's not good.

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Shreya said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
I just wanted to add something more to the thought of educational reform and that is the need to change it. Being an Indian student I definitely know how much depressed a student becomes because of all this. I have friends who think like me.

Most of the times, students don't know what actually they have to become. Until 10th we all are in the fight mode where you all are told by your parents to compete with the students to get good marks. In the end what a child learns is to get good marks only. We need education for getting knowledge but this tendency to make education your life just eats me up because what people want from us is to get good marks only. For that, you definitely have to cram because teachers like studying the bookish material. Students I feel are becoming dumber with this education system because they are only following and India needs leaders, not followers. This CBSE authority is just nonsense according to me because they are stupid and most idiotic persons on this earth. Without knowing anything about education (because I feel they have not even passed nursery) they make most of the creative Indians crammers. In this country what you have to do is to become an engineer or a doctor and that too from an IIT or AIIMS according to respective fields. This system is just too old. A child needs to have given a mixture of fields that means history with chemistry and maths for instance.

Secondly, even after a person wants to become a doctor or an engineer the situation in India is as such that you can't make your dream into a reality because seats are limited and this growing population makes it even tougher. Our great prime minister is thinking of how to take control of black money but he should use his mind in creating infrastructure and more colleges because land is becoming used and needed for industries and housing purposes. No country can develop until students know what they are doing. I mean not even a single student has interest in studies. Most of them want to become engineer or doctor just because they don't want to become teachers I mean ending up studying M.Sc or B.Tech, etc.

And if this is what you call education then I can just laugh at this system because half of your working force is getting wasted because of less opportunities and less of creative fields. For becoming a doctor why the hell does a student require to study physics. I mean physics is related to math's and if you are telling someone to study maths even if you know that he or she is not interested in it then that is telling him or her to cram the material. That is a fact and this is how the serious brilliant minds are just getting wasted because of less concerned parties who don't give a damn about anything particularly the importance of education and the need to reform it but I can't even blame them because it is we who a have allowed them to do such things without even protesting once. I just want to say this one thing that we all are the future and it is high time that we have to tell those CBSE authorities to change this so-called education system. We have to do something. Please try and understand it I am not kidding. You might be thinking that I am being stupid but I need your support for going into this system and protesting against the authorities if you are with me then please reply because I don't want to be dumb. Keeping silence is just not worth it.

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Shreya said: (Dec 25, 2016)  
After reading many of the answers given here, I felt an urge to express my views on educational reforms. Literally speaking I don't think that what all is taught to the creative minds at school really defines knowledge. In reality, it's just a piece of writing until a student is able to understand it. Until class 10th none of the students try to understand some material but now they start understanding it because of boards. But the students who were understanding every bit of the knowledge given to them since the starting become frustrated because the repeated thought they get to hear that 10th is the base and you have to score well.

That student who understood everything comes to 11th selecting his subjects which he loves to study and that, for instance, is PCM that is non-med. He didn't know beyond that stuff (about competitions) that he loved studying these subjects. HE took these not to become an engineer rather he just wanted to study these for the sake of gaining knowledge. Also that he was interested in machines and he had started repairing them since he was 9! But the disappointment comes when he gets to know that what is left is just solving numerical. Another thing that comes to his mind is the frustration caused due to studies and getting good rank in coaching centers. He didn't get time now for repairing machines because his parents want him to become an engineer only. THEY have their own expectations of him.

The story doesn't end here. THE difference in class 10 and 11 studies makes him think of suicide and in the end he is murdered because of these CBSE authorities who don't actually know how to frame an education system where the difference between class 10 and 11 is huge where children don't know what they have to become ; where students just know how to get marks and not think about their study material.

That is the story of the majority of the students.

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Karunya said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
Nowadays many students are not going for their higher studies, the reason behind most of them is that they didn't get good education in the school. Reason for that is our system and our teachers. Most schools made the students to memorize. So they can't get the real education at all. The students are getting bored because of these mugging system. So percentage of higher studies in our country is reduced. Students should ask the question, not the teachers alone. Students should be encouraged by the teachers to ask questions.

