Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.

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Dibyaranjan Omprakash Bhoi said:   6 months ago
Some people believe violent movies and games should be banned but I personally believe violent movies and games should be allowed with guidance and warnings for different ages.

For example, a game or a movie normally has age limits, but parents must take care that their children don’t use movies and games that are not approved to use them.

Amit shakya said:   3 years ago

My name's Amit.

There is no doubt showing violence in movies is very dangerous but without it movie industries can't survive. Violence is an humans basic nature everyone has did it. Majority of movies are not violence centric movies. Here I'm not talking about extreme violence salping someone is also a violence so this is not possible to ban violence in movies.

A.R.Prusty said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon everyone.

I am Akash.

I partially agree with the statement.

I have three reasons to substantiate my point.

1) It imparts a negative effect on children's mind. It disturbs the tranquillity. The adolescent is the main phase of an individual's growth. Whatever children observe from their surrounding they try to inculcate in them.

2) Violent crime scene also increases criminal activity in our society. Many criminals have confessed that they were inspired by a particular movie and used the techniques shown in that movie to conduct the crime.

3) Many bad films create stereotypes against women. They show women discrimination, abuse, domestic violence etc. This hampers women empowerment.

So, I conclude children should avoid seeing obscene, violent and criminal scenes in films and on TV. Whereas adults should frequently watch those crimes news and crime films to make themselves aware of the dangers in society. This will help them in being cautious and taking precautionary steps. People should accept good things from films and filter out the negative things.

JHABAR MAL GOSWAMI said:   3 years ago
Yes. I agree my friend's violence and crimes are the main part of the film so that it is not bad but some videos which is related to porn videos and crime-related video or non-sense videos will be banded by the government that will be a good step by our govt.

Anushka said:   3 years ago
Showing violence in the movies should not be allowed because it affects the future of children's uneducated people can do this in real life.

Ritik Verma said:   3 years ago
Not particularly Violence, because self-defence action scenes need Violence (like Avengers & Captain America), but particularly films "GLORIFYING CRIMES, CRIMINALS, SEX, RAPES, PORNOGRAPHY" should be banned because these encourage teenagers to follow same (like shows in AltBalaji), these can make children desperate for sex & crimes, develop fetish in them & can ruin their entire life, filling dirt in their minds when today there is so much around us, child trafficking & assault sites are so much, we need to have an innocence & real-matured ppl to repair this society rather making it worse, today nearly all OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Voot, Zee & Balaji are showing crap but Disney Hotstar & Sony new originals are glorifying awareness & reporting of Crimes, that's good, little change,

Though they are also not fully free of such things as they purchase rights of films showing obscenity to show on channels but at least originals are good, I don't recommend finding them either. I want to be so powerful to stop this all negativity.

Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, This is Ajay Kumar. A very good evening to all of you.

Today my topic is showing violence and crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.

I think in my point of view, I do not fully agree with this view. Like a coin has two faces it also has a pros and cons:-.

First of all, I want to talk about pros:-.

By showing this type of things it helps to make aware of ourselves when such types of violence or crimes happen in the society or country.

It also helps to know about the damages which will be happening by this violence and crimes.

Now we talk about the cons:

By showing such types of crimes and violence many uneducated people takes idea for doing such types of crimes, which is not a good sign for a country.

It also deviated the youth people in many ways.

At last, I want to say that it should be shown in the television or in the film but upto a certain limit.

Thank you.

Aman said:   4 years ago
Movies are great sources of entertainment but now a days only few movies are good. Most movies have violence, sex content, and terrorism which leads youth mind into dangerous way. Youth or children observe bad thing easily than good one and act in their own way. So violence and crimes should not be allowed in movies.

Prince yadav said:   4 years ago
I think we should watch motivational biographies of great personalities instead of movies contain violence. Through these biographies we can learn that how they struggle in life and get the success.

ANJALI said:   5 years ago
What we see we emit the same, it's all up to us how we take it. If we ban violence then all the action scenes have to be removed, movies like Border, Uri, LOC should be also be banned. And if this happens telecasting of games like wrestling and boxing should also be banned. But all this will kill the thrill of the movie, the purpose of the movie will be changed and players will be demotivated.

But yes movies should not contain horrific acts of killing, willing prostitution or child labour as an alternate way of income or to gain pride. Such scenes not only disturbs the mind of the viewer but also have a long term effect of motivating youngsters towards bad action like riots, rape, forced labour.

So, a complete ban is not needed but regulation is a must.

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