Should India have a One Child Policy?

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Prince Maurya said:   2 months ago
According to my point of view on this topic. India should not use one child policy because when we use one child policy the sex ratio of males and females is different because of ratio have both male and female.

Supriya said:   4 months ago
It's a great topic to discuss whether "India should follow a one-child policy or not. ".

Based on the population growth it is the policy of one child can be obeyed but when we think about a family of minimum 4 members it is a small family. If we implement a one-child policy, a child feel bored alone at home without siblings. Always siblings are the best companions and friends with whom we can share everything.

It has both positive and negative edges so few considerations must be taken before implementing the policy.

Thank you.

Porus said:   4 months ago
Well, population growth in India is declined quite well.

And India possesses 47 per cent of world's youth. If we look at China, which once was suffering from a population explosion, now giving incentives to its citizens to get married and produce babies.

Because in the past years, China has drastically alleviated poverty from its country and since 1978 it has got 75 per cent of its under-poverty population to the middle class or upper.

So it is simple to understand when there is less poverty or no poverty there is automatically less population growth rate.

It is to be believed that if govt fixed its policies to help people under the poverty line, the country's issues like population growth and gender inequality will automatically either disappear or will reduce remarkably.

Or otherwise it's easy to say that it is unemployment because of its population growth. And this is simply to hide the negligence of the government itself.

Dr Chowdari Prasad said:   6 months ago
No. I would prefer that India can follow a policy to have 2-3 children but not more than that. I can't say this rule of thumb can be across all segments of society viz. , rich, middle class and poorer sections uniformly. All depends on the affordability of parents to provide quality education and life to their children. In turn, the risks in having one child are many, like social, health, financial, education, employment related issues. What if the single child is handicapped or goes astray when grows old? We have also experience gender related issues in our country. Today, the expectations and lifestyles of new generation are changing very fast, to the detriment of the parents. Such gaps are very difficult to manage and families get ruined. I can go on and on.

Ayush Singh said:   7 months ago
Yes, India should definitely have a child policy.

The population in India is increasing at a rapid rate. The increasing population is one of the reasons for unemployment. The forest land is decreasing. People should be made aware of the increasing population and its disadvantages.

Sara Panjiyar said:   10 months ago
India should definitely have a "one child policy" since the evergrowing population resuts in contant knocking down of the environment. We currently have so many problems ongoing like unequal resource distribution, shortage of food and water resources in isolated ireas. Despite of this having no policies regarding population may result in decline of a standard life. People need to know that India won't flourish this way. Adequate knowldge and proper awareness should be provided about this topic.

Manoj said:   10 months ago
I think India needs a one-child policy at least for next 10 years to reduce population growth. It is need for the survival of human being and the eco system of nature.

Human consumption is damaging natural eco system because human survival need chemical use in 90% of their daily need and chemical is not natural product.

Soil quality becomes poor, tempature is increasing due water consumtion from soil. Agri production is full of pesticide, milk adultration is fact and many more reasons are due to over demand which comes from over population. We all responsible citizen of this country should support 1 child policy.

M. Maheswari said:   11 months ago
First of all thank you for this great opportunity to tell about myself.

I am Maheshwari.

I'm going to discuss the topic "India has a one-child policy".

In my point of view, I obey the given statement.

If India has followed one child policy in India many people give priority to the boy they avoid girl children. It may cause gender In balance.

Another point is that, a single child may feel loneliness and go to the depression, it may cause health issues.

I hope that you all agree with my statement.

Thank you.

Prateesh kotary said:   12 months ago
Absolutely. Yes. It is reaching 140cr.

Now we will overtake China in a decade or so. Forest land is decreasing because of human habitation. Animal, and birds population is decreasing. India has the most polluted cities in the world. Inflation, unemployment, high crime rate, less import, the standard of living decreasing, rivers polluted, water woes, high rate of land & flats, temperature rise, overcrowded public transportation, congestion, dipping health and average human life expectancy age, corruption, very slow dip in poverty level, immigration, are some of the bad side effects of overpopulation. India can't be a developed country until it brings down a population to under 1 billion. Anything over that is a burden to the country.

Kriti said:   1 year ago
I think India should do implement policies for controlling the population, but directly implementing 1 child policy won't be a good idea because over a few generations India would have more of an aged population before even becoming developed. Moreover, the results would be mixed as few states are already at the good side with respect to this issue and some of them are required to give proper attention. It is true that population control is necessary, and it is much required in rural areas of our country, people should be aware of birth control and should be educated about proper family planning so that they could raise the standards of their life. It's more important to encourage quality education for all so that all the citizens could understand and relate to this as well as various other socio-economical and environmental problems in a better way.

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