The education system needs serious reforms

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Pankaj kumar said:   3 months ago
Hello friends, I am Pankaj,

I think today what is the education system is running since Lard MacHale’s system, this is the major drawback of our education system, as per that system there are two systems one makes labour and another make who rules on labour.

There should be a single education system and syllabus for all the boards and schools, Government should have control over schools.

Rishabhhh said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone.

Very good morning to all of you.

This is Rishab. I have read many comments on this site regarding the Indian education system. And I agree to most of them.

But if we unearthing aspects of Indian education let me add one more point.

Why we are forced to attain bookish knowledge. The system has made us like. Occupied or restricted to an amount of knowledge. For instance, if you want a job you should cram a particular amount of knowledge in your brain. Ncert is your limit. Which you have to skim anyhow. Instead of focusing on practical knowledge curricular activities. Etc government Is focusing on marks only. Also on the reservation but that also on the basis of your marks without analysing your real skill. Instead of motivating them to think to innovate. They are trying to make them bookworms.

Literally, like what is needed of learning names of people of past their son grandson to grand son.

Students should focus less on such knowledge (not in-depth) and more on practical knowledge.

For instance, if we talk about famous scientists/inventors like Apj Abdul Kalam do you think he ever learned the names of some random people.

At that when education was at its least. Still, we got maximum discoveries from that time period why.

Because people were not limited to the knowledge they want to acquire. They learned acc. To their interests in their surrounding, they focused on innovation rather than just seeking a job.

We have to understand the underlying meaning of the past for a better future.

Not depending on only the government.

First, we students we people should have to take certain measures to improve the outlook and future of our society.


Musa Kunene said:   2 years ago
Our education system in Eswatini is more focused on the theory part of it. Roughly 80% of the education is theory then the 20% is the practical aspect of it. I feel students are often taught how to memorise rather than widening their thinking capacity and enhancing their creativity. The current system creates a generation that will fully depend on employment rather than create employment and innovations.

The curriculum should be revised time and time again to align with the global economy. Technology has taken most employment opportunities away and has opened more room for creativity and innovation and I believe the education system should also align.

Madhu said:   2 years ago
Hi friends I'm Madhu,

I also fully agree to the fact that Indian education system needs serious reforms.

So, many of my friends said about practice knowledge. Yeah right, that is one of the problems and our exam system needs a reform too!

Marks still continue to play the most important card in deciding the future of children and this often comes down upon students as a burdening factor. The pressure of marks often makes students underperform.

Instead of focusing the evaluation on a three-hour exam, the focus of evaluation should be classroom participation by a student, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities.

Only then will the students give their best and be evaluated at their best.

Also in our country students are forced to take admission into a course on the date specified by the university. Here university decides our activities like when to appear for exams when the course ends and so on. A student does not have the freedom in such things. According to me, students should be able to join a course according to their suitable time because, in the present world where all materials are available online, one can easily study by themself and appear for their qualifying exam date once they feel that they have completely understood the necessary things for the course. This can bring a huge change in the educational system and the rate of suicides due to the pressures of the education system on students can be eliminated. They can choose their path completely according to their wish.

With these, I'm concluding my words by thanking everyone who shared their valuable points.

Thank You!

Meghana Trikovala said:   2 years ago
Even though the education system has evolved over the years, there are still huge challenges faced by the Indian Education System, due to which it isn't showing much progress.

Shardul said:   2 years ago
Education word comes from the Latin word "Educare". Which means to Draw Out. Now how many classes in our school are aiming at this meaning. Most of the classes we learn are putting a lot of stuff "IN" instead of drawing "OUT". As a change in system, we should have something like the traditional Gurukul system of India, where the education was holistic. Children lived at the ashram with the guru and learnt everything from breakfast to bed. Now it might not be practical in today's world to make children live in ashrams but its certainly feasible to understand the principles of the gurukul system and apply them today in some form.

Listing few activities of the gurukul system below.

1. Cooking, playing, martial arts, Cleaning the floors, (Physical well being).
2. Study of philosophy, language, history, science, maths etc. (Intellectual well being).
3. Respect to guru, elders and parents, friendship with equals and compassion/help to juniors (Emotional well being).
4. Arts, drama, music, cultural activities (Mental/social well being).
5. Meditation, Prayers, service to god and society (Spiritual well being).

If we look at these 5 points we might find only 1 or 2 is present in the current education system, so clearly it doesn't foster the holistic development of a student. And the student comes out half baked, confused and sometimes deprived of basic skills and values.

Devi Prasad Sahoo said:   3 years ago
Really our education system needs upgradation for which all kids belongs from youth generation benefited. They also know what is the difference between score and knowledge in this latest generation.

If there is an upgraded and revised syllabus for all students then all students are focused on one direction, by which all are serious towards their future.

Samuel Garadia said:   3 years ago
According to my knowledge, the education system requires some changes because education is most important to develop the country and gaining knowledge about the world how it is updated day by day.

Theti said:   3 years ago
Education doesn't just mean learning one's textbooks. Education should teach one to think logically for themselves. We tend to equate education with just exams and scores. But education should teach one how to learn on their own, be more moral and empathetic and reasonable. Our education system needs a complete overhaul!

Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, A very fresh good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar. Today, my topic is education system needs serious reforms, yes, it is absolutely right that our education system requires some changes. As we all know that" education plays a key role and also most powerful weapon which is use to change the world" spoken by former president of South Africa. And in our country, in rural areas education was not given in proper way. In my point of view, education should be given in practically or in a well- oriented manner which we can apply in our life but most education institution in our country provides theoretical knowledge which is forgetable after some time. So that our education system also requires some upgradation in the level of education, discipline and morality too.

Thank you.

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