Should important services like transport be left to market forces?.

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Inam said:   6 years ago
In my views, I think it can be left in the hand of market forces because if we see the present condition of roads & infrastructure of maximum places we find they damaged sewage water coming out of sewage tanks & I think the same is the condition of railways waste is not properly disposed waste is thrown aside track itself many trains are in bad conditions which leads to delay etc. By looking to the current scenario we can think of it but authority needs to keep a check on market forces too or else condition remains the same. Thank You.

Dr.Narayan said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends !

I would like to initiate the group discussion.

In my opinion important services like transport should not be left to market forces.

As these important services like transport are essential for the fast growth and if left only to market forces we have to wait for long period to achieve optimum growth.

For example, for the expansion plan of the city if new transport facilities are not created by the government the common people or the labour force will face lot of difficulties to reach the new area of development and thus the growth will be affected. Also the private transporters will take undue charges from the people again affecting the growth. So proper policies should be created by the government to control the growth of the economy and not just leave the important services like transport to the market forces.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends, I would like to share my views on this topic. According to me services like transport should not be left to market forces. In India more than 50% people are below to poverty line. They are completely dependent on public transport. Private sectors will think for their profit. They couldn't think for poor people. Common People and labor class people will face lots of difficulties to reach new area of development and thus growth will be affected. Private sectors can take lots of undue charges from people for affecting growth. So some policies should be made by government for increasing economy growth but not left the important services like transport to the market.

DEnnis said:   1 decade ago
I believe that there should be a certain amount of private ownership for the basic services like transport, electricity e. T. C.

There are tremendous needs for development of infrastructure in our country and there is a huge fiscal burden on the government because of this. India is currently able to contribute only 4% of its GDP to infrastructure development, compared to countries like China, where 9% of GDP is spent. This is where the private sector can come in and contribute to infrastructure development in the form of partnerships with the government.

We have all seen the public-private cooperation during the development of the $400 million BAngalore international airport where the government partnered with Siemens and a Swiss group for its construction and maintenance by means of equity partnerships and because of this the government had to support only 18% of the total expenditure.

I believe that there are lots of room for development for our basic services. Electrification has been a big burden for the government because of rising population and the present condition of the central and state electricity departments are poor. Rural electrification has also been a big problem in implementation.

Also in the transportation sector, an infusion of private investment and technology will help in the modernization of Indian railways, faster development of roads and this combined with government monitoring to ensure that the citizens are benefited the most for these ventures, is the ultimate solution for our much-needed infrastructure development.

However they should not be completely left in the hands of the free market, as majority of India is below the poverty line and doing so may result in high prices for the basic necessities which the majority may not be able to afford. Hence close government monitoring of the prices is needed so that every common person may have the freedom to live with dignity and pride.

SO I believe that there should be a certain amount of private ownership for the basic services like transport, electricity e. T. C.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
In India, transport sector mainly railways run by government Heavy subsidy is given on rail tickets. Half of the population in India depend on railways for a mass movement and they depend on subsidised tickets. Regional trains are the most convenient way of transport. And lakhs of passengers travel via these trains every day. So this is govt's public service agenda to transport the citizen in a lower rate of tickets. If this sector is run by market forces then rates of tickets will score drastically and layman won't be able to move frequently for their necessary work. Some will argue that railway reform should be there. It is true that the condition of Indian trains is very dismal. They are not well maintained some are unhygienic but people need to understand the huge cost of maintenance of this sector. It is tax payer's money which govt disburses during budget so if govt allows more fund to this sector there will be a shortage in other sectors. If a private sector is allowed to run transport then trains will be maintained well but the pricing will go out of pocket as happened in plane fares. So govt should not leave important services like transport to market forces but to some extent, it should entertain model to increase the efficiency of the existing employees to maintain proper hygiene in railways and allied sector.

B. Niroshkumar B.E said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends !

Nice to see you all,

I share my some points into this topics,

Now a days transport is most important and most wanted service in all over world, In Indian government we can't compare to the private, but now private had a good strength and also good economic level. In transport level people are mostly dependent upon the government.

Because government provide transport to people in cheapest way. Now a days economical level, people are in budget round, so our needs only free or less cost, not quality and Speed.

So government not join our transport to private venture. But Is government attract a private into our circle, people are mostly affected by economical level in our life.

Everywhere and every place only government rules, regulation and also offers are.

Best to our country peoples in all over the world.

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Actually if you leave the important and basic services as transport to market forces they will only focus on the areas from where they can actually make a buck like the cities and towns, but almost 60% of the Indian population lives in rural areas what about them? don't they have equal right to have transport facilities? so if the complete public transport will be left to private players I guess a majority of our population will be devoid of it completely.

Heera said:   1 decade ago
Good Transport facilities is a dying need of developing country like india as most of t he people still leaves in villages and also about 50 % of people are below poverty line so they cant very much afford to buy a vehicle so if the transport fcilirties are godd it will reduce the neccesity to buy a vehicle and people will also be able to travel comfortably.

Gaumta Donga said:   1 decade ago
This type of services must remain with the Government because the private sectore only want their profit not the public requirment. But the basic problem is the quality. We can say that if there is competition between two or more players then the situation may be different and the quality of services may be better than today.

So they should comeup with public-private type of entity to have benifits of both.

Shubham saxena said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion services like transport should be left for market forces, not fully but joint venture of both the sectors, government as well as private should be imposed the reason for such a statement is.

1. As government investment is confined to some extent so with the inclusion of private sector capital investment will increase.

2. For government it is not possible to keep an alarming eye over maintenance of transport so private extent can play a vital role in this.

3. Innovation in increasing new resources and facilities.

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