Should Sting Operations be Carried Out?

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Raghu said:   1 decade ago
Yes sting operations MUST be carried out, but only to expose a suspected corrupt person NOT to prove an immatured, inexperienced, frustated youngster as a corrupt man, simply to earn some unethical advantage out of it. If such is the case. We must come down to such sting operators very harshly.

Akhiltyagi said:   1 decade ago
As I have concerned that sting operation is a better way to check out the corrupted people who are making our system corrupt. They can be evaluated and the main reason behind corruption can be found.

I am agree with sting operation on the people who are suspected for some wrong reasons.

Keshav said:   1 decade ago
Yes sting operation should be carried out because it gives a better attention to peoples. If anyone wants to go for doing any corrupt, bribe etc. Activities then they think once and the rate of increasing corruption and other illegal activities decreases.

Indra Dev Yadav said:   7 years ago
We must support sting operations. They Will prevent the people from doing wrong. People tend to indulge in wrongful acts if there is no Chance of being caught. In most of the cases, the evidence is tampered with. But a sting operation right these wrongs.

Preethiga said:   1 decade ago
Ya even though sting operations reveal the act of corruption, the people involved in that particular fradulant act are not punished. They should be punished such that those people will never do it again. Hence sting operations should be carried out.

Nic said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion sting operation is a fantastic tool not for the media but for a common too for catching anybody red handed. It can be used for throwing light on the topics likes corruption, bribe and frauds. So, I am in favor of sting operation.

Biswajit said:   9 years ago

Sting operation is the most important key of unlock corruption behind the scene. It is a way to aware general public about the truth. The string operation was depend on that person because it needs proper information & involvement.

Shashank said:   1 decade ago
String operations should be carried out.These are very much helpful in bringing out the evil side of any organisation.Corruption can be decreased by doing string operations because it can develop a sense of fear among the corrupt officials.

Balwan singh said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone. Sting operations help people to aware about the corrupt system. It is a transparency between politician and public. Sting operations should be there so the bad face of system may be taken to in front of public.

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