Should the public sector be privatized?

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Lalit soni said:   1 decade ago
According to me, public sector should be privatized. Because we all know that salary of workers in public sectors are fixed. Company's turnover does not affect the salary of individual. They do not get under pressurized. So they don't give 100% efforts. But in private sector job is not secure. Workers have to give 100% efforts because of competition. Thus private sectors grows very well than public sectors.

Lakshmi said:   1 decade ago
Hi to all,

I think there is no need for privatizing the public sector. Because, it's not the problem with private & public, it's with the people who are working in those. So, what I mean to say is the attitude of the people has to change. It's the only problem in our country. Thank you.

Shivangi said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

I believe both public and private sectors have their own pros and cons for instance red tap-ism, lack of interest and dedication are few against public sector yet there is a brighter side to it like they really do have a very systematic approach (though not functioning at par now) they are more concerned about public welfare (that is the basic underlying principle and the reason behind their nomenclature) unlike private where the basic principle is profit maximization. Public sector even after so many stigmas attached to their very existence caters more public and have highest beneficiaries under their umbrella.

Needless to redundant that private sector have a very dedicated and highly motivated staff, negligible corruption etc. But we must not forget the fact that we live in a nation where majority is combating the battlefield for survival where still people are starving and can not fetch even the basic amenities. So in a nation like this we can not afford to think like an American we have to think like an Indian.

So my friends I believe that rather than debating which is better public or private or should we privatize the public sector (presuming that private sector is better) we really need to think for a sustainable and holistic approach which in my opinion is PPP (public private partnership). PPP should combine the goodness of both and eliminate the cons.

Dilip sahu said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

My opinion is that government must bring privatization in public sector. It eradicate monopoly from the market and spread the competition in market and open the door for those who want to start venture. Apart from the all government should focus on those area which private sector is not able to run. India is now became a third largest economy in asia because of privatization brought in 1991.

So I think government should take further step to convert public sector into private sector. Now a day we can see a big stagnation in several PSU's such as railway, gov. Hospital, gov. School etc.

Thiyagachozhan said:   1 decade ago
Hi each and everyone,

First of all why the Public sector should not to be privatized?

The absence of private sector in many departments makes the public sector so lazy. The people working in the public sector is as not so informative to the people as the people working in the private sector. The one and only reason for this fact is that mostly the one who works in the private sector is not an permanent one but the one who is in the public sector is so. It is the major reason which makes them more lazy.

The second thing is that the higher officials of the private sectors are more strict than than an public one because there are under the compulsion to finish the work at the fixed time and in the fixed manner. But the higher officials in the public sector due to political reasons and many there are not as strict as in the private sectors.

I have many reasons for why the public sector to be privatized. They are:

1. Private sectors avail the same facility as that of the public sector in the low cost.

2. Private sectors is more customer friendly than the Public sector.

3. Private sector finishes the job more faster than the Public sector.

4. Negligible amount of corruption in the Private sector. But the Public sector is full of corruption.

5. Private sector people fears on the customers. But the customers fears on the public sector.

We can come to the conclusion easily by seeing the following details:.

The public sector is for people but mostly the people is not preferring the public sector. The ticket fare of the Government express bus is higher than the Private Express bus. Though it is not safe the people prefer the Private Bank than the Government Bank because of the worst service of the Banker in the Government Bank. Likewise there are many reasons why public sector to be privatized.

The Private sector is more customer friendly than the Public sector. So the Public sector should be privatized for the best results.

The Private sector can bring Wealth and Prosperity to any of the nation.

Be corruptless.

Work for the nation.

Jai Hind.

Priyanka gupta said:   1 decade ago
Hi to all!

From my point of view rather to get the public converted to private the environment and the way of working should be like private. Today the people who are employed in the public sector have become lethargic as they take their duty for granted. Whereas, in the public sector there is nothing like discipline and creativity. So as per my opinion there should be strictness and target oriented as that in the private sector then only the economic growth will increase.

Further, people think that being in public sector there is no one who can kick them out from their job that is why they do whatever they want. Today the private sector is giving fruitful results just because the employees are always in fear of losing their job so for their own sake they try harder and harder to get established in that company.

So in conclusion, rather than privatization there is a need for proper and strict administration and the promotion should be on the basis of employee achievement and veterans rather than the number of year.

Amelia said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends,

Our topic of discussion is public sectors be privatized. In my opinion it should not be done. I don't believe that there is no corruption in private sectors and 'Private means more quality'. As we all know both has +ves and -ves. What should be done is try to implement the positives of private sector in public.

In private sector employment is given on basis of talent and salary is paid on the work done. That policy should be acquired in public sector too. Employees of public sector may be talented, but once they gain a job in public sector, they have a feel that they are safe, and will be employed till 58/60 years regardless of their work. That attitude should be changed by implementing an organisation to keenly monitor their activities and action should be taken against such employees. This will solve the issue of delay and less quality in public sectors.

Reason am saying privatization should not be done is, more than 50% of Indian population is still living below poverty line. Privatization will make life uneasy for them, as there is chance for increase in cost of goods n services. Also its a false belief that corruption doesn't prevail in private sectors. Though it prevails in public sec too, at least we have the right to question it. But in Private sec, we will be given no choice, other than keep mum.

Varun singh said:   1 decade ago
HELLO Friends I want to share my views with you. During independence all the powers are in government hands there are no such thing like private sectors even its quite difficult to open up a new private organization due to strict legal measures. But when public sectors privatized there was drastic change occurred in progress, development, innovation, competition, quality of products.

Like if we take an example of Indian banks before privatization, employees like women working there seem to be doing their own work like knitting etc. They were less interested in doing their work properly but after privatization huge change occurs they seem to be focussed in their job because of less security and competition. So to make our nation a developed from developing this could be a one method but also completely making all the public sectors privatized would also deviate from its goal. Because they more involved in money making processes.

And now some public sectors are doing well but in some sectors there is a need of change.


Upendra.sangeeta said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

In my point of view public sectors should be privatised. Because,

1. The work efficiency of employees of private sector is much more high than that of public sector organisations.

2. Government Is trying to minimize the corruption. But it is just for a shouting. Practically too much corruption is there in public sector. But in private sector the organization is very much conscious about corruption. So it will be minimized.

3. The private organization are more eager to implement the advance technologies and trying to increase product value larger.

4. The employee who is loyal and efficient gets more scopes and rewards in private sector.

5. Private sector creates the environment such that the employ learning capacity improves, laziness of employ decreases. So private sector employ become more efficient than public sector. In public sector the good employs learn laziness and become less efficient.

6. Package of employee of skilled persons are too much in private sector.

7. Moreover for the same investment private sector earns more profit.

Sudhakar anand said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, I would like to suggest my points. I appreciate all the points mentioned.


The government's main goal is to satisfy it's citizens in a variety of different ways: better transportation, better national security, better education, as well as allowing for citizens to keep more of their well-earned money. With that said, sometimes the only way to satisfy all these different societal values is to privatize.


Private-means more effort and sincerity, punctuality, money based on work done. It doesn't provide life security. Good quality at relatively cheaper price. Manufacturing of goods and services will be on time.


I think public and private sectors are necessary for India because improving in economics. Improves the GDP.

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