Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Wolf said:   1 decade ago
There should be no more IITs absolutely,because being an iitian i know how the brand value of the iits is being seriously damaged and the quality of the students coming in is also declining rapidly.KAPIL SIBAL is a useless pain for the country.He has to realise that more iits would ruin everything the alumni has built so far.Its high time kapil ass.

Aakash said:   1 decade ago
A strong foundation of primary/secondary education coupled with better quality education, faculty, infrastructure facilities & management in other colleges to bring them to the same standard of IITs & IIMs is a better option..

Murali naik said:   1 decade ago
I feel there should be a fewmore IIT, S AND IIMS in the country as well Govt should spend more money on Primary and secondary education. If we see the statistics the growing population'demand for the primary and secondary education is not met by the Govt. It reflects our country's literacy rate of 64% still there are people who are in need of primary education. Any nations development is mainly depending on the quality of the population. There should be more primary and secondary schools at the convenience of the people on the basis of the population of the area.

Govt should spend more money and should come forward regulations to stop the school dropouts, and the child labour shall be curbed completely in the nation. The other side quality of education as per the international standards is being cultivated in the students by the IITs and IIMs, we see in many of the students of these institute are taken away by the MNC's. Hence, there should be proper allocation of funds by the govt towards primary education and the premier institutes.

M Gupta said:   1 decade ago
I think government is taking proper measures in the field of education by opening new IITs and IIMs.Establishment of these new colleges will hamper the quality of students in the country and develop the nation as a whole.But government should also improve and invest a greater sum of nation's GDP for primary and secondary education.After all our country is still facing the problem of illiteracy in many parts.

B Shankaranandh said:   1 decade ago
Instead of increasing the number of IITs and IIMs our government can take steps to increase the standard of other government colleges. Nowadays everybody wants to join either IIT or IIM or IISc or NIT because other institutions are not that good. If the government increases the numbers of premier institution, then the standard of these institutions will not be as good as it is instead the standard will be worse.

Mohit Salecha said:   1 decade ago
Hello! This is MOHIT SALECHA, & I think that government should use money on the primary & secondary education as it is the base of any person, without base how anyone think to build the building. If the base is weak the full structure will not grow in the proper manner.

If the person is not able to qualify the entrance test of IIT's or IIM's then what is the meaning of establishing them, they are just useless for everyone, no one can get benefit by that.

So, instead of moving forward government also see what they leave behind.

Akhilesh said:   1 decade ago
Number of IIT's and IIM's should be increased as well as performance of other colleges should also be increased.

Prashant said:   1 decade ago
A good primary education is very important for building the whole career of any person. In early age of any person it is easy to enhance his/her interest in a particular area or subject. If the person has not taken a good primary education it may change his/her whole life it may also happen that he/she is not able to even participate in the entrance examination of the top level institutes like IITs or IIMs. If we analyse the present situation of primary or secondary education in India we can say that there is a firm need to assist it.

Rahul yogi said:   1 decade ago
No need to increase IIT, IIM there are already a lot of institute, if we increase the efficiency and management then they will treated like as a IIT or IIM, so why we invest the money to open the new institute.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
No, IIT's and IIM's should not increase in INDIA. We should increase the performance of other college and provide faculty and study like IIT's AND IIM's.

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