Should Sting Operations be Carried Out?

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Prudhvi challa said:   8 years ago
Yes, in my opinion, sting operations should definitely be done this will enable the people working in the govt as well as the private organization's to work according to the norms and standards.

This could definitely de done when sting operation are done to bring out the loopholes rather than doing it for TRP (target rating point).

Out of many of them, few can be remembered for a long time when they have done to make something good for the society rather than for personal benefit.

Out of which the 1st sting operation is done by Tehelka Channel in which an actor called Shakti Kapoor was found as a sex scandal.

And also there are many of them which are done for TRP and personal benefits.

I completely support conducting sting operation when they are done as per norms keeping in view or personal life and bringing out the accused person involved in bribes, scams, sex scandals and various mall practices.

Shiv said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone, sting operation is a technique of recording a person without his knowledge. In my opinion sting operations should be carried out. I know it's not good to record someone like this but if person is doing something wrong then this is a very good way to expose him. There are many cases of sting operation which have exposed people taking bribes. Thus this could help to reduce the corruption and we have proof against the person who did any crime.

So I think it is helpful if used correctly.

Thank you.

Narayan khanna said:   8 years ago
Hello flock,

I am Narayan Khanna, any operation that is done secretly without knowing to anybody with an intention to protect the sovereignty of country is termed as sting operation. One of the best sting operation carried out by India is the case of Ravindra Khaushik- a person called as "black tiger" of India by "Indira Gandhi". This Black Tiger secretly joined Pakistan armed forces and give all necessary information that helps to foil all the threats to India.

Definitely, Sting operation if done in a calculative way gives an advantage. But agencies and operators keep in mind they don't have to breach the Law at any point in time.

VIMAL SINGH said:   7 years ago
I have mixed thought in this regard. In my opinion, sting operations are fine until it violates someone's privacy. Sometimes stings are proved to be very effective in dealing with the corrupt persons. But stings which violate someone's privacy or some private affairs that have nothing to do with the public interest are really not required at all. Such stings should be criticized and not given any attention. But unfortunately, this type of sting gains much momentum which is very unfortunate.

Eklovya sharma said:   7 years ago
Yes, Sting operations should be carried out but only when there is a proper doubt in mind of officials.

If a person is engaged in some criminal activities and his social neighbours know very well about it but are not able to get evidence then sting operation is the only way to make criminal accept the truth himself and before hidden camera so that everyone can know about it.

Mohit Aneja said:   7 years ago
According to me, Sting operations should be carried out. There should be certain limits (regulations by law) related to the sting operations. If the sting operation reveals a personal life secret, it should immediately be suppressed. But if it reveals an act of corruption, it should be published for the masses to witness, given that no exaggeration of the facts is done while revealing it to the people (as is done in most of the cases). This way, the masses will come to know only the true facts about their leaders.

Indra Dev Yadav said:   7 years ago
We must support sting operations. They Will prevent the people from doing wrong. People tend to indulge in wrongful acts if there is no Chance of being caught. In most of the cases, the evidence is tampered with. But a sting operation right these wrongs.

K.Anushka said:   6 years ago
It is true that sting operations indeed reveal the true 'corrupt' side of political leaders and famous personalities.

However, the corrupt side can only be revealed if there 'is' one. Therefore, sting operations must be carried out on the basis of one exact proof against the person in order to find more, and not just on the basis of suspicion.

Furthermore, supporting the judgement of the press council of India and Article 19 (1) of the constitution, sting operations must be of public interest and should be done and presented with great care in order to not hurt or offend the public, by the reporter himself, under the authority of the editor.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon to all.

According to my view, a sting operation is must be applied in India but along with some rule and regulations because sting operation is an opportunity to provide that person to convince their crime but some time it's too harmful towards its dignity and reputation because if that person committed a crime that's fine for this operation but by mistake if that person is innocent one then there will be a huge loss for this because a person can bear any losses if it's dignity is lost then everything is lost so this type of truth revealed operation must for a mostly corrupted politician and modern fake holy person etc.

Thank you all.

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