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Vansh Gaint said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
Everything should be practical so that we get to know the real potential of the student, and if he's good on the subject then main focus should be paid to the particular subject only.

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Vijay Joshi said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
Instead of practical equipment in the four walls, the syllabus and the study material gradation shall be updated and given priority. The knowledge of fundamentals of advanced techniques cannot be at the mercy of quality teachers.

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Vikash Saini said: (Dec 18, 2016)  
Yes, of course.

It must be reformed, sorry it must be changed. Just look when students go for home from school, they have been tired this is because they just got it, fully bored.

Classroom environment should be like that as if teacher teach tailoring, teacher should be responsible for training the student how he/she can be a fashion designer.

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Hasrshit Gupta said: (Dec 15, 2016)  
I am also supporting the topic that the education system in India needs reforms such as encouraging the use of smart boards.

Because with the means of smart board, we can visualize what we are learning. It is the best way of learning anything. Another reform should be that we should emphasize on smart work rather than hard work.

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Anil Kumar said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Yes, because the Indian education system is not practical. It's very serious matter. I hope India govt make it practical. Level of primary education is bad need to solve this problem.

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Shamli Rai said: (Dec 5, 2016)  
Strange but true.

Our education system tests our memory and our intelligence.

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-Dhriti Shah said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
What is education? An enlightening experience where you get to learn your favorite things but here the whole definition has been changed. Education in nowadays is getting good marks, then get the degree. But what's the use of degree that has to be just hung on the wall for rest of the years in front of our eyes? What the use of that knowledge that is just used to score marks. For eg: what's the use of History, science to a milk selling women she knows how to sell the milk, profit and loss so from this we can say just teach them the basis and later let them do what they love to do. I'm not saying that the systems are wrong I wanna say that it is not used in proper way. If you want to know that child has understood or not take examinations but such examinations should produce human beings of high morale and dignity and not being slaves of examination. It should be practically and not that classroom studies. It should make a student mentally and physically strong so they can solve their own problems, be independent and not that they keep on studying and don't enjoy their life and later when they have knowledge but not a single memory of their childhood that they can cherish.

This is what I think hope you like.

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Alvin Rozario said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
The Indian education system is not supportive of the industrial requirements which need the state to invest special and huge funds in youth skill acquisition programs like ASAP of Government of Kerala &NSDC of Union Human resources dept. This drawback is even applicable for the central board. Our education system tells Bluetooth is an emerging technology for data transfer, which is actually an outdated technology on today's faster-developing world. This drawback is to be rectified by real-time update of the syllabus.

The education system should reduce its lean to exams in evaluation pattern to less than 20% of total score of a student and the rest 80% should be contributed by activities, behavior, attitude, personal skills and such other parameters.

No employee or industrialist can make success alone, success of a career is always related to the team a person associates. Therefore this should be kept in mind when formulating syllabus. Thus group skills will also form part of evaluation of a student.

If physics and maths form part of subject then dance and music should also be a part &students should be allowed to make theirs on combination of subjects to be studied by them for the year.

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Pankaj said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Yes, I do agree with the topic that education system really needs reform.

Firstly I would like to say not education everything every part of our life need some reform for better improvement so I am coming on my point.

As education plays an important role in our daily life because in each and every step their is need of eduction and education teach us how to talk, how to manage ourself and what we get if we add 2 +2 mean every thing is lying on education and we heard that children are the future of our country not in case of age they passed because of the knowledge where they learn from school and school gives education only so we already saw that its reform is necessary.

And nowadays school management are taking it too lightly and they made a business for earning money so govt have to take some step against this thing for the betterment.

And need of change in infrastructure of the school where they are going for getting education only so at last I would like to request our government To take crucial step for the reformation of edcuation+school.

Thank you.

