Should Tainted Ministers Allowed to Contest Elections?

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Muzamil said:   8 months ago
Hi friends.

I am Muzamil, and as a political activist, I think the tainted ministers should never get a chance to contest elections because of their freaky minds and thoughts. If he is convicted of some criminal activities he should be called off for contesting any kind of elections.

People should not vote on the basis of religion, caste, etc but on the basis of unemployment, development, nation, and goodwill for their area.


Sanchali said:   2 years ago
I don't think this kind of people should be given chance as in a vast country like India, talent is no less and instead of providing opportunity to fresh blood, why trust a criminal!

Also, politics shouldn't be put at risk at any cost so in my opinion even if those people who committed crimes before and wanna change can serve society with other alternatives on their own.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
I think it is a matter of debate cause most of the time many politicians become a victim of bad politics but we cannot take a chance with that. If some one has been declared tainted then he must not be allowed to contest election cause these people represent our country our culture and we can't prove to the world that we give chance to criminals to further deteriorate our country's reputation. Thank you.

Vishnu Malladi said:   7 years ago
It entirely depends, really. It depends upon public if they want to give him a chance to prove that he has undergone changes, but just if they don't know if that guy can't be trusted, then they shouldn't.

Diksha said:   8 years ago
It is a fatal risk if we allow a tainted minister to contest elections!

A tainted minister if given another chance, will obviously try to follow the same shortcut path without thinking of the shame he felt in the past. And moreover this time he will take every care to carry out his dirty plans effectively. So how can we lend our state to a person who is already covered in the cloth of shame!

Even a class chooses the brightest student as a monitor, i.e. A person who has a clear record in his class. Monitoring a nation is a still tougher task than monitoring a class. Then it is stupid to think that a tainted minister be allowed to contest elections!

Taking the case in which the minister is really ashamed on his deeds, he can serve his country in an another way, if he wants to. It is not necessary to re-allow him to contest elections, YES or NO!

Pallab Sarkar said:   8 years ago
Obviously not. If a tainted politician wins the election he will get more chance to do more illegal and hostile activities and it will badly affect our society and country. For a developing country like India, the selection of a tainted leader may lead our country towards economical, social and cultural breakdown. So the election commission must cancel the candidature of tainted politician and select the right candidate to save our country.

Thank you.

Manoj.pal01 said:   8 years ago
Also defame our country's reputation in front of the world and thus could affect our relations with foreign countries, as no country would like to conduct any kind of business with the country run by criminals.

But at the same time we should also perceive that whether the politician is really corrupt or he is merely a victim of dirty politics.

Thus a politician's past profile itself do not reflects his actual character because it may have been tampered by other dirty politicians, due to which an honest person is portrayed as a devil.

Hence based on our prevailing weak law and order we cannot restrict tainted candidates to contest in elections.

At last I think that the ultimate power lies in the hand of common man, and he should cast his vote based on his conscience and belief in the person he is voting for.

Thank you.

Ashok said:   9 years ago
Who ever wants to be a minister he/she should struggle for the country no matter contains that trained ministers only should enter. Without knowing any thing lot of ministers and etc where achieving a lot we can say ambani what he knows? Now see they have the petrol bunk and they are achieving a lot and their yearly turnover in billions so who ever comes just think positive. Jai hind.

Himansu Bhusan Behera said:   9 years ago
Of course not. We don't need a tainted politician's participation in general election. It leads the country more to darkness. India is a country leading the world in business, technology, science, research. So we also have youngsters having creative mind and no corruption record.

In my view, its the duty of election commission not to accept the candidature of a person having criminal and corruption records and it should give chance to those persons whom the country needs alot.

Rohit rajput said:   9 years ago
The entailed ministers should not be elected by us because a minister who is tainted and is involved in sum short of corruption should be allowed to contest vote. And we have started against this.

NOTA - None Of The Above this is what ANNA Hazare has asked the Election commissioner to feed in the EVM. So that if a voter finds any one tainted. He/she will not cast and will choose NOTA. How one who is tainted should be left free to decide the future of their electorate?

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