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Shubham Jaiswal said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
In India, their 80% of teachers comes in school college or any other department of education because they did not get their job what they want only 20% are there who has taken as an interest to teach other. Teachers are playing a crucial role in education field. If we have to improve our education system then we must improve our faculty member. Infrastructure and all nothing if will get good teacher then also education system will become good in India. For ex: there are so many is IPS are belonging from village.

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Jatin said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
Our educational system is better but not better enough for future as it mainly focuses on exams.

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Sandesh said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
I think now people turn education system into a business. This has to be change.

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Shraddha Gupta said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
Education is one of the basic necessities of present modern era. It should not be based on caste system. Everyone should be given equal chance of proving himself/ herself. Government should invest more part of its budget on Indian education system. It should focus on application based subjects rather than mugging up. It will definitely create a positive impact on our society. At, last I would like to say that human mindset changes only when education level changes. Thank you.

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P. Lakshmi said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
Actually, our system of education is too boring for the students. There is no curiosity among the students. Our education should excite students.

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Abhinaba Chandra said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
See, one thing guys, the most important thing according to me is that, first of all, there should be a single education board and it should be called the "Central Board". As long as there are multiple boards as is the present situation, there is bound to be variation and problems in the long term. Like, let me give an example. When a student from CBSE board is going to IIT or any other all India level entrance exam, there you will find that this student from CBSE is more familiar to the type of exam pattern compared to a student who has studied in say West Bengal board where the education system is much lengthy and hence the answering style is also lengthy whereas in such exams you require good MCQ solving skills which require rigorous practice. It is quite hard for a student who has studied throughout in long and primitive manner to go and answer MCQ's while he is getting not enough time to make himself accustomed to such modern way of education. I think you all will surely appreciate my view.

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Meena said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
The government needs to invest more on educational sector, currently, government investing only 3-4% of GDP to the education sector. Then there want one education system that is common for all. That should be in high standard and come under government, not under private control.

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Susheel Bhardwaj said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Yes, Indian education system needs serious reforms as it mainly focuses on the theoretical knowledge imparted to the students and has less to do with the practical knowledge which is very important from an application point of view. Reservation should not be based on caste, it should purely be on an economic basis in every competitive exam. Instead of bookish cramming, there should be more of an interactive teaching in the classroom as it will help to build up the confidence of the student.

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Ajay Jangir (Bhadra,Rajasthan) said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
I think education is an ongoing process to learn something but in this modern era, people think that education is only a source to get a job or earn money. There are many drawbacks of present Indian education system like-.

Firstly we focus on everything except research and training.

2. It is not easily affordable because 37% people are living in BPL in India.

3. The failure of government schools and colleges.

4. Low budget (only 4% of GDP).

5. Lack of moral education.

If we Indian want to improve our education system then don't blame to government and we have to do something for our education system.


Ajay Jangir (Bhadra, Rajasthan).

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Malaya said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
From my pint of view, Reservation is not good for Indian education system because due to reservation seat, there should be a lack of chances for the general students. And wherever in any govt jobs the examination cut off is lower than the general category cutoff, and also fee of the popular and reputed university was too high for general category students, while the reservation category paid in thousand of rupees.

For this reason, there has a negative mind of thinking arises on general category candidate.

Govt should eye on focus on this situation that's why a permanent solution should be got.

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Tariq Chaudhari said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
I think at least in education system the reservation system should not be applied.

We have read a lot of times, that India has given jobs to less talented reserved category student and America gives jobs to talented unreserved category students who haven't got jobs in India due to the reservation system and America is developing on behalf of Indian talent.

So I think reservation system should not be applied in the education system. It should be fully based on merit because we know what is the status in higher education. Open category students have to pay fees in lakhs whereas sc students have to pay a fee in hundreds. Also because of reservation reserved category cutoff is lower than the general cutoff. Disadvantages which can be observed now. So according to me, the education system should be merit based.

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The education system needs serious reforms

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